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It began with an open statement Blackduck made and which I replied to, not that that matters anyway. Its an open forum and anyone can join in conversations or leave as and when they please.

I have no intention on defending any corruption. Just because you see the way successive governments in many nations measure inflation as corrupt does not make it so.

As a US citizen I am only calling out the corruption of my own government and have stated the evidence that drew me to that conclusion, Were you in this conversation from the beginning, I stand corrected.

You said you wanted to start a new conversation I was hoping that was going to be in this post , I eagerly await

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Do we have anyone here from India, I would like to get first-hand information on what is really going on with this protest

Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 12.32.33 PM

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Canadian lawmakers have voted to label the Proud Boys as a terrorist group

Anybody using the lower case as the first letter in ANYBODY’S name is displaying ignorance and intolerance befitting the lowest of the low.
When this is repeated over and over when printing the names of Presidents Obama and Biden one would have to question the sanity of this scribe.
In other words…a really sad person.

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Justice Department to End Federal Contracts With Private Prisons

biden sure has it in for Canada, another job-killing exec order

We all know this is just a bone he is throwing to the greens, the sad thing killing this pipeline is actually bad for the environment as pipelines are by far the most environmentally friendly means of moving oil across the land. That oil is not just going to sit there, it will get to market just now in a very carbon costly way with a much higher possibility of a spill


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Pot calling kettle black me thinks.



Tractor protest in New Delhi, do you think the Indian government will label these people terrorist

we are seeing this all around the world, people are fed up and once the left and right join forces things could get pretty ugly

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re: Inflation

Both Dennis and I have come up with alternative “measures” which are less able to be “politically influenced” - His is more appropro=iate for the shorter term, mine I think for the longer term.

Speak for yourself

Only if you are taking an entrenched position so beloved of the Postmodernist whereby your next statement

I’m not quite sure why uou think that is relevant ? - Everyone participating has their “opinion” (ish) but most of us are trying- by discussion and example to ;
a) - work out for themselves how and where the “opinons of others” may have some validity and modify their own “Opinions” to incorporate the new knowledge gleaned in this interchange into their view of the world and therefore their own lives, trading and future actions with regard to their own prosperity.
b) - Each of us will defend our own view to the best of our ability, whilst at the same time modifying our view as we find cionvincing Arguments coming towards us from other participants.
c) - Each of us will find whatever inadequacies and weaknesses we are able within the views of the others which we are asked to accept as BETTER VIEWS than our own and will as I said Modify our views to incorporate the best of the others.

I go to some lecgth on this process - because it is the foundation of teh Education and thought processes we have been brought up with and nurtured throughout our lives and historically in the best of civilisations.

This process is what we generally refer to as "Critical thinking" of which you may have heard.

Your statement seems to encapsulate the Postmodernist viiew - ie
“My opinion is equally valid as yours - so we just have different worlds”

In the Physical world - tis view is simply Wrong !

Therefore there is no reason at all to take the view that it could be true in the world of ideas and information. Inflation however falls squarely into the “Real World” example and your “We have different opinions” simply is a statement of a starting point - NOT of a reason to abandon the investigation. You may of course stick your fingers in your ears and chant

"Neh Neh ne Neh Ne "

As much as you like - and you may leave the investigation if you wish.

That however does not make your “opinion” valid !

It certainly is no reason whatever for the rest of us to abandon the question as you insist.

And your conclusion ;

Is simply infantile - Why the hell would we wish to “discuss” Anything we already "Agree on " ?


We know that it’s well nigh impossible for some people to understand what normal is as their tiny brains are incapable of allowing normality to prevail.
They would much prefer turmoil and hatred to profit and infect the feeble minds of those less fortunate and uneducated.
Sadly we have a number of such diseased people here including one who professes to be the guru of gurus on currency matters and like Trump has quite a following of zombies who know no better. This lad has been advocating the zombies to buy Bitcoin recently, I kid you not. This guy thinks he’s being very clever by continuing to use the lower case letter B in the first name of the President of the USA. How sick is that?

I know this will fall on deaf ears but I exhort the followers of THE BIG LIE to read the thoughts of Paul Klugman the Nobel Prize winning economist and then see what Republican Jeff Flake has to say about your hero.

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I’ve listened to his vile hatred of Trump and he is everything that you just narrated in your last post.

Just because someone does not like someone else doesn’t automatically say that that person is a bad person. People dislike other people for many reasons but mostly because of differing views and ideas.

What I have found on this thread is that a number of people participating have fixed ideas and opinions without ever exploring the other side of the fence. I said in previous posts that if you don’t know the other side of the story you are doomed to be blissfully ignorant.

Why don’t you try to read about Trump?? There are a number of good books explaining his life. Once you read about him you will see that while he is a complicated and very competitive person he is also a very genuine person and a very smart business person.




Firstly it was missed letter from a word - then it was a typo in another poster’s submission - Now our resident “gramma police” sees fit to take umbrage at trying to belittle another poster for failing too use a higher case letter :rofl:

I’ve said to him before - This is NOT an English Gramma class - who the F*** cares ?

Hyperbole is one thing :rofl:

Clearly a man of tolerance and compassion, whose logical and measured thought patterns should be an example to us all :slightly_smiling_face:

IF in fact he EVER goes on to say anything :sunglasses:


Such a measured and tolerant approach to life - Hopefully one of these days he WIll actually say something !

Instead of just spouting this aggressive and inflamatory vomit ! :slightly_smiling_face:

We wait with ‘bated breath’ For thine words of wisdom and unity ! - Oh great one of such clearly superior knowledge and wisdom ! :joy:


Back in October, I posted the following

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 6.21.25 PM

I am a man of my word and that is what I am doing with limits as I will never stoop to the vile level that we saw and continue to see thrown at former President Trump.

And if you don’t like it (6th letter Capitalized) OFF

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What do Bernie Sanders and Justin Trudeau have in common, NO BALLS!!!

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 6.53.59 PM

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This woman reminds me of a few of the brain dead soles we have posting on this thread

total retard

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Take a look at this thread folks ! - can we do a "BBP Version " ? :wink:

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That is the problem with today’s world. Everybody thinks that they can tell you what to do.




re; Inflation


M1 Money Stock - (Nothing to do wiith the price of milk ! ) -

Shall we say 2% then ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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