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Capitol Police firings imminent after ‘attempted coup,’ top appropriator warns

You people realise that Trump will be gone in less then two weeks and it’ll take a good, what, three weeks for an Article 25? And probably a month for an impeachment…:rolleyes:

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Proud Boys and neo-Nazis: Who are the protesters who stormed the US Capitol?

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Your so-called pedo is one of your own Qanon muppets! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Jake Angeli , born Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansely (1988), known as the QAnon shaman , is a conspiracy theorist activist, known for his social media following and for attending Climate Change rallies, mostly in Phoenix, Arizona, supporting U.S. President Donald Trump

I guess we now know the sort of company you keep


those people are sick minded and should be charge with treason

I’ve been saying that for years ! :wink:

But it keeps on - and on -and on !

Clearly it’s viewed as a “Safe” commodity - like Gold and Silver - just at the moment but with the added temptation of spectacular rises being hyped.

The thing is tho’ with “interest rates” pretty certain to stay at zero - for the foreseeable future and the dollar plus all other currencies being pumped up to make believe levels,

AND Stock markets seeming to pretend that “Times are good” - what on earth are youngsters who can’t access “Real-estate” supposed to do with their money ?

Keep it in some bank ? and await Inflation to decimate it or centimate it ?

Maybe the kids are already expecting Student Debt to be written off at Our expense and instead of repaying it pumping the money into Cryptos ?

Dunno - We’ll have to wait for those who have been dancing around the fires for teh last 4 years chanting “Burn the Witch” - to explain to us how and why any form of Economic survival for the US as a whole and individuals within it in particular is even possible ! :slightly_smiling_face:


What EXACTLY - Are YOU Implying and about Whom exactly ?

You can roll your ears now to match your eyes, but the 25th Amendment and or Impeachment are now in train. Thankfully, there are still enough sane people on Capitol Hill to realise that Trump was and is mentally unstable and will take steps to get him away from the nuclear codes ASAP.

:rollears: Did that come through?

and while you were typing this Bitcoin topped 40K

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Madness ! - :rofl: :rofl: - You must be quite wealthy now @Dennis3450 - When will you be thinking about cashing them in ? :sunglasses:

So now we have the fake news media calling yesterdays event an " attempted coup" what a ridiculous statement but clearly there are a lot of low information people out there including on this thread who will believe everything the media prints.

What is not surprising is Democrats calling for firing of Capital police, these are the same Democrats that called for the police to stand down during the riots of 7 months ago, I guess it is fine by Democrats that small businesses are looted and set on fire, but when the rioters come knocklng on their office door they seem to have a very different outlook

If I had but half the money into Bitcoin that I have had sitting in gold the last 5 years I would be extremely wealthy, as it is now I am looking to supplement my retirement, 300K Bitcoin will make for a very nice retirement

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So what do you call it? What kind of stuff are you taking? It’s working anyway…lol

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I would call it a Political Protest that got out of hand and went too far, there was no attempt to take over the government.

In the future if you really want to know what or why I think what I do and expect an answer then try being a bit more respectful in the wording of your question and I will do the same for you.

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Stop worrying Dennis. I know what you think and why you think the way you do is of no concern to me and even if you told me why you think the way you think I would still think that you are incapable of ‘thinking’ properly. Anybody watching a bunch of angry thugs smashing the windows of the US parliament at the behest of lunatics like Trump and Giuliani and calling it a Political Protest that got out of hand does not deserve my attention.
So Dennis I will say bye bye and hope you find peace.