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I suppose it might actually hep you feel better if you can picture the bad things that afflict the world as man’s dark evil at work, rather than either nature’s random uncaring accidents or the unfathomable apparent cruelties of an omnipotent divine being.

This is a virus and its frightening. Its not a conspiracy. However, we must ensure cynical politicians do not profit from this in terms of lasting exceptional powers.

And if this sounds like panic-mongering in these enlightened times, let’s realise that in the UK after WWII, rationing lasted until 1954, 9 years after the war had ended, while the government maintained control of the dairy industry into the 1990’s. Conscription into the armed forces did not end until 1960, 15 years after the war’s end.

so are you saying covid19 did not come from a bat sold in a wet market but maybe a lab, if so there is reason to entertain that possibility

Its not true that all coronaviruses have been created in the past 20 years.

Catching up with recent cartoons

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The Wuhan Bat-Soup Virus continues to make people crazy

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Meanwhile, Campaign 2020 plods along

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Completely correct - they go back over 3000 years, but then again not what I had posted :slight_smile:

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There are only 2 possibilities.

First that the virus ‘jumped’ from animal to human in that market or it’s close surrounds. This means that the original infected animal will not be solitary - there has to be more than one such animal since by nature a virus will continue to infect if unchecked and nobody has either identified or checked this virus in the animal kingdom.

Therefore in this case there remains the possibility of renewed ‘jumping’ from infected animals - The Chinese Govt say they have shut down the wet markets thus reducing this risk.

Possibility 2 is that the virus escaped from a lab - in such case there are no infected animals and eliminating the virus by a combination of immunity and vaccine will ensure it’s demise.

Strangely this second scenario is slightly more reassuring.

My own hunch is that both scenarios are the same, the leak from the lab finding a natural home in the market - just a hunch.

Another hunch is that the leak was reported to the local authorities who sat on it with a wait and see - when a local hospital doctor spotted a sars like virus and warned his colleagus in a group chat all the group were taken in and given written warnings about ‘spreading alarm’.

How come the local authorities knew so quickly? - that’s the wait and see - they were clearly monitoring for any mention of the word virus.

What happened the local authorities when the info reached Bejing - they were all sacked.

What happened the young doctor who was brave enough to show his warning letter on the internet - he died.

Just a hunch - likely the world will never know.

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My hunch comes from China’s claim of only 3500 deaths, that number can only mean one of two possibilities

  1. China is lying their asses off about the # of deaths, real number is over 100 thousand
  2. China has had experience with this virus in the past and knew how to contain it, which would suggest it had been studied or created in a lab prior to the outbreak

My apologies to Michael Ramirez,
for adding a “thought bubble” to his cartoon —

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No, thought they knew how to contain it , of course they had experience - the Doctor that I spoke of called it ‘sars’ .

Now it would be extremely remiss of other countries if they haven’t likewise studied - thing is this virus figures it has out-smarted all - up to us little folk to prove it wrong.

As for Chins’s numbers - well being a market participant you know how that stacks.

For the sake of our Colonial, Commonwealth and European friends - plus all in Asia Africa, South America - and any I haven’t mentioned.

Here in teh UK out Socialist opposition have just had a leadership battle and have Appointed Sir Keir Starmer as their leader. Normally we would have had a thread on this, but nobody seems to have thought is important enough to do so.

However - You may hear some of these names on your own version of the Socialist media at some point so here is a little pointer as to who they are :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love this from the comments section of this vid ;
"…When Bernie let those two BLM punks bully him off his own stage, that told me everything I needed to know. He carries a tube of vaseline on him…"

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the “No Refunds” had me laughing

A year ago I was telling the BernieBabies what fools they were and that Sanders was only in this race to come in second and a new house. You can imagine the names they called me. Well now that I have been proven 100% correct ( really it was no brainier) I do plan to rub their noses in it with a never-ending barrage of I told you so’s

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Aha - the bookies took notice, made Starmer favourite for PM next time around - but likely many members here have little interest.

Not so sure that the ‘socialist’ tag is exclusive to the opposition - have you not seen the last spend spend borrow borrow nationalize nationalize budget announced by the conservatives - and that was before covad impact.

