"One Tool To Rule Them All"

Hello Fellow Traders!

Trader Here From Pakistan :kissing: :pakistan:

First of all lots of love for the BABY PIPS Hands Down It has one of the best forex community here!

Apologies In advance for my language barrier.
Okay, Lets Talk about something I learned which seems pretty interesting and effective on the Forex Markets
As we the title suggests this tool is like the RING from the (LORDS OF THE RING)
If Used Correctly with Patience Believe me you are in for lots of pips.

Lets Talk About Buying and Selling.
When Do We Buy A Product?
Ans: When Its Offered at a Discount.

When Do We Sell A Product?
Ans: When It Reaches a Premium Price.

Forex Is the Same!
But Its Designed So we (RETAIL TRADERS) Don’t Know when its offered at a Discount or a Premium Price.
A Computed Algorithm Delivers these Prices to the Banks and Institutes through a system called

The Prices for The days are set in this algorithm before each trading day then the price moves accordingly and reaches its destination after giving these Retail traders losses and banks and Institutes Profit!

Okay. So Enough About the Markets Lets Talk How to Identify when the Banks and Institutes are going to buy or sell.

That Is Where the Tool Comes In The (Fibonacci) :grin:

Oh Wait Not This Fibonacci thing again :confused: But Wait!
We are not talking about the Classic Old Fibbo
The Altered Fibbo Levels!
We are not going to use them as confluence Instead We are going to identify is Pair offering a
DISCOUNT OR A PREMIUM PRICE to the banks and the Institutes!

  1. Level = 100%
  2. Level = 0%
  3. Level = 0.5% {EQUILIBRIUM}
  4. Level = 0.62%
  5. Level = 0.70% {OPTIMAL TRADE ENTRY}
  6. Level = 0.79%

Q:How to USE?


  • Daily Is the most Important Timeframe As the Banks and Institutes Trades of a Daily Timeframe.

Take The TOOL From Swing Low To the High Or Vise Versa.
Then Wait for Price to Be Offered At any Discount Or Premium Price
It Can Be from anywhere to 50% to 0.79% Level
Once the Price Reaches these Levels Go down to lower Time Frame Such As H4
and then Wait For Rejection and Enter.

  • This Tool can Be Used to Determine:



    If Used Proper It Can Result In Great Deal Of Profits.

Another Example…
NOTE: 50% Is Not the Key! Price Can Brought at any of these levels

As the Example Above Shows The Price went all the way down to 0.79% level before the Big Orders Came along and then the Price went all the way up 670Pips!
That is why its important to wait on the h4 for rejection and always go Break Even after Securing first TP…

Take Profit: MAIN TARGET IS THE 0% Level. Secondary Target Can Also be Predicted through the TOOL!

Also if you have successfully predicted the correct direction then even the fundamentals/News will push your Trade through the Structure in other Words Trump and Boris Johnson will tweet only for your trade to reach the target quicker :wink:

Once Again Thanks to the Babypips for providing us this beautiful Platform.
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I hope I haven’t missed anything
Wish You all good luck in your future endeavors!

Long Live Pakistan :pakistan: Long Live Humanity! :heart_eyes:



A Trade I took on AUDCAD Previous Week!
Entry was taken on h4 after price rejection OTE Level…
TP 1 Hit in 3 days
TP 2 Hit in 8 days.

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@Amarsaleem, your strategy is very interesting, using the Fib retracement tool as a dynamic trend line… very clever… Michael’s Inner Circle Trading system was based closely to this strategy…

Another outside of the box concept I’m going to backrest… Kudos to you…
BTW… your English explanation was perfect.


Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sounds like more snake oil to me, but best of luck to you.

Coming from someone who is/was a true believer of the Baller thread is a bit rich @MattyMoney

The OP mentioned that English wasn’t his first language…

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These are ICT concepts except that he’s left out the more important and useful order block concepts.

If you use swing points along with order blocks, you won’t need fibs.

@Amarsaleem, you should credit the source, ICT.

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Problem is fibs was developed on stock mainly for stocks. Stock prices tend to rise on a log price scale rather than a fix price scale. So a 50 % retracement would see the price fall by have thus allowing any tradered than then enterrred the market the opportunity to double there return. However price doesn’t quite work like than with cash.

Sounds like someone-one walking the walk but the reality is this statement suggest a centralized market where all players “win/lose” based on speculation activities. Centralized the market is not. The “big” players care not for price, they make stupid amounts of money based on the simple fact that folks need to exchange currency.

:sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

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Ok, that was a bit harsh, @Amarsaleem I apologize. My first impression was that you were trying to sell a new indicator. However, it appears that this is a standard fib with altered levels.

