New to BabyPips- Fundamentals/Sentiment trading

Aloha Everyone. I’ve joined Babypips to share my story and interact with fellow traders on the journey to profitability. I’ve been trading for several years and after much frustration have found success. I trade using fundamentals/sentiment as my basis for investing. Figured I’d reach out to see who else does the same and interactively share results. Currently I am up 29% YTD.


Off you go then - Do tell us abut it ! :relaxed:

Is "Investing "the same as “trading Forex” ?

This will be interesting ! :sunglasses:

Aloha Falstaff. I’ve tried technicals for a long time… You know the usual buying courses, holy grail stuff. Learning how to analyze market fundamental news and viewpoints made all the difference. The rule I use to ensure I am looking at trades as an investment: Could I explain my position to a million dollar investor. For sure has helped. Definitely confident I can make money now… Been a long time coming.

Do you trade fundamentals?

Well yes - 1996 House prices were = a working man’s annual wage - I bought three and rented them out ! :wink:

Now that they are way “Toppy” - they’ve all been gone a number of years - is that what you mean ?

{I’m interested to hear how you can “Invest” in Forex - which by it’s very nature is a ranging medium :slight_smile:

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By very nature that is Fundamental :slight_smile:

In terms of investing in Forex- I liken any trading ideas to your investment in the House market- If upon analysis and investigation you see a real opportunity to make money, you invested. Could the housing market tanked the day after your purchase, SURE, but the odds were in your favor. When I trade, Before even looking at a chart, I have the pairs and direction for an investment. Not only that, I could explain the fundamental reasons behind it. Thats where I’ve felt I’ve gained an edge. With that, I look at charts for a favorable entry. My expectation is I will profit.

Definitely human and make mistakes, but consistent in the fact if I work my plan I will be profitable at the end of the month/Quarter.

Welcome Cris and congrats on the success! When you take a trade what is your average time holding a trade? I am assuming that it is in the months or years range since you are using the word “invest”. What fundamentals are you basing your trades on? I am guessing you are looking at things like rates, inflation, economic strength, etc?

Aloha Krugman. Thanks for the congrats. Investing only means expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit. That can be short, mid, long term. My trades are shorter term, 1-5 days, although most of my profitable investments tend to hit relatively quickly. I do a weekly roadmap on Sundays to analyze all data for the week, including institutional positioning. I form Biases on Strong and Weak Pairs. I then use data releases to confirm any investment ideas, acting as a catalyst. Two Rules I really like and use: 1. Could I explain my reasons to invest millions of dollars of other peoples money. 2. If I looked at the move from the opposite viewpoint, are there reasons to invest that way… if it’s yes, than NO GO.

Pardon me, Strong and Weak currencies, not pairs

That is Speculation Or trading !

Bored now - I’m out - see ya ! :slight_smile:

[Don’t buy any used cars off this guy ! ] :wink:

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I always find peoples angles on trading semantics interesting. Although I agree that all speculating/trading is investing, not all investing is speculating/trading. That being said you are doing all of the above: investing, speculating and trading, especially if you are holding trades for 1-5 days. But here we are back to semantics again :smile:

I have 1 rule, If I make a trade and I lose money my wife will kill me. So will this trade be the death of me, if yes, then it is a no go. LOL

Thanks for divulging! Best of luck to you!

How do you feel about GBP - - - EUR at the moment @krugman25 ? - I think there’s a decent “Fundamental trade” to be made there !

I don’t trade fundamentals at all. :smirk:

Lol. Its all relative Falstaff, I agree. Maybe i should rephrase as an investor mindset, might be more appropriate.

Not so sure on EURGBP… Pound although retail sales was a miss, it was there best quarter in some time. Also, August rate increase is looking more viable. EUR is long term becoming more bullish but is being impacted by tariff fears. Personally I wouldn’t be in this pair, at this time.

Krugman, what’s your approach to the markets?

@CrisValenciana I trade purely using candlestick/price patterns and support/resistance. Trader krugman25 — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView

I also used to run an old price action thread here a number of years ago Price Action That Matters

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Impressive Krugman. I reviewed some of your calls. A true Pro for sure. Curious what gravitated you towards price action analysis?

Damn! That’s how you do real estate! Did you buy more in 2008?

Nope 2008 “they” were starting to talk about “Regulating” HMOs ! - Time was past and memories of “Fair Rent Act” - killing the private rental market stone dead (UK) for many decades…- Anyway 2008 was entirey foreseeable as a very difficult time and people like Martin Weiss and Bob Prechter had put up some very convincing arguments that a great deflationary crash was coming,. Not time to be taking on debt at all !

[ Edit - In fact their analysis was good - but their assessments of the “results” “naive” - They forecast that "Gvernments woul be forced to “Let the banks go bust” - But my expectation was that they would just let inflation rip - to nullify the debt ! I was wrong - but “they” could not “Let the banks go” without destroying confidence in “Fake money” entirely !

So what “they did” was to “Bale out” the banks ! :slight_smile: - BUT “they” hadn’t got the money ! - so where did "they " get it from ? Why “they” borrowed it of course :sunglasses:

But where did “they” borrow it from ? - Why the BAnks of course ! and WE are paying the interest !

:laughing::laughing: :laughing: ]

[Edit 2 - That’s why “Interest Rates” are low ! - if “They” let them rise, the interest on the Huge National Debts of the Govts of the “West” will cripple every working soul in the western world ! - It’s ok to “Drop hints” to raise your currency a bit - but woe betide any Western Govt - (or it’s voters ) who actually do it ! ]

    • In fact - I’d be panicking if I had a rental portfolio now ! - The Parasites have the rental sector clearly in view - and will "Regulate it and demand “Registration” until they kill the host ! (Again) - However, when the panic hits the “Pyramid landlords” who cannot pay their mortgages and the auctions start distress selling the repos - There shoud be some real bargains for "first timers with access to cash and some energy and a bent for DIY ! :relaxed:

Now you see that’s what I mean by “Fundamentals” ! not "what did Draghi say yesterday ? "

2008 or thereabouts Warren Buffett was buying Trailer Parks ! - I’ve not heard anything to say he has sold them ! :wink:

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Hmm. You’re right.

Sorry to derail your topic here @CrisValenciana! Welcome to babypips! Looking forward to new topics from you detailing what you’ve learned!