New to the forum

hello Mate

well. No… i disagree with this[quote=“Mrbraan, post:1664, topic:45957”]
I understand that usually when you are new they are all very rude to you,

it really comes down to the person.

Now, some people here are rude and some are not.

i think you should do this
Follow or read my posts for say the last month or so
and you’ll find that i got into some pretty deep crap with a few people

i think reading these posts will give you an understanding of how people can be and how to deal with it.

Now. of the several people that i had disagreements with , only 1 of them, i am not talking to because i have found that it’s easier to part ways and to not speak to him for the sake of peace on the forum

as for the others
in truth i thought it was going to be the same… BUT NO. we actually seem to be working it out.

i seem to have done a few things wrong when i had the best intentions and the forum took it the wrong way
perhaps you can learn from these mistakes and you can be aware of how the forum expects you to respond or… The Etiquette if you will

if you have questions ask the moderators.

a few guidelines though, since you are new

Try to avoid questions like this…

  • How do i make $200 a day trading forex
  • How do i get 40 pips a day
  • what is the best strategy to use
  • What indicator should i use

these question have 2 basic things wrong with them that newbies usually don’t pick up on.

  1. They are stupid and too general
  2. They have been answered over 100 times at least (so, asking it again shows that you have not done research before asking, and therefore it pisses people off)

Do research before you ask a question
Then come here and tell us what you’ve done
and then define your problem
also give us background information such as

  • Your trading experience
  • What instrument you are using
  • What’s the leverage on your account
  • What is your trading strategy
  • where are you putting your stops and take profits

be as specific as you can because it helps us give you a better answer.
beyond that… Just be polite to people and they SHOULD be polite back to you

if they are not, give them a chance to explain themselves
if they continue being rude, approach a moderator and they’ll deal with it

Hope that helps mate
You can feel free to ask me anything… ok

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I think you won’t be able to find any posts older than “A month or so” despite the “joining date” in Martin’s “statistics”.

Nor will you be able to find any evidence of his “trading methods” or “practices” - most of us leave a trail of the way we trade - Martin does not seem to do so… :slight_smile:

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What’s your point here.

did you have nothing else to do , so you decided to start this again.

Mate, the OP was mentioning how to conduct themselves on the forum, i was not bringing my trading methods into it
and the reason why i don’t post them is … a few reasons

  1. They are the method’s that i have developed and spent time on
  2. even if i was to share them, Given the conduct of the forum thus far, i think it’s fair to say that i would get more hate than praise… so… What’s my incentive to do so… NOTHING

what is this supposed to mean

is this supposed to be a reflection of my character or something ?
seriously, what is your point here

Given everything that has happened with me, you Charlie, Bob and the rest
i think the OP could learn from this
so… at least those posts that initially appeared to be a hinderence to the site can at least now serve a functional purpose and help someone

there is nothing wrong with what i said
Now. yes i’ve been here for around a month, after a long break, … so what?

and You’re now picking on that… WHY ?
i did say "Follow or read my posts for say the last month or so"

The OP merely needs to follow the posts if they wish and to learn from what has happened and to gain an understanding of how to behave on this site

so… Where are you going with your comment ?
or are you just here to stir the pot a little (so to speak)
this is not a step in a positive direction mate… ok
Food For Thought

Self praise is no praise what so ever.

The thing you hate Martin is as the rest of us have pointed out, you have yet to offer any form of independent thought. Just recycled garbage that has been said before.

Never heard anyone like the sound of their own voice so much.

Flagged lol


see mate,
Read this forum and see what is happening here
You will get people like this, and i think this is a good example of answering your original question.

this thing we me and @Falstaff is the kind of thing that can be worked out
so… you will get things like that happen from time to time.
Now. i personally find that if you stand your ground and try and be respectful at the same time you SHOULD BE ABLE TO find a resolution of some sort

then you have the other guy (who’s name i’m not going to mention because if i do he’ll post another post even though we have agreed not to talk)
with that kind of guy, You can’t find a resolution, it’s just how it is
(and FOR THE RECORD,… I’m not slandering him here, I’m just giving and example) hint hint.

