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If “Murky” had his way he would blame this on Trump too! :smiley:

No debates, no rationalization - just false accusations that we are to believe just because the great Markaria says so!

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Always sad to hear of a death - especially from Cancer - But she had a good run and supported women’s issues during a period when that stance was relevant

However - here is my guess for her replacement - during a period when that pendulum has swung too far ;

I don’t share your viewpoint on this one @Dennis3450 - “ignoring them” - just gives them a free “Pass-out” - No I think we need to challenge them and insist they PROVE each and every one of their nasty little allegations - we can see above how they significantly FAIL to do so - or even to respond in rational terms !

Yea I agree - it is unlikely that we shall “change their views” - but at the end of the day - we are NOT speaking to them - we are demonstrating the inability to back up their malicious allegations - to those who are casual observers - who may be looking to form an opinion !




Ha ha! Biden never fails to amuse! Just give him a mike and he’ll deliver the laughs - Tele-prompter or not. :grin:

C’mon @Dennis3450, stop pushing this. Yea, he said it, but you’re taking it completely out of context. No worry though. Here’s what Freeman is doing about racism in 2020, using his social media platform reach to let others share their stories about their own experiences with racism. Doesn’t sound like somebody interested in “not talking about it.”

I realise on a scale of 1 to 10 against US Politics… the Australian situation is say a -3… But…

We have a far left Victorian State Government that is currently trying to pass a bill into legislation that allows…

  1. The Government to give anyone it sees fit “Public Servant” (No Qualifications!) the power to Arrest!!!
  2. Enter private property (without warrant) and arrest for even suggesting on Social Media that you are INTENDING (Minority Report anyone…) to attend a peaceful lockdown protest!!!
  3. If you actually attend the Protest, Arrest and fine you $1600+ and hold you indefinitely!!!
  4. To be arrested and held indefinitely if they REASONABLY believe you may have come in contact with the Virus.
  5. They are to FORCE you to be tested if they reasonably believe you have been in contact or have the Virus…

Note: Reasonably in Australian Law is a substitute for “at their discretion…”

And many, many more draconian measures to ensure only the truly brave contest the Governments crushing night curfews and travel limitations enforced in the State of Victoria…

It’s absolutely unbelievable and it’s looking like Boris is very excited by developments here in Oz…

What happens when you let the Leftist Megalomaniacs off their leash… “Lie with Dogs, you get Fleas”


Hey @peterma, here’s your Queen of Virtue Signalling hard at it… What no Mask???

Apparently all “Leftist” Campaign pressers are void of COVID19 in NZ, while Joe Public is locked down and Mask wearing in Public is still Compulsory… Maybe she’s channeling Pelosi…anyone… anyone…

Rules for thee, but definitely not for me…” Just another sheep loving Leftist Megalomaniac

Oh, and BTW, I always attempt to follow up accusations with the facts… Here’s the link to the Story


Lol - I see NZ have lifted their restrictions - maybe the virus doesn’t much like the ‘leftist’ policies and decided to vamoose. :slight_smile:

How is she getting on in the polls - 'member you figured she is in for a trouncing?

“Labour held its campaign launch just before the community cluster emerged, meaning it had a full-scale audience in the Auckland Town Hall…”

Lifted restrictions? Of course she has… it’s election time… won’t get numbers at your campaign tour if they are all locked up… time to polish the t$%d…

Lets see how she goes… bit like the Democrats… Believe they have it already in the bag… :rofl: :rofl:


Hmmm… the opposition parties wanted the election postponed even further - they must have guessed the numbers wrong - 61 current cases - zero in hospital - hope it stays well for them.
How are things going in Melbourne - over here we are not getting on top - but we will eventually.

COVID wise 11-20 new cases a day, 3-7 deaths per day… So, good when compared to the rest of the world. Like NZ we have been saved by our distance and isolation from the world at large…

We are still locked down tighter than a drum which has decimated Melbourne’s economy… They are estimating on the Sept 28th when Government business assistance ends, around 60% of small businesses will file for bankruptcy… The huge Westfield Shopping Centre near me is empty… a ghost town… Shops and signage gone, mannequins laying all over the place… The roads are empty of traffic… even public transport drivers are saying it’s like driving at midnight… I’m afraid we have had it for a long, long time…

And the Victorian Government is trying to bring in legislation, the likes never seen on this continent…

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Stop trying to redifine perfecty adequate words in the English Language -

A fit and proper definition is as follows ;

Racism is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race or colour !

In this the proper definition - Prejudices against white people which is completely evident in all the BLM activities and in the books which are being stuffed down our children’s throats ARE completely Racist !

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Hell - that equates to 30% mortality - if the “New cases” is similar to what it was a few weeks ago ! - Something is wrong with those figures - OR with the way the “deaths” due to the Chinese Bat-Flu are defined !


Depends what you mean by getting on top…

Until a vaccine or cure is developed, I think we’re condemned to see the most vulnerable groups in society self-shielding and suffering a raised mortality rate for the rest of their lives. This will be largely invisible except to these groups and their families/friends, in just the same way that AIDS dropped from view following the initial shock and public health campaigns.

Politically, I give Boris Johnson until December to have regained (gained?) the appearance of being in control. Government covid restrictions on Christmas activities will be widely ignored and his credibility will be shot. In which case, expect the Conservative MP’s to start manoeuvring towards getting him to resign early in the new year.

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Sorry @Falstaff, I’ll corroborate, overall we have 908 active cases in Victoria of which 3-7 per day are dying (all in aged care, all over 70, most with existing health issues). between 11 - 30 new cases each day… with a 14 day average of 32 new cases per day… Hardly large numbers… When compared to the rest of the world.

Australia wide (Pop 26mil)… only 100 recovering in Hospital with 11 in ICU and 5 on Ventilators…

More of the elderly are dying from undiagnosed cancers, heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory failures even suicides, yet we are still in a stage 4 lockdown… it’s insane…


What is happening in the land down under should be a lesson to Americans of what life will be like if we give up our gun rights, Stand tall America or you will be on your knees like the left and most of Australia


and where is the “C’mon” I told you what he said and you agreed he said it, Now how Mr. Freeman follows through on his own words is on him,

From what I know of Mr. Freeman he will use his platform as a means to bridge any racial divide with a goal of bringing people together, something I fully support

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I suppose he had some time to do that since he gave the interview in 2005 :slight_smile:

and the guy still looks the same, he never ages

Aha - there’s a secret - know that song - don’t you worry 'bout a thing, cos every little thing is going to be alright.

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