Edit: just saw a little of the anti-labour video - still talking about brexit - I really thought that debate was done and dusted - the UK is long since out, the debate is over, why continue to rake over old embers - the fire is out :slight_smile:

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Elections offer a great chance to undertake some Arbitrage - if you can afford to leave your bets on long enough - you’ll get much better odds closer to the time. So what odds are they giving against Boris ?

Strangely Boris was well down the pecking order - they put the chancellor as no.2 - I kid you not.

Having said that the PM had not then gone thru what he did in the past week.

Nicholas Soames (for those non Uk the grandson of Churchill whom the current PM sacked during the brexit debacle) today said that Boris Johnson will be a changed man as a consequence of his experience of confrontation with death.

I completely agree - Boris exhorted the value of NHS in a video released when he was discharged from hospital - and you could see it was from his heart, he then went on to name many health care people by name - remarkable memory - then of course he chose 2 immigrant NHS workers as special, says they kept him alive when ‘it could have gone either way’.

So watch this space, this could be a very different PM up ahead.

One from Portugal, one from New Zealand - if memory serves.

I think we shall ALL be different People - coming out of this. I forecast a considerable RESET button will be pressed. - We are Already seeing huge questions being asked by European Sovereign states - about the relevance of the EU !

And I suspect All “Globalist” projects may be re-assessed, together hopefully with the Global Warming Agenda.

So where are you getting the betting odds from ?

Aye indeed, nothing unusual in that, remember Slovenia calling quits in 2015, then Greece, think maybe too Italy a few times - just the way it is.

The betting thing - I wont link as you will get inundated so just a quote:

Sir Keir is 3/1 at time of writing with Ladbrokes to be the Next Prime Minister, narrowly ahead of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, at 4/1.

Hmm… ok the least intrusive site that I can think of:


Edit: Like I said old news now since it’s 2 weeks old :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that link to that report @peterma - I thought you meant for teh next Election, but clearly not - they are talking about “After Boris” - which could be 15 or 2o years away - but the Conservatives mention have to get Elected to Conservative leader first - so each has 2 elections to win - not just one - that sounds more reasonable.

Although it was of course Before he announced his shadow cabinet :wink:

[Edit - so what the Bookies are actually saying is that - assuming SIR Starmer doesn’t do anything to get him ousted from Labour leader - they are offering 3-1 Against Labour winning another election for 15 -20 years !

an even money chance (ie Random) would give odds of c 4-5 allowing for comissions - so that is actually quite an indictment ]

[Edit 2 - damn - I forgot the snip ;


The long long odds on Labour getting elected are encouraging.

However, what you said earlier about everyone being changed after the virus emergency rings true with me too. People are going to come out of this in a kind of shock. More like those who went through the Blitz or active combat or a combat zone.

The NHS has always been dear to the British heart but after this and the NHS staff’s death toll it will be the most important national institution by a mile. The Conservatives have never tried to get rid of it but I wonder if people’s neuroses about another health scare might drive them towards Labour to guarantee the NHS.

Its also unavoidable that Johnson and Sunak have had to adopt many Leftist approaches to financing the national economy through the emergency, and this might simply play into Starmer’s hands.

Meantime, it is a Conservative Chancellor who’s going to be the big baddie who’s demanding we all tighten our belts for the next 3 years. Seems like we’ve heard that before fro a Conservative Chancellor after an emergency and look what the public did to him and his PM…

I only hope that the current disaster does not mutate into a disastrous legacy…

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Aye, it’s all a long way off and anything can happen - bit like long term trading imo, but then again there all these guys who say the only way to make money is the weekly charts :slight_smile:

You know it’s funny how we always focus on the king and seldom give a second glance to the round table (the cabinet)
Here’s a quick one - no resorting to google - remember John Smith - bookie’s favourite to be the next UK PM after he won the Labour leadership election.

That was 1992 - I distinctly remember the news in 1994 when I was stood in an office in Belfast.

That’s politics I suppose.

Edit: there was a guy at the round table with a title of ‘Shadow Home Secretary’ - he was in the shadows and few knew of him.