Now that aside
don’t let this sort of thing disuade you because there are also other nice people on the site.
Actually , i have found there are more nice than Not nice

but i think it’s a fair call to say that you should be prepared if you encounter people like this.

so… yeah… have a read … Learn from it and figure out how you would deal with it
be cool

Hello everyone, my name is kingsley and I’m absolutely new here… And it really cool and interesting here, but I’m enjoying this forum. I need a mentor

Hi my name is Lauren. I am a total newbie from L.A. (Los Angeles). I am here to learn all I can and can all I learn about Forex Trading. I look forward to meeting as many like-minded fellow Forex Traders in training as much as possible. Would also love to have a mentor or a sage that I can shadow over to learn all about foreign exchange trading. I hear so many great things (and some challenges that come with it) and again would love to master this awesome skill and who knows what great things may come of it!

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Good day everyone! my name is Midushi. I just completed the 334 lessons. My head and eyes hurt. haha.

I opened the mt4 with IG. My ultimate goal is to supplement my income and have fun doing it. My short-term goal is to familiarize myself with the trading platform, and practice what I learned in the lessons.

I hope to learn and share while here.


Excellent. Now do it again. Haha. Welcome.

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Again? oh god. no! haha. It took me almost a month. I worked hard to read all that. But, now I have to take notes on all the formulas and all that good stuff.

So much information. But, I think I’m leaning towards scalping eventually. I imagine it’s super fast-paced, though. I would like to be flexible and be able to trade swings as well as really short trades. One step at a time.

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Time for some demo trading! Do already have a demo account?

Sure do BillyBobPimpton! But, I’m just getting familiar with the MT4. I opened with IG.

There are lots of bells and whistles. For now, there are lots of tutorials to walk me thru the basics.

Excellent news. Definitely get familiar with the platform and make some trades! Regardless of strategy. Get those first couple out of the way. Play with those buttons. Close trades, edit trades, add stop loss, trailing stop, leverage, etc.

How are you getting on mate?

I’m having fun, Smith2525. Thanks!

I’ve been scalping mostly. I wanted to swing trade but, I had to adapt to the market in the best way I could.

Pairs that should be going one way, go the other and I lose. Maybe stops were too tight for swing trading.

My demo account dropped from $10,000 to $10,890 or so.

I’m treating it like it’s real money, though.

I improved and got it back to $10,000 by scalping. Now, I have to increase my account above $10,000.

If I can’t profit with fake money, I can’t profit with real money.

However, perhaps with wider stops and more patience, I can actually swing trade.


Hello Everyone,
I’m a Newbie here to learn and have fun .

Let’s Go !!!

Hi I’m Benn on from England,I’m a self employed builder at the moment,but I’ve been reading books on how to trade and I came across the online course baby pips because everyone one seems to want to charge you online for courses,and when you haven’t got the money but you want to learn it’s hard with no one reaching out to guide you,so I’m here hoping to make friends who can help me out on my journey of being a trader,I’ve been practicing on a demo account for about 5 months now and I would say I’m 50-50 at this time,but I’m here hoping to learn from all of you here thank you.

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Hey Benn. My name is Arlington from the U.S. I just decided today to try trading Forex full time. I kinda was forced into this position by the lockdown and my employer extending my furlough indefinitely. But it’s all good though. I got nothing but time. Anyway, I felt the same way you did about the cost of courses, until I found this guy Tyllionaire on YouTube, who basically gave away the Forex game for free!! I was able to complete babypips in a month, and I already had experience as a stock trader, so Forex transitioned easily. I’ve been able to follow the fundamentals, especially with trailing stops (those help!!!). However, I just have to work on patience, because the markets are ALWAYS ranging, and also factoring in the broker spreads on my trades. I gotta tell you, I did blow up my account a few times, but recently, because of me using trailing stops, I’ve been able to keep more profits. Lastly, I would definitely look at the various economic reports and compare them to market sentiment . As I witnessed today, the reports had little effect on a market with pent-up demand and anxiety, but is not always the case. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you much appreciated the insight,I’m still trading on a demo account but soon I hope to start trading live,hopefully with studying I’ll be able to make a livin6from this,but I’m going to need a mentor along the way,someone who I can turn to when I need help

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You’re welcome, and you actually reminded me to practice more on demo, so thank you too!!