NNFX no nonsense forex

all i can really say Paul if you at the beginning of trading journey like myself, further on you might look back and think most useful information at the time or the contrary but i guess no knowledge is wasted

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Exactly! That’s why I said …

But some people need confirmation from others to feel good about their choices.

Hi @QuadPip

Yeah you have clearly missed it because you have not watched all the content, and you say you agree of Clemmo’s analysis but you dont even know what you are agreeing to because neither has Clemmo, nowhere in his notes does he say that he backtested or forward tested the system? Can anyone else back me up on this?

Ok Im gona rise to it a bit :rofl: and try to answer your questions in more detail. But this is on the NNFX videos. (Just a warning though, I am a beginner and might word things wrong but will try my best)

Q: How do you identify a trend?
A: Trend is identified by a series of indicators all agreeing.
1. Baseline cross. When price closes over the baseline this will determine the direction long or short.

2. Conformation Indicators x 2.  Usually two lines cross 
     indicators to confirm the trade.

3.  Volume.  Inducator to confirm enough volume to 
      enter the trade.

4. Exit.  Exit indicator to confirm a trade exit.

Stop loss=  1.5xATR
1st take profit=  1xATR

Stop loss for 2nd trade is kept at 1.5xATR of price until indicators signal an exit.


Sorry dont jnow why that came out like that

:rofl: That’s all you got? Boy, you certainly “raised” it. OMG! It took me several minutes to stop laughing.

Paul, I do sincerely wish you well.


NNFX is not my main way of trading, im going to demo it for a year and see if its profitable.

If it is then I see it as a “click and forget” style of trading.

Most of my time is spent learning conventional trading as I enjoy reading and looking at charts. NNFX can just run in the background like it was designed to.

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Did I answer your questions?

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No, you certainly did not, even with the additional information that you posted in your edited post.

But, I’m done with wasting my time with this discussion. Do what pleases you and please allow me the same courtesy. There are much better things that both of us can do with our time than discuss the merits or demerits of VP’s videos.

this non nonsense forex seems to be mentioned on so many threads lately

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Oh well I tried my best to explain.

This is a thread about NNFX so unfortunately for you thats what gets discussed here.

But thanks for wishing me the best of luck and same to you too. :wink:

Hey Guys I just got into Forex and bought into a cheap MLM (it taught the basic with nice videos), watched about 60% of NNFX videos on youtube, watch swag academy, and other more “trendy” youtubers.

This is all to say that I’m a noob and not in love with any certain style of trading or trader yet. I just started (one month) back testing and forward testing using NNFX strategy and it’s averaging 30% on certain pairings with certain indicators and like 2% on others.

For those of you who say he’s vague and long winded, I agree but there definitely are some gems in there. The Trading Fox has a good video where he breaks down the strategy as well as some of the indicators that VP mentions in his videos for each part of the strategy. The video can be found on the Trading Fox’s YouTube channel - this forum won’t let me link because I’m new :frowning:

thanks for making this thread. I’m just wondering how VP is making out in this market right now and did anyone get the book he just released? I’m not a kindle kind of guy.


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I agree, NNFX is definitely a good place to start for beginners as it teaches a good money management system and trades on daily timeframe so you don’t get burnt on commissions while learning.

I wanted to join the debate and share my opinion. I started trading with a group of traders who maintain and grow a private fund using a High Frequency trading method and programmed EA - aside from this, the head trader was highly experienced and very intelligent. His teachings for me were that 99.9% of indicators are non-sense, which to me makes sense as historic indications are no way of reading the future. NNFX takes a logical approach to using indicators and VP does a great job of teaching aspiring traders what indicators are and what each one does in a fair amount of detail. He claims that newer indicators are able to provide clearer signals etc which in some degree may have weight to it. What irritates me is that when it gets to trading in it’s very simplest form and to quote the great, Mark Douglas, it is simply a case of ratios. Markets are random, you cannot know where price will go, this being the case, if you always have a RR of (for example) 1/3 you just move on if you lose and place another trade the next day… Indicators are often counterproductive and prevent entry to market etc. There are arguments for and against both.
I do however enjoy the teachings to some degree and think that for new traders the NNFX series is a must - saying that, its also very closeted and I highly recommend their learners use this as a base with which to grow. Babypips + NNFX = beginner level. Next move onto investing more money with other traders or courses (but do your research first).
My biggest gripe with NNFX is that VP claims all other traders are phoney or are not real traders and do not make money (naturally a lot of this IS true) however VP himself is elusive and has no proof of success himself via myfxbook or fxblue etc. It would be nice to know what his networth and average earnings are etc.

