New UK PM Rishi Sunak is a fan of crypto!

Great news for the industry as a whole. Not sure he’ll have much time to focus on that right now, but still a win.

He’s been involved in stablecoin and crypto asset legislation, he’s a fan of CBDCs, commissioned the Royal Mint to issue an NFT, and he’s young enough to where all of this legislation will have an actual lasting impact on his future.

Hopefully, his interest leads to some positive benefits for the crypto industry.

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I would be careful believing a single word he says.


Yup, filled a fake car full of petrol.

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Read your comment remind me about every time Elon Musk talked about Bitcoin, :rofl: :joy:

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I know nothing about Elon Musk or Bitcoin. But Rishi Sunak is another Grant Shapps. I can’t think of a worse term of abuse.


What, positive benefits like unhackable Digital ID, linked to a Social Credit system, linked to a CBDC, monitoring all your transactions, and coded to limit your purchasing ability, say based on Carbon Credit allowances or whether you criticised the government on the internet, or whether you are outwith your 5 mile travel permit zone?

Too right he is a fan of crypto. His family wealth is firmly tied up in Digital ID technology and he stands to make billions imposing digital ID and CBDCs on the UK.

That is why ‘they’ have got him into power. The Tory party grass roots membership were never going to vote for a Globalist shill like Sunak, and quite frankly, being a man of an ethnic minority was never going to appeal to the octogenarian Tory party branch members either, so ‘they’ had to get him in through the back door, which they did do.

This fiasco with Truss being setup like a Turkey and forced to resign within 45 days is unprecedented in British Parliamentary politics. It was a total fix, and not at all in our interests.

…and if you are a ‘crypto kid’, then don’t believe for one minute that when the CBDCs arrive, that ‘they’ will allow competition in the form of Bitcoin or Monero. They could crash these markets just easily as they pumped them. Easier than pumping them. Pumping them required actual capital. Crashing them would just require a single Central Bank announcement.


I’m very certain Conservative Party members couldn’t care less about Sunak’s ethnicity if he can do a good job in post. Ethnicity has not stopped him being among the most popular Conservative Ministers for several years. There has also been consistent membership support for Patel, Javid, Zahawi etc. etc.

As far as a stitch-up, well yes and no. The PM is never chosen by the electorate. they are not “our” PM, its up to the majority elected party how they select their PM. This fact plus the dumb-ass member selection process can lead to messy nonsense like what we’ve seen recently. But its not a conspiracy for control by behind the scenes factions.

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If you think that ethnicity plays no role in voting preferences among a bunch of octogenarian Tory party branch members, then that is up to you.

Likewise, if you really think there has been no push by vested interests to get Sunak into #10, and the whole unprecedented farce with Liz Truss was just coincidence, then again that is your prerogative. Everyone is entitled to their opinion after all.

But the fact that the only way ‘they’ could get Sunak into #10, was by circumnavigating the standard Tory Party procedure of having members, and not just MPs vote, has been laid bare. Conservative Party members DID NOT want Rishi Sunak in, so if actual Tories don’t like Sunak, then who the fk does like him?

The media, controlled and operated by the same old vested interests?

Sorry, but the fix is obvious. Not least of all cos I and many other’s predicted months ago, that Sunak was going to get the job due to the digital ID CBDC agenda pushers…as the saying goes, I need new conspiracy theories as my old ones keep coming true,


I suppose from the viewpoint of the Conservative MP’s he is the least bad candidate. Ethnicity is a non-issue here. I’m sure that by now the Conservative MP’s would have elected Paddington Bear if he could stabilise the economy and avoid splitting the party.

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It took me just a couple of minutes to discover that when ConservativeHome surveyed Conservative Party members in July 2020, Rishi Sunak was the most popular Conservative Minister then in office.

Seems hard to believe that these same members used to be racially biased before then against politicians of ethnic origin and then they weren’t and now they are again. If they are racists, they’re not very good at it.


Let’s see if he can survive longer than 44 days before we get excited about what he may or may not do regarding crypto.


Well, there you go.
Last week Sunak was for fracking, this week he’s against it.

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In fairness they were whipped on that vote.

He voted for greater regulation on Fracking back when it came to Parliament back in 2015.

Exact age numbers for Tory party membership are not published but it is common practice to assume many are older - there is no evidence of this, in fact Prof Bale and 2 others did a study on political party ages - from a large yougov sampling they concluded that 57 is the avg age and only slightly younger for others.

The Young Conservatives was resurrected in 2019 - separately there are Uni YC branches.

I doubt that race plays a role in these organisations.


There’s a lot in there that I’ll have to dig into. Don’t know anything about the man other than what’s been in the news recently, so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance. I have some reading to do!

I wasn’t familiar with this term. After just some basic research, this sounds extremely frightening…

Well, that is where it is all heading to…

…and where it always was leading to ever since Bitcoin slipped out a side door of NSA HQ, and got floated on a libertarian ticket.

…and as you will already be aware by now…Social Credit system already up and running in China. They completed their regional based pilot schemes, and are now ready to roll it out nationwide.

Very aware of China’s CBDC trials. I’ve mentioned them several times in the past. But information on the social credit system was lacking in anything I was reading. China’s trials now make more sense. Their scope - the size of the trials and amount of free money that was distributed as part of the trial.

It puts a completely different spin to the entire trial now.

This gives you an indication of how this next reach for total control will go down…

It’s always been about debt enslavement and the extinction of cash… Infosys are already a major supplier of software systems for both Central and Retail Banks right across the globe… Those that have been paying attention saw this coming… Even prior to the Pandemic

They are using your own lust for technology against you… They’ve already had a dry run using your smart phones for tracking… Vaccine Passports… Now they’ll weaponize the frenzy and uptake of a Crypto Currency (CBDC)… The naive and gullible will leap at the opportunity to be converted into modern day Serfs…

Stepped away from the EU… Now the UK is about to pay the price… Dearly!


Crypto is nuking. I’m sure this will usher in for more calls to move to CBDCs.

With many CBDC’s just around the corner, I think there is a good chance that ‘wild west’ crypto has seen it’s last megapump. The question of whether ‘they’ set out to destroy the likes of Bitcoin or just let it die a natural death is open.

Would just take one central bank announcement to bring it all down…an announcement that ‘they’ could have arranged for at anytime, as opposed to giving the space a free legislative run, so bear that in mind next time you read some kool-aid piece about crypto being a threat to the Status Quo. Crypto is the Status Quo, pilot testing the tech for their upcoming CBDCs, getting the free market to do all the R&D work for them.