Newbie here, best way to keep up with fundamental analysis?

For someone just starting out in Forex, how’s the best way to keep up with the factors affecting the currencies (apart from visiting this forum)? There’s hundreds of news reports and influences to monitor. Where is one to start? How is one to work it into a trading system? Thank you.

There are forex calendars available that will help you keep up with the news that effects the currency markets. You can find the Babypip’s calendar by hitting the “Tools” tab at the top of the page, and you may also want to check out Forex Factory’s calendar at

yes I think you need to look for economic agenda and see for central banks meetings or something related to currency…you also can use stocks news to decide certain currencies movement such as dollar and yen

YOu can also take a look at websites like fx360.
There you can find comments about what’s expected fundamentally on currencies. That’ll help you understand better the news published and scheduled on the pages Phil838 told you about. :slight_smile:

Hey renner, Sweet Pip on this thread News Release Times showed us an indicator you may be interested int. Please READ all of Sweet Pips post about this.