New Trader Looking for a recommendation

Hello everyone,
Can someone please direct me to a platform for Canadian traders that handle EA’s and tiny lot sizes. I want to start with penny trades after I demo for awhile.

that sounds like a good plan - and by the way, welcome to the forum!

it’s important to do your initial demo trading with the same broker and trading platform where you’re going to trade with money, after that, so that you don’t have to get used to a new broker and/or trading platform while you’re also under the stress of trading real money for the first time

have you read through the site’s free course?

when you say “platform,” do you literally mean a trading platform, or are you (as I suspect) actually asking for a recommendation for a broker?

there are plenty here

personally, i think it’s hard to do better, overall, than Oanda, and it has a few specific advantages over some other brokers, namely:-

  1. it has “infinite position-sizing granularity,” which is basically a pompous way of saying that it’s set up to handle penny trades, and whatever future multiples of those tiny sizes you rightly want to start on, after demo

  2. it’s well regulated (absolutely essential!) and they’re honest people

  3. it has much better charting (“trading platforms”) available than most forex brokers - specifically, what they call their “advanced charting” (don’t panic: it isn’t very “advanced”!) is their own version of a very good trading platform more widely known as TradingView, and i recommend it … but in this context anything that avoids the one called MetaTrader is worth thinking about

good luck!


Thanks flamingoproxy. Yes I meant broker. What don’t you like on metatrader? Do you know if Oanda allow Canadians? Also whether or not they allow EA’s. I’m considering automating some things in the future.

“yes” to both :slight_smile:

these little threads (and the links inside them) will explain:-

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