Nial Fuller - Learn to Trade the Market - Any Good?

Is it a scam? Why is he Banned from

It can’t be a scam, I can’t see anything he charges for, no idea why he is banned from

It it any good? (you seem suspiciously like a troll, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt)

It’s Ok, might be very good for greenies, but for me, I had a quick look at it for you, I could spend 2 days going through all that stuff and unlikely to learn something new.

What exactly are you looking for?

Not sure what a ‘troll’ is - but don’t think I am one.

What I’m looking for: I’m newish to forex trading. I’m reading a lot of stuff and practice trading - but need something a bit more practical in terms of help - this looked to fit the bill. But there are so many scams out there. He charges for the advanced training course- $329 for lifetime access. But even if I just access the free stuff - I want to know if it’s any use - time is as precious as money!

It’s tricky for me to answer your question, I have my own site and I try to be impartial as possible, but may I suggest that you contact him and ask ask ask, see if you get good answers, just like buying a piece of technology, OK you might not know all the details, but you can make deductions and gain conclusions from the replies.

Does that help?

Yes - that does help - thanks.

BTW - what is a troll?

He was banned for pushing his website address in the Location header despite being told several times not to. His banning had nothing to do with whether his teachings are any good or not. He got into a bit of a fight over at FF as well, kinda funny if you have the time to look it up.

He has picked most of what he teaches from the James16 Chart Thread over at ForexFactory. That thread is good material although I’ve personally moved past parts of it.

Everything Nial Fuller teaches can without doubt be found for free if you’re able to seek out the quality threads that exist around the net. On this forum I’d highly recommend the Alternative Technical Templates threads.

YouTube - Internet Bridge Troll

I have about good 30 vids I need to watch and a dozen really good threads I need to catch up on, all great trading info, and none of it costs a dime. I understand some people just love to teach, but if they are really good traders, why do they need to take $329 of your capital away from you? I’m sure they have some twisted justification for that, but really, if they can’t make the $329 trading, I wouldn’t waste my time. Just my 2 cents worth.

I know this thread is old but I want to put something into it. I have been reading his stuff and watching his vids. Not bad but you can get it for free. Not sure what he really offers in his course I wnot pay noone to take my money hell I give it to pip bandit for free just ask him lol. I did send him an email to asked what he offered in his course its another forum with direct access to him to give you pointers. OK fine great but you can get all that free but if you were to sign up 329 is not bad his time is worth something. There are alot more expensive programs than that. He just teaches PA trading Like already stated forexfactory has a good thread on it along with here and a few other forums for free. Yeah he is banned from here cuz he could not play by the rule so he got what he got dont make him bad or a scam. He seem like a pretty decent trader. To be honest thats probably why if you give me your money to trade with I have eliminated all risk before I enter a trade (its not my money to start with hell he has to have something figured out lol). No but read his free stuff if you are into PA trading and take the free youtube vids he has a good thing just dont think you are going to get rich off him (remember he is getting rich off you) but it is good info for free so why not

and since when did I become a senior member are you guys trying to tell me I am getting old lol:44:

Cheers Bobmaninc,

Since posting this originally I spent a lot of time building up my forex trading skills and knowledge. I’ve read just about every Forex book out there and most of the internet(!). More importantly I’ve been practice trading, and real trading with micro lots. This is definitely my favourite hobby.

Ok I’m not quite a millionaire yet, but I have made a (modest) real profit thus far. The key lesson I’ve learned so far are:

  • DON’T TRADE IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT (no trade is more profitable than a losing trade)

Regarding Nial Fuller - I thought - what the hell and signed up for his lifetime membership. His material really is good - the PA course material, his daily commentary and the discussion forum’s help to reinforce a train of thought and are the key reason I have remained profitable. I doubt I would have got this far without him.

I’d definitely recommend him for any serious FOREX traders. His methods really do work. I can’t see how he gets the time (and keeps the interest) to contribute so much to the site and do his day job - but as long as he does I’ll keep following him.

