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It’s the Political Opinion thread, Stan – your’re allowed to sound partisan :rofl:

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Oh, you know me, Clint. I most of the time do. That was a rare occasion…

Whats wrong with our politicians?
If it isnt Bidens inappropriate behaviour its Trump giving his own daughter tongue.
A sad world

Joe’s had inappropriate behaviour?



That’s hilarious. That’ll teach 'em!

Biden and Sanders are going to “debate” tonight, one-on-one, in some obscure location in Washington, D.C. Nobody cares, so the big networks won’t even be televising it.

It will be on CNN, but nobody watches CNN, so that proves my point.

Tulsi Gabbard is still hanging in there, although I can’t figure out why — unless she’s running for vice president. Maybe they will actually let her speak tonight.

So far, Tulsi’s “campaign” has demonstrated that she’s much smarter than all the Democrat contenders who have already dropped out. She’s clearly smarter than either Biden or Sanders. And she really doesn’t belong in the Democrat party. But, how those sterling credentials are going to help her win the Democrat vice presidential nomination — I haven’t figured out.

The cartoonists have been busy, so let’s regale ourselves with some of their work —

cartoon - Bernie - 27

cartoon - Bernie - 25

cartoon - Bernie - 30

cartoon - Bernie - 29

cartoon - Bernie - 28

cartoon - Biden - 25

And then there’s Schmuck Schumer, who recently opened his big mouth and stuck both feet in.

We know a threat, when we hear one, Schmucky, and so do Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanaugh, and Chief Justice Roberts.

So, go ahead, run your mouth, and lie about it, til you’re red in the face (as if we care what you say).

cartoon - 42


Someone mentioned that the same people that are criticising the Govt. in general, and Trump, of course, specifically, for bungling the Corona virus response, are the same people that want the government to run your healthcare.

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Where is the criticism of Congress and the news media for running a Fake impeachment trail at the very time the President and Congress should have been focused on responding to the Corona virus, we could have been a month ahead of this thing. Again Democrat controlled congress and the news media have proven to be enemy of the people

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Not for long - Methinks !

What a pratt!

You couldn’t make this stuff up ! :rofl:

Biden is like one of those robots at Disney, he will say what ever is programmed into him, his hard drive is from the early 90’s so it has very little storage space

Impeachment was December. The first case in the US was the last week of January. Trump was asked about it the day after the confirmation, on a televised interview.

“Are there worries about a pandemic at this point?”

The president responded: “No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

He’s been slowing playing the response since then, up until this last week, week and a half.

Hillary Echoes Chinese Gov’t Calling Trump ‘Racist’
for Calling COVID19 a 'Foreign Virus’

Hillary, you’re such a waste of space.

President Trump was being polite.

If President Trump wanted to be brutally honest, he would call this virus —


Here’s a Happy New Year greeting, just for you, Hillary


If I got a dollar every time a politician lied I’d be rich.
If I got a dollar every time Trump lied I’d be a billionaire 10x times over.

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You have to see this !

Remember Marvel Comics ?

well after murdering Doctor who - the SJWs have “reinvented their superheroes” - This is TRUE - comes out April 15th - I’m going to buy 3 or 4 'cos I’m sure it will become a collector’s item - “the issue that killed Marvel Comics” !

See here 2 of their new SUPERHEROS ;

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we should have an award for idiot politician of the week, and I would like to kick things off by nominating the Mayor of Baltimore


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So is it also racist to call the Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu

Also a bat is just a rat with wings

I don’t know who you are chump but you might want to get your facts straight, let me help you out

Dec 18th 2019 in a strictly partisan vote the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump for trying to expose the crimes of former VP Joe Biden

The leadership of the Democrat party then held the Articles of Impeachment for one full month before forwarding them to the Senate on January 16th 2020

The Senate after a 1-week trial acquitted the President (again in a strictly partisan vote) on Feb 5th, 2020

You will have to search hard to find any mention of Coronavirus in American media during this 3 week time period (January 16th - Feb 5th) as it was nothing but impeachment news coverage here in the US

January 16th to Feb 5th was a critical time in at the very least bringing the American public up to speed of what measure could be coming in the next month. We completely wasted that 3 weeks over a purely political impeachment that the Democrats all knew would end in acquittal

Cartoons to lighten the mood


Joe tries to bridge the gap

cartoon - Biden - 27


Poor, old Commie – what can we say about Bernie?

cartoon - Bernie - 31

The Wuhan Chinese Bat-Soup Virus

The cartoonists have been busy.
Some of their cartoons are funnier than others. Toilet paper is a popular theme.
Here they are, arranged from oldest to newest.

cartoon - virus - 9

cartoon - virus - 10

cartoon - virus - 11

cartoon - virus - 12

cartoon - virus - 13

cartoon - virus - 14

cartoon - virus - 15

cartoon - virus - 16

cartoon - virus - 17

cartoon - virus - 18

cartoon - virus - 19

cartoon - virus - 20

cartoon - virus - 21

cartoon - virus - 22

cartoon - virus - 23

cartoon - virus - 24

cartoon - virus - 25

cartoon - virus - 26

cartoon - virus - 27

cartoon - virus - 28

cartoon - virus - 29

cartoon - virus - 30

cartoon - virus - 31

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