News / Newsletters - Fundamentals for Forex, Gold, Oil - morning/afternoon/nigh news

Hi there,

I was looking for provider or several providers who sent out there newsletter on the general news that are ongoing or can be expected in the future.

I do have the following:

  1. financialjuice
  2. Reuters
  3. Investing - is there a newsletter that can be received? For example 5 things to watch in the markets?
  4. Bloomberg newsletters

Is there anything you are using?

Which great sources exist for metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and Oil that on which you can receive newsletters on a daily basis?

Bloomberg is always typically at the top choice, but maybe looking through the answers on this thread could help you find additional news resources. :blush:

Talking about new,

I’m struggling to interpret economic data lately! For example today US data was positive but the dollar turned bearish. Someone help explain this scenario