I know a lot of people are of the mindset of you don’t need to pay for forex education, but I would highly recommend Mr Fuller if you have hit a sticking block. You will soon make back the cost of the membership if you take the time to understand his techniques.

That’s my two pence worth - back to grabbing a few more pips…

He has the time as many full time traders will tell you. You have to have something to do while trading. If you stare at nothing but charts all day long it will drive you nuts. Personally I believe that this can be as bad as overtrading sometimes. so thats what he does while waiting for trade setups

Hopefuly one day I’ll have that problem!

I bought the course but don’t use it anymore. His forums underwent revisions which helped but still full of inane oft repeated questions, “what do you think about this pr” etc. My main problem was the trading sessions - he uses (or at least did) the Asian as a market watch but trades the London. That is ideal for his Aussie residency, watch during the daytime, trade late afternoon-early evening. Doesn’t work for me. The 4H “Fakey” was my best, but not great, producer for the NY session. Pin bars are no less or more reliable than any other price action you see on a chart such as trend line observance,S/R,fibos, etc… Just my opinion and I honestly haven’t check his forums in at least 6 mos. I don’t feel the price is all that bad considering everything available, it was the sessions they trade that didn’t work for me.

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading this thread with interest as I signed up and parted with my cash to join Nial Fuller’s member’s area. I did this after reading my way through his free website and I found material very useful and his teaching on price action was something I could relate too and understand.

Once I gained access to the member’s area which was expecting to be something special as the free access website was so good but I was a little bit disappointed as there was not much difference between the two sites except access to a vbulletin forum and some extra training material.

The forums were okay with members submitting their interpretation of current price action but it was difficult for newbie’s to join in. What I particularly disliked was that some moderators /senior members were very patronising towards newbie’s. In additon, the training material is heaped together in big PDF files some up to hundred pages in length which made heavy reading and it dulled the whole learning experience.

I still like the method and like all methods in the main they work, but discipline and understanding risk management are key to trading. In retrospect I would say that babypips is the best starting place for newbie’s especially with the school of pipsology as it gives you the tools to interpret methods and more importantly whether or not they suit your trading style.
After completing the school of pipsology I have left price action behind for the moment as I have found other ways to trade that I am more comfortable with and suit my style.

Hi Dobro

Likewise after signing up I soon reliased that his method does not real suit European traders that well also finding a suitble broker with New York close MT4 platform was pain and impossible for spread betting. I did post this on a new thread on the bulletin but I was royally ticked off by the moderator and told to address my concerns with Lord Fuller himself needless to say the thread was deleted by the moderator. I didn’t appreciate being treated like child when I posted a valid point

i have to say that Nial Fullers site, and his practices and articles have CHANGED MY TRADING SO MUCH for the better. I am less stressed by trading on larger time frames, and not glued to fifty monitors trying to chase a few pips here and there 16 hours a day. I never went through his pay site, but most of what i learned and benefited from came from his free info. Im not sure why he would need the pay site, since most of his gold nuggets of info are free, even trade setups. I have seen many forex sites, and i have to say NIAL FULLER IS THE REAL DEAL. With all the free info he has given trade setups etc, and with the fact that if I had a question about something, he emailed me back with an answer personally!

He is the furthest thing from a scam, again you dont need to use the pay site he has, for all of the info and articles on his learntotradethemarket site, when applied, can make all the difference. I have been using many of his tips faithfully since mid december, and i have had the best two months so far than any of the previous 2 years of trading COMBINED!!!


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I was doing some research on Niall Fuller. Looks like he was banned from both babypips and FF?

He was. Not for being a bad guy, but for selling his wares.

There’s nothing Nial Fuller offers that’s worth paying for.

He puts little cute names to existing price action patterns too so people think there is value there I suppose.

And he comes back here under a new user name to try to plug his services… or what do you think pips4christ?

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