@Trendswithbenefits his thread is a simple strategy trading SR levels based on the monthly chart. I still use these levels on certain pairs and price still respects them. There is nothing wrong with this strategy as long as you manage your trades properly and don’t risk the 10% per trade like he recommends. Those who were, I imagine didn’t fare too well when the markets turned around in April.

There’s nothing wrong with his English, which in fact is actually one of Pakistan’s official languages.

It’s all about patience and trading with the trend.

Ah, one of the greatest lies every preached in currency trading. Currencies don’t trend, they fluctuate. Stocks trend. Indicines trend. Currencies don’t. So I repeat they fluctuate. New speculators need to grasp this concept.

They all fluctuate short term. But I have to disagree, depending on the pair, long term charts have clear up-trends and downtrends.

What exactly is your definition of trend? And don’t tell me it’s your haircut.

Kindly Read the Thread Again.
Fibonacci Is not the Magic or the market work according to Fibbo…
Its Just a tool we can use to identify dynamic support and Price on offer for Institutes,
We don’t Blindly trade with only using Fibbonacci we go down to Lower Timeframe to find entry and also look at Weekly/Monthly to Determine the Overall of Market. :grinning:

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Thanks, But I think you have mistaken this method for a trend line…
I use fibb tool to find out the dynamic offered price through the Algorithm to these Institutes/banks.
Once from a swing high to low a range is given. then once the price reaches a 50% or below then we are interested. We speculate weather the SMT (Smart Money Traders) Like you Mentioned ICT teaches… once we know they are In with their huge money we ride along with them… but as always nothing is 100% even they can manipulate sometimes. so safety comes first for which the fibbo can be used to on the h4 to find out the dynamic key levels for 1st target and to go BREAK EVEN on the trade.
Thanks again. :heart:

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@MattyMoney Well Said, We are not trading the 5 minute charts we are focusing on the overall of the market which can’t change in 1 day.
Banks and Institutes and countries look at higher timeframes so they are often reflecting countries economy and stability. we need basic study of currencies to succeed in these markets. lots of people don’t have it.

Hi @Amarsaleem, Have another look at the Charts you have posted… I’m seeing with the F-R Overlay is not only the levels, but price action is snapping back to the Fib “Join” Line… If you overlaid (using your technique) the F-R in front of price action, it will give you a possible reference to where price is going…

I have no interest in reactive Indicator or Price Action strategies… and have been developing strategies using Multiple Time Frame VWAP along with Arbitrage theory to predict where price will go next with strong results… Your OP is an eyeopener at what could be achieved with the Fib Retracement…

GBPJPY (Daily) March to Current…

These strategies are similar versions of Daily/Weekly Levels and various other names… which all are based on predictive trading as opposed to the crowd following reactive trading which is what is pushed by most Vanilla Forex Educators…


@Trendswithbenefits Yes, I get what you are saying it seems in a Hindsight as if its providing support/resistance to the price like a trend line but in facts its not.
perhaps another example will clearer example you explain this.
Yes, I understand! and good luck with your system I wish you tons of success. their are thousands of strategies. I believe all of them work if you submit your will to it and stick with it. make it perfect and take rational decisions with your money management…

Well this might be their concepts Nowhere I said I invented it.
I am not a student of ICT but Yes have learned a few things about his complex method.
Rather this method stand alone without the help of order blocks with only basic information of Economics and Markets, Slight bit of technical analysis can be enough to be successful.
No Need To Over Complicate things.


Oh I’d love to sit here and debate this one with you but I simply don’t care enough. I want you to think for yourself.

But my definition would be no different to anyone-else’s. Higher highs or lower lows.

So here is a long term chart, monthly going back 5 years. So where is that trend and where are the fluctuations.


Markets by definition are chaotic. One of the key attributes of chaos theory is a pivot point to facilitate oscillation. IE fluctuation. This is why fibs hold true. Not the institutional order flow bull being preach here. You trade trends, I’ll speculate on fluctuations.

@Amarsaleem, if you do by some miracle have something original to share then I will be first to submit my apologies, but if you’re selling wares or preaching from a different bible I’ll be making none in calling you out.


Your chart, my chart


that would be 294 pips from a year ago. On ya fella. Can’t trade in the past

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Are you really sure they don’t trend - have you not seen a long term down trend in the gbp/usd over the past few years?

What you’ll learn about me is I see the markets with a different set of eyes being my own.

So where you might see trends, what I see is the market fluctuating. In your example the GBPUSD around 1.420.

so for arguments sake lets use 1.42 as the 50% retracement level



A self-fulfilling prophecy maybe.

All I want is people to question everything they have been taught and come to their own conclusions. If 95% of traders fail and 95% follow trend belief …

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You have definitely got a unique take - but taking your own advice I would ask readers to question your own input too.

I for one certainly believe that currencies trend, and in fact are some of the longest trending asset classes

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