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An example - you have heard of the Titanic - owned by the White Star Line.

Tomorrow 150 years ago a steel hulled ship, owned by White Star sailed from Europe to America with 1st/2nd class etc - like the Titanic mistakes were made and a tragedy occurred.

All women and children were lost (due to segregation location) - half the passengers were “hurried to eternity” (Canadian Govt).

You haven’t heard of the SS Atlantic "due in part to the White Star Line’s attempts to bury it. The company struck the ship from it’s public records" - UK Daily Mirror newspaper March 31st 2023.

Truth is the opposite of black/white, left/right, Dem/Rep, East/West - it just is.

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SS Atlantic (1870)

It is good that Govt seeks to reform justice -I’m not familiar with US - but here in NI reform was badly needed back some years.

That reform happened - with the help of some far seeing persons in UK Govt - those same reforms were the foundations on which peace was built.

My prayer for the US is the same - peace within communities.

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If sentence disparities exist, a reform is certainly necessary

This goes for all racial groups in America, well that is assume to be the idea of America

Ideological doctrine

You know the saddest thing - Capt James Williams decided to head for Canada because he thought they were running out of coal (for the 2 steam engines) - he didn’t know about the reserves.
To have power without knowledge is not good.

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That is very sad to hear.

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This law should have never been replace.

Biden could protect student-loan borrowers from being stuck with useless degrees and a lot of debt by bringing back a rule Trump ditched, progressive lawmakers say

When it comes to holding corporations accountable, student-loan borrowers entered the mix. The agenda called for Biden to crack down on predatory for-profit colleges, and doing so included reinstating and bolstering the gainful employment rule — an Obama-era regulation that cut off federal aid for schools that offer career and certificate programs that leave students with excessive student debt compared to their post-graduation earnings.

Former President Donald Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos repealed the rule in 2019, and lawmakers want Biden to reinstate it as soon as possible.

“The Department of Education should protect students by expediting and strengthening a reinstated Gainful Employment rule,” the lawmakers wrote in CPC’s agenda, adding that the department should also “inform applicants if they are applying to an institution on the low-value college list that risks leaving students with high debt and low earnings prior to administering financial aid.”


Good Monday morning everyone,

I just listen to another great essay from Academy of Ideas and thought I would share it

If you reject Carl Jung’s work then you are probably the person he is addressing

Freedom is to embrace your own Shadow

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Thanks for the Link @Dennis3450 - I guess this is why I am drawn so Sir John - as depicted in the works of the Bard. As an aspiration perhaps rather than a reality.

But how could Dr Jekyll embrace Hyde? and how could any practicing (or even non-practicing) "Christian “embrace” his or her own “Shadow” ?

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Jung was, I believe a Pupil of Freud - but Freud was a “counsellor” in today’s terms - whereas I think Jung was a more Philosophical or “academic” student of the psyche - in saying “Embrace the shadow” he seems to ignore the mechanism for doing so and more to the point the consequences of such action !

Not to detract too much from the clip you posted - and in particular the part saying "make a note of the actions of others which annoy you the most - and look to “projection” within your own mind "!

Peterson is a great admirer of Jung as I recall and I have watched many hours of his stuff in this respect - trouble is again - yes there is probably truth therein - but HOW to “Embrace” it ?"

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Here’s another thing I came across today - I’m sure we have all heard of this - but here is a deeper view with contemporary parallels !

[Link is green writing]

"What does the Mouse Utopia, behavioral sinks and humanity have in common? - YouTube

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As a practicing Christian, I would say in that case the “Shadow” is “Sin” We are all sinners and as Christians we confess our sins and try to live as sin free as we can.

On the Jekyll and Hyde front, I might point out what Marvel did with the hulk

Dr Bannon embraced his shadow and we got this, it makes me wonder is someone at Marvel might had once read Jung


An even better example the shadow was from the 1956 movie “Forbidden” planet, in this example Walter Pidgeon’s character denies his shadow and things go bad

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Big money to Dominion Voting. $800 million!

