New Tick-borne Virus in China :(

We’re not yet done with Covid, but there’s apparently a new virus spreading in China. :frowning: :frowning: WHAT IS HAPPENING MY GOSH :frowning:

Nothing surprises me know.



To be honest, I’m almost at that point too. :confused: 2020 is just a mess. :frowning:

Yep and it could get a whole lot worse.



ugh too much bad news :frowning: this year is horrible.

China needs to be isolated and quarantined for life. :triumph: :sob:

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Oh my gosh. I don’t even wanna ask what more could happen. :confused: I just hope 2021 is a lot better.

Yeah :frowning: I just wanna hibernate and wake up in 2021, with everything hopefully settled.

You know what? Huhu. :frowning: I think so too. :frowning: Might be best for all of us at this point. :frowning: These diseases need to be contained and it’s just super difficult if they keep going in and out of countries.

Ticks are nasty creatures that carry all sorts of diseases, if you like spending time out in nature make sure to take good precautions regardless of where you are.

Good thing I don’t really like spending time out in nature. :sweat_smile: But I used to think that only dogs and other animals get ticks. :open_mouth:

Any creature with skin thin enough for a tick to puncture can get ticks, including reptiles, unfortunately.
There are ways to prevent that, from stuff you spray on your skin, to wearing socks and closed shoes, etc. For pets there are medicines that are put on their fur - a few drops on the back of the neck - and they prevent ticks from sticking to them for the next month or so. I believe that there are tick-repelling collars too.
I know this because I used to have a dog and I live in an area with a lot of open green areas, my dog loved running around in them. I’ve found ticks on him, one very memorable and unpleasant time I found an already bloated tick crawling around in my house. I went to a local vet to ask him what to do and he told me about these preventative medicines - and also warned me that if I hadn’t found that bloated tick on time it would have laid eggs in my house and they would’ve hatched. And my house would get filled with ticks. :dizzy_face: :confounded: I still have nightmares just thinking about it.
So, since then, I take aaaall the measures. :smiley: No ticks allowed.

When will China learn? And stop eating wild stuff?!

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And there is no cure for it. Just when I thought COVID19 was too much, there is another one.

The good news is that there are plenty of chemicals that kill and/or repell ticks.

:frowning: ugh this year gets worse not better

lol same… this is worrying :frowning:

:face_vomiting: Good thing you were able to find that bloated one just in time then. :face_vomiting: It would have been such a big problem if they laid eggs and just continued to reproduce around the house. :open_mouth: For our dogs, we make them take this medicine (I just can’t remember the name right now :sweat_smile:) every three months so that they wouldn’t get infected with these parasites. :open_mouth:

For us humans, I guess the best way to prevent it really starts with proper hygiene. :confused:

Well… :confused: I think it’s gonna take a while since I think it’s already part of their culture? :thinking:

Yeah. :frowning: But thankfully, I don’t think this new virus is as infectious as covid. :open_mouth: So, I’m just hoping this has been controlled already.