for newbies:

G7FX course - recommended
BLAKHAUSFX course - recommended
Komey Tetteh - Capital FX Markets (find on youtube) - recommended
FX Cartel - worth a look but fairly basic

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Instant gratification, undisciplined, impatient and no initiative guy hahaha but anyway, there’s no forcing to trade the NNFX way, we also leave you on your own way :rofl: Good luck

Hello there… I am new as well to Forex… I got hit too hard with Stocks and Corona so took everything to cash and started looking for a better way… My main career is IT so the thought of being able to see hard data to what is happening under the surface was enticing which kept my interest in NNFX. I am mostly through the material that has been published but have been finding some of the people with more time to look into things and start their own Youtube and other outlets to share what they have found… Last night I was able to get an MT4 running and found a trove of indicators and started just putting a bunch on the screen and just seeing how they look based on what I understand on the system and have found a group that when looked at on a random pair at random time frames do tend to do what VP says they can do… A group of indicators adjusted the right way can help filter where 1 indicator alone gets you into chop or the wrong side another using different formula or set of information can show different and keep you out of the loosing trade. This was a 1 hour process of just throwing things on the wall to see what sticks… I of course will find the time to back test and forward test and get into confirming ROI but I can see where this is better than what was given to my by spending over 2k on joining 2 trading groups where they say to get in here and this is why and me not having anything concrete to base that decision on and even after the explanation it seemed more of a gut call than any concrete information. Sorry so windy and I am sure a little random but it is my initial 2 cents to the subject…


Ok, I am going to explain why IN MY OPINION NNFX is a terrible system (but no offence to anyone - I am just trying to help you get a better system).

  1. It is ironic that a channel called ‘no-nonsense’ is actually the most nonsensical out there. VP says that forex only moves by big banks manipulating price against the majority of retail traders, well I’m sorry that’s simply not the case. The forex market, like all markets, moves by SUPPLY AND DEMAND! If a company wants to buy £1 billion GBP, guess what, GBPUSD will rise. VP even said once that big banks manipulate indicies against retailers - I mean come on! Indicies move depending on the number of people buying shares, not the big banks that magically move price and somehow profit from retailers losses.

  2. The use of the daily system and 20% Gain a year (if 20% can even be acheived with this ridiculous system) is absurd. Even if you start with a prop firm like FTMO (and not a scam firm like Mavericks), then imagine you have a $10k account. Well the max DD is $1k, so you have to pretend there is only $1k in your account. Good luck making £200 a year… The fact is that if you are a retail trader starting with a low amount of money, you need to be able to DOUBLE your money every year AT LEAST. And I can already hear VP saying sarcastically “Why doesnt Bill Gates just do this and double his money every year?”. Well because BG would not be able to move the billions of dollars he has in and out of the forex markets without pushing the price up/down and therefore entering at worse price etc.

  3. His trend following system simply doesnt work (on ANY timeframe). You simply cannot be profitable by just buying when price goes up and selling when price goes down (I don’t care how many ‘volume’ indicators you have - you get destroyed in ranges. Any magical combination of indicators that VP tells you to spend 100s of hours finding that comes out profitable… is most likely curve-fitted to your historical data and has no better chance of making money in the long run as the other unprofitable combinations/settings.

I hope you found this critique constructive. As you can tell from my username, I have a trading system which aims for 50R trades (mostly on 5 min timeframe). Therefore I can make 100% of my account if risking 2% per trade. I do use a trend following sytem but it is much more sophisticated than VP’s and - although VP would tell you this a crime- it even uses bollinger bands and the RSI (OMGG!!! - not).

Also Paul, you mentioned you would forward test it for a year - how did that go?

Edit: I ‘wasted’ about a year on NNFX… however I do not really regret it, not least because it made me realise that simple trend following systems are doomed, but also because it did instill in me the importance of backtesting and also using an objective indicator system… the only difference is that now I have one that actually works!


I didnt mate😂 couldnt be bothered with all the hassle of testing hundreds of different indicators at the time etc etc.

Mahn that was a long time ago :joy:, I just use vsa now

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

Like him or not

Whether he been a success or not as a trader, he made good money with his you tube vids