"One Tool To Rule Them All"

To be sure cobber, I have nothing to offer but hot air.

I reckon that is because after many years you have come to that conclusion and not because some monkey preached it. Respect :facepunch:

You sound stupid…
Look up for the definition of Example…
I also posted present trades am in at. GBP/JPY and AUD/CAD…
And Who said am selling anything?
Are you saying I did bad sharing some information for free?

Kindly Input Altered settings and Draw Correctly.
Go through Baby Pips and Learn how to properly draw Fibonacci :slight_smile:


670 pips bro, come on

You mean I made a mistake? So now what? Do you want the Refund?
please… don’t argue with everything. You will never succeed in life.

@Amarsaleem, thought I’d give my concept a spin this afternoon on the GBPUSD 1 hour Chart…

Most may not understand what I pointed out… but I only have to see it once!

Update on the GBPJPY Daily… Another 50 pips…

Beautiful… :kissing_heart:

GBP/JPY BUY Yesterday!
Lets See if this hits TP 0% Level…
Seems like we both are on the right path :slight_smile:

Preeetty picture but you have told us nothing.

Easy to post preeetty pictures.

thanks for sharing, fibonacci is very difficult to apply

Please ask anything. if you want I can explain everything on the zoom to you.
I am not asking for anything in return I want to make friends. and maybe I can help my friends learn a good thing from me.

No. Its very simple to apply.
Only Use daily to begin with… and use altered settings mention above.
If possible Study about Equilibrium in Economics to get the general idea of this method.
look here how I applied fibbo on this EURO/JPY Daily to Identify dynamic support and take entry of buy.

I mean difficult to auto detect by a tool, using Fibonacci must detect boundary by hand.

No, it can be detrimental to your account balance.


its fairly simple.
Swing low/high on the chart recent data only.
by that I mean the current swing cycle.
Understanding of the market structure is important. so when you look at it you can first identify the trend then look weather market creating (lower low) or (high highs) after knowing the structure you can draw Fibb and then wait for the retracement accordingly.

Just pick up the fibb and start trying it on the trading view or mt5 until it starts making sense for you.

Watch some youtube videos as well.

I hope that helps.

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Whoop, there it is.

Na champ, I rather not make myself dumber listening to this polony.

How good are inside bars. Even better when its a spinning top. You use your lagging fibs. I’ll make my decisions based on price and structure.

If you like I can explain it all on Zoom :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reality is I won’t take take this trade as you are already exposed to risk on a correlating asset (GBPJPY).
Identifying and filtering is your first two jobs. Execution of the trade which you seem focussed on is the easy bit but the sexy bit. Managing a trade is the final stage which you conclude nothing of.

As I said easy to post preeetty picture and talk trade talk.

@Amarsaleem, thought I’d give it another spin this afternoon on the GBPUSD 1 hour Chart…

Snaps back yet again… another trade using arbitrage and the F-R as a trendline 90+ pips…

That’s just lucky twice… surely!!!

Oh… It seems interesting… I did not know you can do that. :grinning:
You mean this right?
FIbb Acting as a trend line :slight_smile:

Thanks @Trendswithbenefits

I am not selling a course I just showed something which really helps in my trading. if you don’t like it kindly leave. your opinion have no value to me…
I don’t even understand why are you arguing with me? oh man the world is full of shite. sadly. :grin:

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