What do you guys think? Looks like the company was valued at $80 million in 2018. What a pay out.


According to the Fox News emails and texts, they knew they were spreading a lie, they were pleasing Trump and his supporters with emotional difficulties

Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch said under oath 2020 election was ‘not stolen,’ according to court filings

NEW YORK (AP) — Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said under oath that he believes the 2020 presidential election was free, fair and not stolen, according to court filings released Tuesday in a voting machine company’s defamation lawsuit over Fox News’ coverage of former President Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims.


Fox News’ Sean Hannity says he knew all along Trump lost the election

Fox News star Sean Hannity – one of former President Donald Trump’s strongest allies on the air and one of his closest advisers off it – admitted under oath that he never believed the lie that Trump was cheated of victory in the 2020 presidential election by a voting tech company.


You almost feel bad for the people who believe the lie, especially for the ones who stormed the capitol and went to prison based on a lie, but you shouldn’t.

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch - Matthew 15:14

So when will MSNBC, CNN and the other usual suspects pay for the lies they put out during Russagate.

I don’t see anything fair and balanced when it comes to holding all media accountable

For myself, I could not care less as I do not watch any of these corporate own anything for a buck media outlets

As Denzel Washington once said speaking to the media , " people who don’t watch the news are uninformed, and people who get their news from you are missed informed"

Happy Humpday Everyone

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For those of us living and working in the US, yesterday was tax day, the date that our government arbitrarily set as the day the enslaved working class must have filed their Income tax statement or face financial penalties including jail.

How nice would it be for members of Congress to also face financial penalties/jail for not meeting the deadline for finalizing the government’s budget?

It’s Humpday, so be happy :slight_smile:

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When they are sued by a company or person for lying on them

Fox news’ dirty laundry has been exposed enough already, too embarassing to continue.

Fox News Settles Dominion Case, Avoiding Public Airing of Network’s Dirty Laundry

Fox News has settled with Dominion Voting Systems, which sued the network for defamation after it repeatedly aired false claims about the voting-machine company rigging the 2020 presidential election. The settlement is a landmark moment in political media, with the primary news source for millions of Americans admitting it lied about the outcome of a presidential election.

Fox paid $787.5 million to skirt a public reckoning for its lies. The settlement means the network will avoid having to trot its highest-profile figures — from Rupert Murdoch to Tucker Carlson and beyond — in front of a jury to testify under oath about their coverage of the 2020 election, which the court has already determined was rife with false claims. The full terms of the settlement have not been made public, but the network will not have to apologize or even acknowledge on air that it was a font of misinformation during a crisis in democracy.


Not sure mate - I used to watch “The incredible hulk” on Tv and "the hulk used to come out when Banner got Angry - so in effect he called on the “dark side” for assistance when required - I think this is probably what the “jungian” side are calling for ! It is also a part of Jordan Peterson’s advice to - “be Dangerous” - as I see it.

Whereas in the Jekyll and Hyde scenario - “Hyde” is the “anti-character” to be avoided, rejected and pushed down deep into the subconscious - I think this interpretatation is more in line with the Christian ideal - is it not ?

So rather than denying the “Shadow” Jung and Peterson seem to be saying “embrace the Shadow” they are perhaps saying that we need to recognise our less than “Social” abilities and drives and to bring them out and reklease these abilities / tendencies when we are threatened rather than “Turning the other cheek” ? - Thanks for raising this point - something to consider - especially methinks on the “Hulk” issue - I do remember sometimes saying inwardly “Fetch the hulk” when watching the programme - and perhaps we too could consider what powers and abilities we may have ( and perhaps may be frightened of or feel they are not appropriate in our lives ? ) but perhaps should be cultivated and kept in reserve for times of need ?

Thinking back - there have been times when a more insistant stance would have been and occasionally Have been most appropriate for the situation.