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What is your expected reaction to your post?

I don’t know… I hope the world to wake up… I really don’t know… I’m just tired of all people don’t know ****…

Well, you know what they say here… Automated trading sucks… :wink: And I appreciate that you share your results. They don’t look unbelievable to me, but I don’t know the script you use.

But considering your attitiude, here is some criticism: you made about 200 pip in the first two weeks off January on 12 pairs. That is nice, but not amazing.

Anyway, gratz to you for your script… I trade automated myself, and I enjoy it not to be behind the screen all the time.

[Just read your new reply:] Don’t make them too entheusiastic about automated trading… :wink:

So I though, well, me now being a ‘miljonair’, maybe I can help some other people, so now I made a Signalprovider account and connected my pc and everybody is able to join my signals… maybe we can make some more miljonairs next year…

haha! I know everybody thinks automated trading sucks, but 99% of automated strategy signalproviders also don’t know… or do have some stupid black boxes build that go crazy after a while (I’m always right about what’s the next black box to go crazy, not trading with stoplosses, trading during roller coaster sessions, or trading with too many positions at once) Hope I have a new friend now :slight_smile:

Aahh, that is nice of you… You see, there are also nice people in this world that give away their signals for free… It is free right???

Not totally free, I love it to get paid a bit because people do love me, but it’s nothing compare to the profits made.

Well, you are right about that… I don’t like signal providers and black boxes either…

Well, I still have to process the tone of your first post… But when your next will be more modest and you are not advertising, you have a new friend…

I ‘’‘really’’’ do want to let people see how it works…

It’s just you know… that system of the month contest… it’s… I am crying every month when a new losing system comes out… it’s just, I don’t want to see people getting the wrong information and believing the wrong material… But I see people believing the wrong things. That what I hate the most!

I copied some ‘holy beliefs’ and rules I’m using to trade safe, profitable and responsible on my website:

How to prevent yourself from losing: PipShip | Risk vs Return


How to judge the profitability and risk of a (new) forex strategy: PipShip | Forex Commandments

Hope this will help many new, newbie or maybe even advanced traders…

Hi pipshippers,

Thank you for introducing this… can you please let us know what is the trading strategy you are using behind this automation system ?

Thanks in Advance

Thanks for asking. The strategy is so familiar for me I did not even think about it to explain how it works.
It’s a very complicated clever black box. Custum indicators developed by meself. I’m using about 20 familiair indicators. (envelopes, demarker, hulltrend, zigzag) Correlated those. Result: about 74 pages of formulas. Testing and retesting it about a year (and parameter adjustment) It’s not a breakout or trendreversal strategy. (trading against trend) I do have bad experiences with previous named types of strategy’s (risk) I’m always trading with the trend… (of course) What do you exactly want to know?

It works like this:

In general the strategy makes an entry in a rebound adjustment of the price in a strong trend development. (volatility/direction MTF) I will write a new article about the topic today oke.

In about one or two days (monday or tuesday) you can find the detailed explanation about the strategy here:
PipShip | Strategy Design

Past 10 years many commercial trading firms automated their trading. (over 50% of all incoming trades are now fully automated) On the other hand most trading firms do trade with complex algoritmes that calculate and suggest certain trades to traders behind the screen, staff checking the proposed order and then the order is made. (semi automated) By trading on a high frequeny (high frequenty trading) trades are made fully automated in milliseconds (in and out). Making a lot of 0.001% trades… Brokers and banks working without spread (I think this is not acceptable) Billions are made every day by those ‘dark’ markets. Selling and buying a different price on tiny price differences between different markets due to who gets the data first depending on the speed of light. (markets not accessable for retail traders) (It’s not fair trading I think)

At my university in Tilburg, the Netherlands, this week a new report came out naming the impact of dark markets on the profitability of trading for small investors like you and me. Conclusion: they get the money, they get even more and more money and traditional traders and traders behind the comfort/speed data zone make less money due to this dark trading…
‘We find that fragmentation in visible order books improves global liquidity, whereas dark trading
has a detrimental effect. In addition, local liquidity is lowered by fragmentation in
visible order books, which suggests that the benefits of fragmentation are not enjoyed
by market participants who resort only to the traditional market.’[/I]

Most of the 100% automated systems are carefully kept secret by trading firms invested billions in codes, algoritmes, data centers, data access, testing etc. Well, by writing about 120 of this systems I know, more or less, how those systems work. I think it’s not fair that only the banks and brokers are able to make shiploads of money. (on a low risk base) I can not trade in milliseconds because of the spread we still have to pay, but still there is a lot of money to make. These win-percentages are still insane… I wanted to make this market available for you and me, also introducing this to the world, this money making by doing this now as a (small) retail provider. Money & wealth is distributed so unequally between people themselves, between people and large agencies as banks, brokers and rating agencies. (think this is why the financial crisis started in the first place and nothing is solved yet…) Maybe the whole financial system nowadays in the western world in just insane by itself, but by doing this meself… I’m in a lucky position, thats a thing I sometimes feel as difficult. I made a website to make it accessable for everyone cancelling out (beating) the investments banks. Only by doing it like this I’m able to let it grow to a huge hit (because everybody wants to become a miljonair) Then after a while, hopefully we 'll start discussing this. But first :wink: … I’m going to make a rediculous amount of money. I’m looking forward to see people leaving their passive investment bank. Investments banks do make billions of dollars by using your money and giving you a loss because of the financial climate? (and tax money going in to solve ‘the problem…’ ?) I want people to know how it works and how money can be made. (how money is made)

Here is a documentairy about [I]the secret market[/I]: (made by a dutch television company) Things we don’t want to see, don’t want to know…
[B]Backlight - Money and Speed: Inside The Black Box [ENGLISH] - YouTube[/B]

pipshippers. on February 1 you made 40 pips in 6 trades. Big deal! Do you really think it is such an outstanding result? And other days are even worse.

mastergunner99, I think it is another doctor3!

Wat doet een Belg in Holland op de Uni…:slight_smile: Ik dacht dat de Ollanders juist naar Leuven gingen… :wink:

Dude, I’m charging you $20 for my time. :mad:

he vervelend, kom je toch weer nederlanders tegen… (en ben nederlander btw, geen belg :P)