Petition to Remove ALL ICT Threads from babypips

I withdraw the idea.

Some people, like Simon Templar, seem to have a wart fetish, hahaha

I admit that I have become emotionally charged because of this period of disillusionment, and I am sure many have noticed my particularly offensive behaviour in the past month. I do apologize to everyone for that…

To be honest, I feel relieved that the ICT saga has finally closed. I openly admit my past faults and misplaced loyalties in the hopes that I can finally be distanced from the “ICT brand” and again get back to discussing trading in a civilized and respectful manner!

I swear to you that I was on the subway the other morning (Tuesday), and I thought, what would I do if I were Ake. The above is what I was thinking. I look forward to sharing trade ideas with you. I totally respect the persistence and hard work you’ve showed and I genuinely hope it keeps paying off.

Give it a couple weeks… We (people on forums) have extremely short memories. lol Glad your sticking around here even after all the drama Akea.

I would prefer they left the material on for those who want to read it, but closed all the comments and BP made a statement saying that all bashing and all pro comments were off the table as a discussion point as they do not add value. Welcome back Ake.

You bring more drama though.
and you pay no respect to your mentor at all…
there is a greek saying that says :[I] On the fall of an oak, every man gathers wood.[/I]
poor mike
[B]same sword they knight you, they gonna good-night you…[/B]

ICT has lost the majority of his credibility on this forum. The videos have been stripped of all the threads (and I doubt they will return now). The useful part of the threads has been gutted, and now just serve to perpetuate the ICT “brand”.

I’m just making the point that many have made already… although I think they are a bit too busy celebrating ICT’s departure at the moment. Maybe I will get their support tomorrow morning, after the hangover subsides, lol

I vote no. I think the sticky. What every new and or aspiring… Contains a lot of good info. Leave that delete the others.

He destroyed his own name. I will pay my respects by discussing the tools and concepts in a hostility-free environment. He has really broken all contact with anyone… hard to pay respects when you cannot contact the guy. Also he has stripped his video content, and IMO that is where the bulk of the utility came from. Why make newcomers learn his name, if his teachings are not even available to them???

Leave it all. There are lessons to be learned. Perhaps the next guru won’t reach so far.

Maybe you are right… but maybe you are biased lol

They are kind of like your trophies, are they not? :wink:

Actually, they tried that with TRO’s threads but side threads kept getting started because of them, so BP admin finally had to delete them all…which seemed to stop the recurring drama that came with them. It’s a shame to lose all that info & effort but what else can they do?

I agree,

Life is all about learning. You can learn something from anything and anyone, bad or good.

I say leave the threads but pile it into archives or something and put up a disclaimer of what happened.
It’s unfortunate that all his videos are gone. Looks like I came to the party to late, I could have learned something from his videos.

Is it worthy to discuss such a loser? I really don’t think so. I think it would be just waste of time. Why not discuss something more informative over here. instead of discussing someone’s past mistakes.

hello sir, I am very new to this forum. what is this itc that you’re talking about. where can I download it please share. thank you sir.


Well my own view is that for the very extended period that ICT was flavour of the month it was made pretty difficult to be any other than a fan on here. The rest of us had to put up with a lot of new members who plainly didn’t know what they were talking about piling to any discussion saying that the only way to trade is the ICT way, and that the rest of us are just plain wrong. That was then compounded by some of the more established members being downright unpleasant. PPF has been openly offensive in a number of his posts - personally given the duration and nastiness he displayed I have no idea how he has not been banned. Akeakamai, you were not as bad as PPF, and I give you great credit for apologising here, but you yourself have been happy to make consistently aggressive, immature, offensive, smug and downright unpleasant posts towards anyone deemed not in the Club. There were several others who seemed to have a complete personality bypass during this sad episode. I got on well with you two and several others before this exercise in mass-delusion - now we’re left with a divided, untrusting site with many apprehensive about posting.

Many good posters have left the site or massively cut back their posting because of this period. I for one basically won’t now post on generic threads, particularly those by newer members, as I was consistently shot down, suddenly. It is ironic to me that anyone offering simple, generic trading advice to a standalone question was shot down for trading the wrong way and not proving everything beyond doubt - which never used to be the way on here - when actually all ICT did was repackage generic advice, give an overall feel for the market through his videos - and then the majority of followers failed to profit. By the law of averages, some people employing that sort of stuff will have a certain number of winning trades , so what did he bring to the party? It became like King Rat on here, not nice. His monstrous ego was an horrific thing to have supported in here, made worse by some among his crew criticising others for having ego while giving ICT a pass.

What is the point of this post? When ICT was flavour of the month and so many loved him, this place was pretty unpleasant for anyone who was not an advocate. Now that he has been caught in his lie and exposed as not what many thought him to be, suddenly there risks being a move by his followers to have him expunged from the record, so they get a pass on their unpleasant behaviour. Just as the rest of us had months of having the site covered with monuments to our own ostracising by elements of this community, in my view it would be fitting for his supporters/former supporters to have their poor behaviour and judgment left on the site as a reminder to them that whichever trading approach we believe in, when it gets unpleasant and nasty a line has been crossed.

There are many relationships on here that will never be the same again. Let’s leave the stuff on here, warts and all, so everyone can really understand what really went on, and to prevent any future attempt at a whitewash. Quite apart from anything else, it might help should we get another false prophet in here.

Not looking to start a fight, I don’t feel in need of a debate - I tried that months ago and was shut down, the moment has passed - but as you asked a question, made a proposal, Akeakamai, I felt the need to speak up.


ST, thanks for the voice of reason - excellent post! :slight_smile:

I would also like to apologise to anyone I ever offended with my pro-ICT posts, because I am virtually certain there were a few of them.

I think the vast majority of people would find it difficult to disagree with the points made in ST’s post. And I don’t really have anything new to add to it. You may think I’m biased though because as you know I consider ST to be a friend of mine.

I would just like to echo the sentiment though that I believe the biggest damage was done to the “community” and to the few people on this site that genuinely do try to help people, but not in such a grand, Hollywood production manner.

I personally think the stuff should be left as-is. Not because I’d like to see the ruined remains in place so that generations to come would know “what took place here”, simply because I think well what’s the point?

If I were the mods, I’d probably unsticky the main thread because as you say, the content that may or may not have been any good is now gone anyway.

The quicker we all let the whole subject drop and get on with the trading the better.

In my opinion, the ICT threads should not be deleted. History is valuable, seems to repeat itself. :17:

For example, if folks had taken the time to research ICT’s earlier presence on the babypips web site they would’ve found his first thread broadcasting a clear warning of future events.

Memories are short and it is valuable to keep the history of his recent antics archived preventing any future ICT appearances and/or fires from rising.

everyone hates him, but yet there are threads continuously poppin up pertaining to ICT daily…

Thats funny a tad,

Kinda like that girlfriend you really dont like, but cant get her off your mind…