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Thing is people who believe in conspiracy theories regard those who do not as missing out on the truth. If a non-believer challenges their belief then that very challenge becomes part of the conspiracy.

Take for example the flat earth theorists - won’t bother to link to their twitter. If you seek a pic of the underside you are not a ‘free thinker’ :slight_smile:

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This is really only applicable to your hardcore conspiracy theorists… the opened minded look at all the facts available and hopefully make better informed life choices… The rest believe everything they see on “lamestream media” or read on a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram post…

And since we are in a financially related forum… Perfect example is fiat currencies… most sheeple don’t have a clue about how money is generated or circulated… Go back say, 20 years ago and a large percentage of following video would have been classed by the masses as a conspiracy theory…

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain


I use that quote all the time too. :slight_smile:

There is just so much that the average person thinks he knows for sure but it just ain’t so. That is partly what makes discussing conspiracies so difficult. I’ve given up trying altogether.

Edit: Just watched the video. Very succinctly presented. The creator of the video recommends the same book, by G. Edward Griffin, that I suggest we all read in order to understand what money is. It really is a wonderful book and an amazing read.

The VP pick is in.

Who is Kamala Harris ?

She’s a “moderate pragmatist”!

Its annoying she is described as “black” in media reports of her appointment. Like Barack Obama (and Lewis Hamilton) she is mixed race. It would be equally wrong to describe Obama and Hamilton as “white”.

Don’t know much about her political views (I am not a US voter) but her foreign policy positions don’t look crazy. I distrust her allegiance with trade unions. I don’t like she is another lawyer chasing a position of power - just what the US does NOT need.

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Do you think the CIA saw one dime in reduction of their budget when they no longer had to deal with the USSR

Biden team picks for VP someone who was so unpopular in the primary that she ended here campaign 2 months before the Iowa caucus, and from a state that will be an uncontested win for Biden without Harris on the ballet. She also might be the most hated of all primary candidates by Democrat Progressives.

It just seems like the plan here is to lose the election and continue to fund the riots. I just don’t see how anyone wins with this strategy


I believe she is technically less black than Obama and she is also a states Prosecutor, responsible for sending 100’s of Blacks to jail, How is this going to sit with the " defund the Police" crowd

Father is Jamaican; mother is Indian.
She’s not black; she’s “a person of colour”!

The irony here is if the Democrats prevail the first " Black" President and Vice President will have no ancestry connection to African/American slaves


For no good reason at all, Biden’s handlers decided that they would not consider any qualified man to be V.P., nor would they consider any qualified white or Asian woman to be V.P.

They would only consider a black woman (“black” being broadly defined).

Putting such limitations on the V.P. selection is like saying:

We will not select a presidential candidate from the West, or the South, or the Upper Mid-West,
or the Northeast.

We will only consider a presidential candidate from Delaware.

Then you eliminate all the possible decent candidates, and you get somebody like Biden.


Without any knowledge whatsoever I would guess they had a budget cut for about 5 years after Soviet Russia collapsed but long since caught up with their Cold War level of funding.

I well know this, but reputable news sources call her “black”, which to most people means only Afro-Caribbean. It does not mean or include South Asian.

Impossible to know the real number spent by the CIA as they have many side sources for revenue, they are the Mafia of the US government , Then their are all the other US intelligence gathering agencies which there are no fewer then 16

There are no “reputable” news sources in the US

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A security commentator called Tim Shorrock is quoted in Wikipedia as saying -

“During the 1990s, as intelligence budgets contracted, hundreds of career DIA officers retired and left the intelligence community. When the DIA began hiring new people after 9/11…”

Pretty parallel to what I guessed. USSR collapses, security budget cut: terrorism threat increases, security budget increased.

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Yes - If you were thinking logically and rationally - that would seem to be the aim (I think I mentioned it about 2-3 weeks ago)

It seems the money garnered by BLM - goes into accounts which the “Dems” can access ! and there is little doubt that those rioters are of less than “Great Intelligence” - and probably harbour a great deal of resentment against anyone who successfully pursues the “American Dream” through hard work and competence.

Do you think “they” actually WANT to “Win” ? - the “Aim” of the Postmodernist neo-Marxists - says nothing of “Winning” - the sole aim seems to be to “Destroy Capitalism”, “Destroy the Family” and create a state of total chaos - out of which “they” childishly hope that some “better Socialist Utopia” will somehow magically emerge (with themselves in charge of ALL assets - of course !)

Taking the most charitable view - I still think “they” Want to lose the Election - on teh basis that President Trump can perhaps bring some order back in his next term - which they may hope will have the effect of frustrating the “Neo-marxist legions within” - who might just then go and form their own Party ! - or at least with another “Trump Term” - the GAME can continue for another few terms whereas - IF “They” were by some perverse means to win - WTF ? would they do by way of "Governing " ?

I think the World Desperately need Trump - not only to win - but to sort out “Acedemia” and “BIG TECH” before he retires (OR “Is retired” - Epstein fashion ! )

[Edit - the worrying thing from my point of view - is that This evening I’ve had a couple of “twinges” - When I look at the likes of Gates, Besos, Zuck, The World Banks et al and the way they ride roughshod over all our opinions views, Rights of speech and all the world Governments - I just wonder whether “they” might just have a point ? ! ]


These people are all technocrats and Technocracy is there ideology


Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.Wikipedia

Their goal would be a society like Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” , but the opposition they face is not from the right or Republicans ( they have won that battle) but from the far left of the Democrat party the so called “Progressives” which in truth are Soviet Union style communist who would have all living in George Orwell’s1984

in summary we are SCREWED


Well, since the Democrats have chosen such a poor presidential candidate and running mate, winning the election should be a walk in the park for donald, shouldn’t it.
So, no excuses come November.

Trump was the most likely winner until covid-19, and his amateur response to the pandemic may have lost him the election, but I still think him the favourite by a long mile.

Even if Biden wins, how long could he be in office? In which case Harris wins.