Only Trade Binaries With a Proven Probability Edge

As the topic suggests you must have a belief system, a proven probability edge before trading binaries,

the Sun rises every morning this is an example of a proven probability edge, a belief system. So if anyone were placing bets on the probability of the sun rising in the morning they’d be billionaires before today grab the point??.

I’ve been studying charts from 1995 till 2018 23years & it appears the > n < chart pattern seems to be consistent, unchangeable & profitable I mostly trade it on binaries…

So I’ll share it here. But remember trading it is at your own discretion.


What if I sell 3 or 4 or 5 candles before every time it forms an ‘n’? Would have been so many losses…

Can I ask why would you do a Binary trade here as opposed to a Forex one?

As a trader you must have developed your timing skill. You got to be an expert in this pattern formation so you now know the right time to always enter that’s what’s experience gives you.

I’ll upload more of my success in this pattern alone

So what’s the right time?

1 What grows an account is a good strategy

2 what saves an account is a good money management system but only for a short term

3 what grows and saves an account in the longest term is a good strategy & 1 otm stop trading law

4 stick with the law of 1 good strategy…spot & hunt only this chart pattern > n < be sure to thank me later.

Thank you and Goodnight ! :weary:

Hello sir.
This seems very good system do you have mores detail to helps beginner

Talk about your strategy and tell us how / when / why to open a position. Again, you just draw a horseshoe on the chart which I really don’t understand. All I can see that there’s an invisible trendline, easy to spot.

notice my entry time it’s always the same angle, Always Enter before the the right part of the > n < completes it’s circle…

am sure the brilliant traders can easily replicate this

however amma illuminate this chart pattern with the perfect word’s sonner

That’s not an invisible trendline,

that’s Actually my entry price the horizontal red line, price print or action is my only indicator…indeed easy to spot.

What expiry times do you use?

Strategy shared here

1M gunner, gun the 59th second, if I miss the 59th second I simply be patient for another > n < to plot

I’d rather lookout for my very Best 4 > n < in a Day, Relying on the Power of Accuracy to Win, than be opening 10 - 20 trades a day relying on silly Martingale…

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So today am gonna be sharing Deepest Revelation of why 98% of traders fail.

Now remember the Angel came upon Jacob in his vision & described unto him the strategy he must be applying for him to succeed in his Heards Business.

The truth is the secret to succeed in trading, is eclipsed from this world cos the peoples of this world yet run duality Program in their consciousness, which is the belief in 2 powers which has no Cosmic Law to maintain & Sustain it’s Existence…

So duality must always fail…thus any trader running this Program in their consciousness is held by this deep hypnotic spell of the sinister force which believes in resistance & struggle then doubt then guilt, Thats why you win today but can’t tomorrow that is why replicating success in trading seems a mountain of burdens, simple because this duality consciousness operating the minds of traders maintains it’s existence in their feeling body & what a war because it’s in the feeling body you make Real all your mind conceives… so long it’s existence is sustained in your feelings, by constant fear & judgement, then your victory in trading cant be maintained consistently can’t be sustained continually.

You know this trading Game is simple you know you could be Greater but what appears in the mirror of yourself this seeming power of duality easily succumbs you to believe in its deceit & fear & as soon as you succumb to it, you instantly give it the Reigns and Directions of your Beautiful life to control you. So you definitely gonna be making mistakes in trading,

As a creator Being i know am endowed with the powers of Nature & d forces of d Elements…i know I Am worthy to Receive all the Fathers Love…i know all things…& answers can be giving me, & in there, there are different kinds of Treasures & if you know where to dig you will find Gold & Diamond & all kinds of Treasures,

but if you don’t know where to dig all you will find is Rocks & Dirts>>>> HE will show you where to dig & what to dig for but the digging you must do yourself…the digging you must do yourself.

& you entered the realm of the Electron you sure part of this 2%. peace

I have never entered the realm of the electron, but I did watch Tron once. Does that make me part of the 2%?

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This Reminds me, science fiction is awesome cool, but sincerely if any trader stretches their mind beyond science fiction into Spirituality, they will discover something Greater than themselves which is friendly in nature.

The only person with an edge in binary is the broker.
Anyone who says different is either lying or deluded.

IIf you approach trading from its own Dimensional reality from its own behavioral manifest, you’ll discover support & resistance are two prioritize ways price uses to communicate it’s experience.

In between resistance & support is my entry zone, the free space zone, & often the volatile zone.

Now the success key of my strategy is to identify an > n < starting a from its resistance level which has no support levels when comparing it to the left foot of the current plotting > n < in the horizon of time, there’s a free space ok

Thats the space price will drop easily or be magnetized by the current support zone of the left half of > n < ••Triggering Volatility•• cos there be no support blocks prior to the current left half of > n < to hinder it’s falling motion…