One more question-

As I said earlier I am from India, so if i try to learn can i earn at least 400 a month?

We don’t know, because we don’t know anything about you and/or what your learning skills are.

Sorry it’s a completely unhelpful answer, but it’s true! :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that you’re asking about $400, not 400 Rupees? :wink:

Here’s some general information that might help you, though (and I think it’s “fact,” not just “opinion”).

  1. The proportion of aspiring traders who ever get as far as earning a steady 5% profit per month on their capital is absolutely tiny (I think it might be 1% or 2% of people but that part is opinion, not fact), and to manage that takes those people a year or two, usually, and 400 is 5% of 8,000, so you’d need at least 8,000 capital to try, anyway

  2. That average of +5% per month will realistically include a range of monthly results from +20% to -10%, so there will still be some losing months included in the monthly average of +5%


Anything is possible. But we don’t know your experience, your starting balance, how often you’ll trade, whether you have a strategy already.

Too many factors to know really.

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Hi Samerat3 and welcome to Babypips. The answers you already have from other forum members should be taken seriously. I had exactly the same questions when I attended a weekend Learn to Trade in London that I paid over £2,000 to attend. Knowing what I know now it was probably a bit of an excessive cost. But despite not finding an edge for many years, it did not discourage me. I was lucky. I already had 3 sources of income. Forex (or trading more generally) was to be my fourth. It took me nearly 15 years to know I am now profitable, and that could disappear at a moment’s notice. For now though, I am in a comfortable position with trading. Most people expect too much too soon, but that is normal because the entire industry built around charging retail traders for knowledge practices a huge amount of hype that shows young men (less so women) driving flash cars and liviing in $1m condos or $2m apartments in New York or London. Greg Secker is a classic, He ran the courses I attended in 2010. Hats off to him. He had $29M bonus as a Mellon bank trader and left to set up his own training company before he was 30. For every Greg Secker, there are thousands who don’t make it. Luck or knowledge? None of us will ever know. Just expect to be realistic that most of us will not earn multiple millions of dollars from trading. But that doesn’t stop me wanting to continue to trade (Forex, crypto, commodities, even stock which I have not invested in since 1979!). If it is in your blood to trade, you will trade.


Yes you could earn or lose $400 a month if you spend several years on a daily basis learning how to protect your $10,000 account by risk management, and also learning your own strategy and process that brings in more winning trades than losing trades. It is imperative to close losing trades quickly and nurse winning ones.

My take on this is that you do not have a clue, and the above would help you see daylight.

Best of luck.

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Welcome. Start here.


it is possible to earn 400 USD and more in a month but it is hard! and it depends on with how much you start. generally it is logical to get 25% max in a month but more than that is not very logical; still some people do earn even more.

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Earning $400 a month is definitely possible, but it depends on your strategy, knowledge, and experience. No one can assure you of consistent profits, as trading always involves risk.

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can you help me to find a strategy with low drawback and low returns?

It’s a natural thing for new traders to want to calculate how much they could make per month.

In fact it’s only possible if you have a strategy which you have already trialled, at least in a demo account. Even then it’s common to find that running the same strategy in a real account is very different and more difficult than running it in a demo account.

So, you have to answer your own question.


I just don’t know what to do, when people post stuff as misleading and misguided as this. :roll_eyes:

If you argue with it, you come across as unfriendly, critical and argumentative; if you point out how mistaken and ill-informed it is, you come across as judgmental and opinionated; if you report it to the moderators (which I did, with the suggestion that it was of no value), evidently nothing happens at all; if you do “none of the above” and just ignore it completely, then it devalues the forum and can only do harm to members and other readers many of whom may know so little that they give it equal weight to anyone else’s “opinion”, which can hardly help them; if you give up in despair and stop posting altogether (obviously MANY people’s solution to what’s a very real and greatly increasing problem, here), that has the outcome that there are very few experienced traders left who can answer beginners’ questions reasonably or helpfully, and the forum just fills with this nonsense, and that helps nobody at all.

Personally, I prefer the answer that depends on the moderators being willing to remove the “no-value” posts and the outright nonsense, but I acknowledge, of course, that that clearly isn’t the house policy here … so there’s just no answer to these situations. :unamused:

That’s frustrating. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Actually for many people, not just for the few “troublemakers” like me who are outspoken enough to comment on it repeatedly. :blush:


How much can you afford to lose per month?


Thinking to get a funded account of 5k or more if had good results in demo account, btw i tried EA on mt5 is Dark Venus good ?

What’s a funded acct?

Lol… I only use dark venus because it’s free. I put a few hundred $$ in to my PC to optimize it though. I spend about $25 an EA to optimize on the cloud as well.

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how about you first learn the basics of trading and then judge others? tell me with what risk will you be able to earn more than 25% a month? also tell me do you know what risk management is and how you calculate risk monthly with that? do you have any idea based on what i answered or you are just depressed that your beloved one got roasted logically?

that is a very good question. beautiful.

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Did you write such a long comment to say someone else is misinforming and you did not even tell us why you think that is wrong! I mean you could use that effort in a much better way! so why do you thing that’s wrong information and what is the right information then?

I’m hopefully you get the answer that you asking from here.

the money that you can earn from trading industry will base on your performance.

Wish you luck.


Don’t shoot the messenger. Anyone who thinks that you can make 25% of bank every month, in perpetuity, did not calculate the ludicrous logic behind such a dream. If you start with a $1,000 bank and make 25% per month, after one month you will have $1,250. Using the formula A = P*(1+i)^n, where A is the amount after n periods, P is the Principal starting capital (or your bank), i is the interest rate and n is the number of periods, in this case months. So A = $1,000*(1+0.25)^60 for a five year period (60 months) in which every month you make 25% of your bank in profit.

Just opening an Excel spreadsheet to enter that formula: (hold on)… There you go. I rest my case.



Good gosh!
With that much money, I could buy my own Belgium.

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