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Great idea - One thread ? or a new thread every week ? - here in the UK we have a radio programme on Talk Radio called "Plank of the week"

Have a listen to the first few minutes - see if you can stop ! - I listen every week !


JEE-ZUSS - Remember this name people - Ban her from your countries !

I would suggest worse - but in honesty can’t possibly speak my thoughts out loud !

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And a little video from Ireland to lighten the mood:

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I tried twice, and failed twice, to access your video.

(Maybe it’s a quirk of my Epic Privacy Browser.)

I was able to view the video by going directly to Youtube and entering the video URL in the Search box.

Heres another for your list Dennis

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Hey chump, who is “we?” The public may have wasted their attention on watching impeachment news, yes, I agree. But the administration shouldn’t have been “distracted”. The administration is more than one guy. Unless you’re saying they can’t chew and walk at the same time. Get out of here with that. They knew as early as the first week of January about the virus. They have 1000s of people working in government who saw what was going on in China, over 20k+ cases at that point. Even the CDC had an emergency response team ready before Jan 16th. It was on the radar. The administration decided what they decided, either because they listen to fake news instead of the Intel coming from their own people, or they were worried about negative perception. Blaming the Democrats is cheap and a cop out.

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Yes we should not blame democrats as they never do anything except point fingers at everyone else. Sorry for your Trump Derangement Syndrome. Maybe after a vaccine is found for the Chinese virus they will find a cure for your condition, or maybe you will just have to suffer through another 4 years of President Trump.

But seriously, we need to stop all this political finger pointing and do what is right for the survival of the country, unfortunately I don’t see that happening

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People with no Jobs waiting in long lines for basic items only to find empty selves

there is a word for this " Socialism " and it has come to the US



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The most important story ( according to the news media) is not the thousand dead from the Coronavirus, no the top story is President Trump referring to the Coronavirus by its country of origin. Well here is a compilation of the same news media referring to the Coronavirus by its place of origin, is there any wonder we have such a low opinion of the news media

enjoy, it is funny

They have gone too far now, I had every intention of self-isolation on my boat in the middle of a large lake, but they have closed all the boat ramps, someone show me one case of someone getting coronavirus at a boat ramp, just one. But the government is perfectly fine with me getting up early in the morning, go to my local grocery store and join 100 other people fighting for the last roll of TP. This is nuts!

Personally I think the UK government is doing well.

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Take care, there are some bad boat-related diseases - boatulism is a nasty one.


Hmmm… the leader of that government stated on March 3rd: " I shook hands with everybody"

Then comes the news today that very same leader has tested positive.

It’s not the UK government that’s doing so well - it’s their chief medical officer.

Edit: image from sky news.


If only it were socialism, that would be an easier fix.
Unfortunately this mess is down to incompetence at the very top.
Trying to ignore the problem, hoping it would go away. Sheer incompetence.

It is quite sad that the Cultural Marxist Left is so using this international problem to try to score points at the expense of excellent leaders like President Trump and our own PM Boris - It’s perhaps time for some to grow up - Their actions are simply Alienatng us “Deplorable” “Ignorant” “Racists” who are ever more commonly waking up to their creeping stupidity !

Watch the Fools waving their arms about and shouting - because basically we’re ignoring their antics - and real people are concentrating on a REAL problem !

NOT their non-existent “Diversity” “Gendered” “Racial” “Climate” issues

[Edit - Thanks be to the great God Evolution that we in our “Stupidity” voted correctly at the last Elections ! ]

Anyone of you guys want to take that chloroquine or did the demon democrats create that hoax as well? I sometimes past this topic and just laugh out of sheer enjoyment it’s like reading an article on Breitbart. Please define an “excellent” leader if Trump and Boris is your definition of excellence then well not too much to say honestly.

You’re a lovely lad :heart_eyes:


The Majors shocking Fatalities per Cases percentages of the CCP Virus as of 29th March 2020
EUR - 7.96% (Average)
GBP - 5.96%
JPY - 3.24%
CHF - 1.93%
USD - 1.78%
CAD - 1.07%
AUS - 0.41%
NZD - 0.19%

I don’t think the UK is doing very well at all… Morbid, but factually accurate… real time data

Trouble with those figures @Trendswithbenefits is that there is only testing for people presenting with severe symptoms - so We Know that as far as Uk is concerned at any rate the percentage is overstated. What we don’t know is by How Much they are overstated.

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