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Its a fact that there are differences between different English police forces as to how they enforce the same law. That’s because unlike NI and Scotland, we have separate small police forces. It seems England has historically not wanted a unified “national” police force.

I ain’t bothered either way but it seems to many people to smack too much of an apparatus of state control. Well, if that’s the way they want it they’ll just have to put up with the differences in opinion as to enforcement from the different chief constables.

Yeah, they are trying to sort those differences - doesn’t affect me but could my English friends:

Edit - the pdf is a result of consultation with CPS so is applicable to all of England - not sure whether this was published earlier but it’s there now I suppose.

Not speaking for Markaria - just my take.

At the end of ww11 just after Hitler’s death there was a race. Denmark was still occupied by the Nazis - but Stalin had his eye fixed on that prize - the allies had failed to agree with the Soviets re Denmark.

Almost too late the Allies saw their mistake, they sent a contingent of Canadian troops to Wismar to block off the Soviets.

Meantime the British and Americans dealt with the occupying Nazis to the West. Soon came the Soviets and demanded access - the Canadians bluffed that they had a larger outfit and the bully withdrew.

Those tiny crew of Canadians stood between an equally evil contingent of Nazis to their back and equally evil contingent to their front - tell us the difference.

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Joe Who?

cartoon - Biden - 30

cartoon - Biden - 31

cartoon - Biden - 33

cartoon - Biden - 32

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Honorary Irishman… in fairness he connected without the pint of Guinness :slight_smile:

Here in the US the Federal Reserve has been practicing MMT since 2008, but they will never call it that. Now the Fed is using MMT on steroids. I believe MMT is nothing but Snake Oil and there will be consequences to this seemingly endless money printing. Also one must ask if the US government can just print all the money they need then why are we required to pay taxes

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Most Vulnerable ;

Underlying Health Problems

All of these apply to “Free Speech” - so perhaps we need to be evenmore vigilant in protecting this Core Value of Western Democracy - Not only in Canada - where it is deeply threatened but also in All our countries - where there are continuous and major assuaults hourly - in the name of “Social Justice” among other things like “Climate Change” - We pperhaps need to exercise this supposed Freedom - so that we don’t SOON end up writing a Eulogy for this cherished “Privilage” - Fecemagazine, Yu Tub, Gargle, Tweeter etc are ALL assaulting it - with openly murderous intent and we need to exrcise it rather than just being compliant “for the sake of a quiet life”

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Attention: Progressives

(hello, Bernie-Bros)

Here’s the loser your Democrat Party wants you to support.

cartoon - Biden - 34

You should send a message to your Democrat Party. — Cast a protest vote.



Jo Biden is just far too old for such a responsible job (as well as being wrong).

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Surely he’s just a Front so they can sneak in a horror like Michele Obummer as Vice P before declaring him “medically unfit” ?

ANYHOW Here’s something to lighten your day ;

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Trump suggests injecting disinfectant to cure coronavirus
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Maybe he’d like to volunteer to trial it

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He didn’t literally say that.

Though I’m prepared to believe that’s only because he didn’t have time to think of it.

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From this video clip, he seems to think its a possibility.

Lord only knows where he gets these ideas from

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Some really stupid voters in the Bronx sent this twit to Washington to be their “congresswoman”.
What a joke she is!

Everything coming out of this woman’s mouth is libtard blather.

Regarding ending the coronavirus shutdown, and getting America back to work, here’s what she thinks.
See whether you can follow her twisted logic —

“When we talk about this idea of ‘reopening society’ you know, only in America does the President, when the President tweets about ‘liberation’, does he mean go back to work. When we, you know, have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot of people should just say ‘no’- we’re not going back to that. We’re not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table and not even feel any sort of semblance of security in our lives,” – AOC

So, the twit from the Bronx advocates just saying “no” to work.

Her recommendation:

Don’t work. – Just sit on your butt, and let someone else earn a living for you

The AOC Economic Model — Everything’s free in Ametica.


Just ordinary people doing their best to be good citizens?

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Would you say the same about the ordinary people of San Francisco who have voted for this Woman 17 times

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The capacity of that little gang of women - particularly the AOC to whom you refer - to come up with deranged “strategies” - caused me to look her up !

She typifies all that is wrong with the Education Establishments of Your Country, Mine and it appears the rest of the Free World as a whole.

She clearly has Zero knowledge of Economics - and a lot of what some would call Blarney and others would call just plain BS.

Yet here is what we find -

Ocasio-Cortez majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011.[8

She’s only got a freakin’ Degree in Economics ! - Yet she UNDERSTANDS Nothing about the subject ! - Ergo she has NO EXCUSE !

Which raises teh question - How the hell d id she pass the exams ? - “Affirmative Action” ? - (In whatever form :wink: )

Certainly by releasing THAT onto society - Somebody is just taking the P*iss

Yet another case of “Over-Educated and under-intelligent” - Boy is it time to shut down these public funded places of Globalist Indoctrination and production of useless parasites on Society !

Maybe that’s the only district where she could have got herself elected…?

Then again, voters can only vote for people who are candidates. If a voter dislikes all of the candidates, they don’t vote, so the least “dislikable” candidates should do quite well. Which is maybe how we’re condemned to end up with so many slippery lawyers in top political positions.

But seriously, many of us in the UK will have been perplexed in the past at the lack of differentiation between the two US political parties. Until recently, the socialist wing of the Democrats had been invisible from way over here. Are we being blinkered or unfair?


This made me laugh, not often you can say that about Joe Biden