Please Share What Motivates You to Learn Forex

Trying to work on BTC these days, not an easy thing man.

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@Fin_Trader, please do share how you trading?

@CarlosWeis, and do you have it yet? what do you trade most of the time?

@Ethan.ishere, what make you choose crypto?

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I trade intraday, during the European and American trading sessions. It is at this time that you can see good price movements and there is an opportunity to make good money. My trading is indicator-free, based on support and resistance levels, horizontal and inclined levels and channels, as well as patterns and figures of technical analysis.

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As volatile and unpredictable as it is, in a long term point of view there is not a lot that comes close to being as profitable as BTC is, so I figured I can make some good money out of it, and so far, although it’s tough it has not been all bad. I don’t really “Trade” on it as much as I plan to invest in it.