Noob Forex Trader

Hello Everyone,

Can someone direct me to a good micro account broker?

There are a lot of Forex brokers out but I’m a real noob at the Forex that I don’t which broker I should even use and I don’t personally know any one trading Forex.

I really would like to start trading these micro sizes lots for now till I fine tune my system.

I don’t even know if the micro lots have good enough volume to trade?


Robinhood69 :confused:

Try FXCM Micro - Try FXCM Micro @

You can trade in 1k lots which is nice :slight_smile:

I’m planning to sign up with them soon. Just so I can test my system in a “real” environment.

Hello secretasianman,

Thanks for the link looks like a good site.

Ronbinhood69 :wink:

I use IBFX and have had no customer support or connection or fraud issues with them. I believe them to reputable and fair.

Just make sure you understand the differences between the order types.

Hello Phoenix,

Thanks for the info. I like to use Ninja Trader for my trading because I’m so use to it now for placing my trades the ninja trading dome and my charts are the way I like them already.

I was wondering if there Forex trading software that has that style of trading dome like ninja trader where I can place my forex trades? I also use points and figures charts on my Ninja charts.

I hope IBfx can link up with my Ninja Trader.



You could go to their site and ask the customer service chat if it’s possible to link it up, I don’t know. I just use the stock mt4 setup.

Hello Phoenix,

Cool I’ll do that, I’m so use to the Trading dome with the price ladder for placing my profit targets and stops.



Hi Robinhood69

I was wondering how you went with Ninja as I prefer it also. I am a relative newbie and have been using MT4 and I am finding it difficult when placing trades as opposed to Ninja’s trading dome. I would be interested in hearing how you got on?

Hello magisana,

I have not yet started to trade Forex live and I have been concentrating on the indecencies for now but I think I’m going to switch to Forex just because I feel that I just don’t have enough capitol to trade the instruments like the ES or the TF. I looking to trade the Mini Forex now because I like it because I can use better management of trades, the capitol risk is really good, also the liquidity very good compared to the CME traded Micro currencies. So I got to make the switch even though I really like Ninja Trader I just got to see what trading platform I really like and then I got to see which broker supports it. I have a futures account with Mirus Futures and they also have Forex side maybe I’ll just switch it for now I got to see what there spreads and leverages are set at before I come up with my decision

I went back to look at the Forex yesterday, I’m looking to see what Forex charting and order execution I like best. I really like the Ninja Trader platform with the trading dome executions and I’m already use to it but I did get a demo account at AMP Forex which supported Ninja Trader but the trading dome price scale was really gappy, the scale would have like 10 empty price slots in between sell and buy which really turned me off to using Ninja Trader for Forex for now I know that Ninja Trader 7.0 is coming out by August I think and I hope the really make it work for Forex because if they don’t they are really missing out on a big market.

I’ll let you know what I find.


Robinhood69 :wink:

I like Ninja too (except the $900.-), unfortunately not enough brokers out there, I gave up on them.
Now demo with IBFX (Interbank FX) and account with Oanda since they have the lowest spread most of the time.
Ninja 7 will not help since you can’t interface with any other broker directly, except the one that work with Ninja and they are a bit pricey for my taste. :rolleyes:
Sorry, kiss your “dome-trading” good bye.
There is a broker with a dome trading for MT4 but minimum account 25000.-.

I use ac-markets; they are a great broker that will become a Swiss bank by the end of summer. They are FINMA regulated and ISO 27001/ ISO 9001 certified. Their micro account is opened with 2000.
Mini forex trading account | Forex demo
these are the conditions, regards and good luck!

what about tradestation, anyone using this or looked into it?

i’d suggest OANDA :slight_smile:

great broker

I just visited the site and it doesn�t say anything about their regulations.
Besides, I have never heard of them and I�m always up to date with forex market conditions, if nobody else replies I would suggest you look for a broker somewhere else.

Hello Guys,

Thanks for the broker suggestions.

I’m a limit order entry type of guy when I trade and one of the trading platforms that I like it the FX Solutions GTS Pro it gives me limit order entries but for charts I still like my Ninja Trader charts but for NT Forex can’t give good way to enter limit orders for some reason I hope the NinjaTrader 7.0 corrects these problems.

Here is another Forex broker that has Ninja Trader as there trading platform.

Whats weird is that it shows the trading dome in there picture but I can’t get the trading dome to show me the currency symbols for the price ladder.

Finding the right combination is harder then I thought it would be.

I’ll post any news from NinjaTrader 7.0 latest version on Forex that is set to be released in a few weeks

Is FX Solutions a good broker?

Right now I’m leaning towards them and or


Robinhood :wink:

You mention that ninja thing on others post too, what is that platform?

PS: you are not allowed to post links until you are older in the forum�
I�m just telling you because I posted one before and I had a mail from the administrations warning me�


Hello Add Money,

Thanks for the heads up on the links.

Ninja Trader is a really cool trading platform but it is geared more for trading futures and it seems like Ninja Trader is making it an effort to make it more Forex friendly.

The thing that I like about NT is the trading dome, the dome is a simple price dome and the buy and sell prices are on the price scale and you can simply select a price entry want to enter by clicking on sell or buy side and it puts the limit order like that.

Also you can slide your profit target and stops to different price levels by simply clicking the desired price and just sliding to the price you want ---- Very cool

Also you can build all kinds of charts and they has all kinds of indicators to and you can build automated strategies too.

I posted a picture of the trading dome I hope that’s ok?

I’m still trying to figure out how to change the lot size so I can make it trade mini lots and show $1 pip’s the last couple of days I have been trying to learn more on how I can make it trade Forex better.

Just Google NinjaTrader FX or Forex and you should be able to find stuff on it.

Right now I using AMP forex for my demo connection for NinjaTrader. It is free to demo but cost around $60 a month to lease when you go live.

But it does make trading ease I think you will like it.

Let me know if you try it or if you need some help cause I learned a bunch of stuff NT for Forex and if you get stuck maybe I can help.


Robinhood69 :wink:

Thanks for the information. I already trade with a platform that I like: advanced trading platform of ACM�it has won several awards and it works pretty good. But you do seem to know a lot about that ninja platform so if I ever think of exploring other options I will ask you for information!
Glad you found a broker! :wink:

NInjaTrader 6.5 is free if you trade live with (retail division of Gain Capital). Gain also provides free data to demo trade FX on NinjaTrader. AMP forex is an Introducing Broker for so if you opened a live account with AMP Forex you would have the platform you like at no additional cost, but you might have to deposit a little more for a mini account.

Oh and I am not schilling for AMP/ I am just learning to use NT and have a account.

Hopes that helps you.

Hello Good4Life,

Thanks I noticed that yesterday when I when I was setting up Ninja Trader to my live Forex trading account that I don�t need to pay for the subscription to Ninja Trader which is cool I think I�m going to cancel my subscription to NT since I getting it free anyways and I just concentrating on Forex for the time being.

I just did my first live trade today on the Euro/Dollar and it worked out great.


Robinhood :slight_smile: