The IMF is about to turn you upside down

Why the IMF needs to kill Cryptocurrencies and have total control of every cent on the planet.

(See Below) So, why does the IMF need to have control of every cent in the world’s economies?

(See Below) Some good points raised in this YouTube video by Australian Commentator Alan Jones and company on exactly how the global central banks will profit, tipping the system upside down.

Most readers here are so busy trying to make a fast buck, they are not watching what is really going on.

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And… 3 weeks later…we are nearly there… who would have guessed???


You in AUS Trends? What’s your bank account interest rate currently at?

Found this:

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@forexforexforex, Yep… base rate is now at 0.25%… last stop before zero…

The mainstream media (Especially ABC) do not have a clue in Australia… you have to look too professionals to see what is really happening… We are in some serious trouble… Unemployment will be the straw that breaks the camels back… unfortunately so to for the rest of the world…

Those watching could see this coming from miles away…

You all just passed a big stimulus package there, no? How’s the country reacting.

US just posted 3+ MM jobless claims. Unemployment will only get worse.

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Hey @forexforexforex, about 6.88 Billion Stimulus package, huge for Australia’s smallish economy…

The country is pretty laid back… just waiting for this crisis to end… everything is shut… 1-2 Million (Pop.26m) may be out of work by the time this is over… 6 weeks? 3 months? No one knows at this point, but the longer we remain shut the more businesses just won’t reopen, due to bankruptcy… and the crippling unemployment numbers will be more solidified and smash whats left of the economy…

Being an Island and having one of the best Health Systems on the Planet, I believe our death rate may not be as great as some of the other countries that have been hit hard by this Pandemic… 3000 cases for only 12 fatalities is pretty respectable so far… It’s the overwhelming of health services that is the danger in all territories…

This will take many, many years to untangle.