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Cuomo is part of the dirty corrupt political establishment that the American people rejected in 2016

The real headline should be " US leads the world in the number of people tested for Coronavirus.

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Tried googling that but not much info

As a matter of fact, Handelsman has just what you’re looking for :rofl:

cartoon - campaign 2020 - 21


Here’s an article in Newsmax by Republican strategist D!ck Morris —

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Should be fun to see this play out.

Democrat establishment picks a man with advance dementia as their choice for president, and now some of that establishment want to replace dementia man with the Governor with more COVID19 deaths then any other state, including China. You just can’t make this stuff up

I often muse why we humans give respect to something that is evil.

John Wayne referred to cancer as a big c

The most recent virus gets the same respect - we all do it - it’s capitalized throughout the internet.

I have to keep reminding myself that what is the enemy of humankind deserves no respect.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Democrats having buyer remorse over Biden and now want to replace him with Governor Cuomo might be better off looking west for their Biden replacement


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How is Boris doing? Heard he was in the ICU.

So far so good - still in ICU but not on ventilator which is positive.

He is very much Positive Mental Attitude which is a help - also NHS very professional - as indeed all health care workers world wide.


Sanders Drops out ( told you so) Just for a laugh, I came across this cartoon

The Pandemic is part of a larger plan to turn the entire globe into a Totalitarian State. I’m 100% certain.

Globalists have united against their common enemy, YOU, and people who won’t easily give up their freedoms…oh wait, you just did. That was easy. We’ve seen 12% of what’s coming. There won’t be a U.S. election unless Trump and team can push back enough. But look at this enemy. Look what they’ve done. It’s on.

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Timeline of Governor Guomo response to CoronaVirus, and this is the guy some democrats want in place of Biden, God help us all

Google put a lot of time and effort in this year’s Easter doogle


Here’s a cartoon Google wouldn’t have the stones to post —

cartoon - Easter - 1


To misquote Crocodile Dundee - That’s not a cartoon - THIS is a cartoon !

Well worth watching the whole documentary actually - seriously disturbing !

BUT it does raise some important questions about where exactly we are going just now AND a deeper concern about what exactly the backlash is likely to be ?

I was a student in London during this era - and I actually had a copy of “Schoolkids OZ” - the one they let schoolkids write and which saw all the staff get jailed !

@Clint - try that one - from a different source

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Et tu pete?

There is no plan other than the stupidity of wild animal markets driven by greed.

Those sellers’ globe ends at the bottom of their street, they care zilch for for any person or any thing - money is their god.

Wake up and smell the coffee - figure how all of the coronaviruses have been created in the past 20 years.

Here’s one such market display in Indonesia this month - see not the rats to the left of the pic, nor the lizards to the right with their jaws tied - instead see hand that will reach out for the money in the background.

Image from UK Sunday Mirror newspaper today - horrifying - if the mods delete I will understand.


Why would the mods delete ?
The chinese (and probably others close by) do not anthropomorphise other creatures the way we do.
I have been horrified to hear of Frying fish - where the objective is to serve the customer with the fish fully cooked flesh but still breathing - Sargon of Akkad speaks of the Chinese - frying dogs alive and my OH has videos of dogs being boiled alive.

Horrific yes - but then we “civilised” Europeans - have the Dutch and French factory ships off the west coast of Scotland - even as we speak hoovering up millions of live fish every hour and gutting them whilst they are still alive - so where EXACTLY do you draw the line ?

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Falstaff, I guess you’ll have to make a gypsie copy of this video and post it here, if you want your pals in the colonies to see it.