Newbie making money daily

You’ve offered no real or reliable proof of being profitable.

You’ve don’t share or talk about your strategy.

You don’t even really talk about forex or trading.

All you seem to do is try to get people to follow you away from Babypips where you then apparently just try to get them to hand over money.

Fair assessment?

How much have you handed over ??

How much has anyone handed over??

If no money was ever handed over how is it a scam ??

You are just an irresponsible person creating unfounded innuendos about things or situations of which you know nothing of and have no knowledge about.

In the final analysis…I am making very good profits and will continue to do so…those who are lucky enough to know and learn this system are also making good profits and will continue to do so…so do your worse and eat your heart out…you will not avail yourself of this…just watch us grow rich


What you see is several traders that DON’T believe in what you say, what you do and what you try to prove.
If you where that god damn successfull with your trading, why bother to argue against others that don’t believe in either you or the system you preach?

You waltz into the forum, start a tread and spread the words…oh my…the holey grail is in town…and some of us ask…hey! …whats up…what are you doing…how do you do it…etc.
All you return is an ****ing arrogant attitude against people with more than two braincells that has the nerve to ask you a question…

You might not be a scam…I don’t care…all I know is that your ****ty attitude against people who dare to doubt you makes me pretty confident that my money is better kept with me and my ****ty newbie trading…

The first rule to rip peoples money of is trust…you have completly failed that one…
Now do yourself a favour, and just step down from whatever big horseback you are on and shut up…

Hello…it’s my horse…if you don’t have a horse to ride too bad.

I ride my horse the way I want and it has nothing to do with you.

My message is simple…and it is meant for the newbies… There is a system out there that will make money for you… It does not mean you have to use my system…I will not teach you or anyone anyway…but don’t give up searching and one day you will find it

i see bad result above. i think sometime we will lose money. but we must confiden in future. if you want to get money again

That is perfectly ok with me. I don’t need anyone to believe in what I say…I am not preaching anything nor do I want anyone to follow my trades nor learn how I do it. I only want to show it CAN be DONE.

Keep your money where it is. I have no interest whatsoever in the tiny amount of money you have. I get many times more than that everyday from just trading the market.

The first rule to what ??..whose first rule?? can live by whatever first rule you like…it does not mean everyone should follow it just because you have a first rule to go by

Sigh, why don’t you then?

I was wondering what I will see when I click on page 11. It was clear to me that this guy wants to sell something when I saw him posting account statements of successful trades and nothing else. That’s something I really hate about the trading scene in general, so many failed trader try to earn money from new trader who have no idea or believe in a holy grail.


Sent you a PM[/QUOTE]

Me too please baby butterfly dude/dudette (?) :slight_smile:

Sorry…I have nothing to sell you. Keep your money

Why should I ??..why don’t you do the work yourself and find it??

Stop trying to twist things.

Show me the money! [Daytrading]
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This is from the front page of this section of the forum.

If you are not sharing any of the above (or even anything remotely close to the above) then why are you posting in here (BabyButterFly)

This thread is NOT for flashing your ‘amazing’ wins with no discussion or reasoning


Stop trying to twist things.[/QUOTE]

Boys boys! Take it outside/offline will ya? Enough of this crap.

I don’t know why people sit and argue on this forum for pages and pages when they’re not even profitable traders. Stop wasting your time… turn off these silly forums and get to work.

If you’re smart enough you can reverse-engineer his system and business model.

If you are able to do so, you’ll see that he has a method of consistently generating income with little downside risk to himself.

If you cannot do so, the reason is clear why you’re sitting there with your charts drowned in indicators and feeding your money to the market.

Ethical or not? Who cares.


Kind of the point, please keep up. There is no system, or at least if there is he’s not showing anyone so why bother infesting the forum with rubbish.

Right, that’s why I’ve made 11.69% since opening my live account one month ago after extensive demo trading. I’m transparent. The link is on my profile. Meanwhile [I]your[/I] account looks like it was hit by an atom bomb, and [B]a rat in a Skinner box[/B] could probably manage it better.

Could say the same about your posts. If you don’t like it, report it and move on. If it violates forum rules then the moderators will remove it.

If not you could…

A) Try to reverse-engineer the strategy yourself

B) PM the original poster and see if he’ll let you know what’s up

C) Forget it, move on, and focus on your own trading

If it bothered me don’t you think I would have removed the link / deleted the myfxbook profile by now?

You may also like to take note of how many trades have been taken on that account recently before trying to play Sherlock Holmes.

Here’s a free lesson - a month shows absolutely nothing, it’s not even worth mentioning let alone bragging about.


Not really sure why I’m even bothered but did have a look at your fxbook, 5 whole trades? Really? Talk about statistical insignificance.

Lol. Feel free to bookmark the account and continue watching it. It’s not going anywhere and I will keep trading it. The chance that my current results are due to variance is about 3.5%. Be my guest and watch that probability shrink even further over the coming weeks.

People like you will continue losing, and people like the OP and myself will continue winning. I hope the seats in the 95% section are comfortable.

Anywho, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Feel free to continue prattling like you have for the last several pages, but I won’t be responding to it anytime soon.

Feel free to continue believing this if you want. Unforutnately I have to say I won’t be checking in the future, I know how your story ends.

Now sure why you think that OP is winning anything but I can only imagine that:

  1. You haven’t actually read the thread or your understanding of the thread is as weak as your understanding of variance.

  2. You actually believe that OP is profitable, you seem to think you are so I guess anything is possible.

If I’m prattling what exactly are you doing?

Bye now, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.