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I really think there is a change right here - Johnson is the most positive mental attitude person I can think of (after myself of course :slight_smile:

I posted that when he went into ICU that attitude would stand in good stead - I know that from personal experience - you will see that the conservatives will become the party of the NHS, not only that they will no longer be the party of austerity.

One of the reasons that Sunak is where he is because his predecessor was old-hand conservative - this is the new politics that our grandchildren will read about.

Remember - coming from a Republican viewpoint :slight_smile:

Please define that ?

I’m not sure where that “viewpoint” lives ?

These two men are guilty of the two greatest frauds ever on the American public

Both took money from people who trusted them and in the end left us with nothing, and have shown no remorse for their deception


To illustrate changing attitudes - here in NI graffiti would often appear calling for support for one group or other or else down with such and such - very common and gets cleaned up pretty quickly.

Today was a first - even the cop wanted a pic before it gets cleaned:



"Globalists v the People - we have to win "

In his Daily Briefing on Tuesday, April 14,
President Trump dropped the hammer
on CNN reporter Brian Karem.

Newsbusters saw it as a body-slam –

Trump Body Slams ‘Loudmouth,’ ‘Showboat’ Brian Karem in Bizarre Briefing Exchange

Cartoonist Gary Varvel saw it as a right hook –

cartoon - 44


I hear what some are saying about we will never be the same after this, that we will be more caring and show more compassion for others, that we will prioritise those who we have relied on during these times.
I wish this were the case, but I believe our selfishness will come to the fore again and we will revert to old habits. Just look, even now, at the behaviour of some towards police trying to enforce lock down or the blaming of other individuals on this in public and on social media.
Teenagers, and older, will go back to idolising celebrities. Nurses, shop workers, refuse collectors, etc will be forgotten.


You clearly have never experienced the American Progressive Left, they have never been caring and shown no compassion and if anything they have just doubled down during this emergency


I don’t know @tommor - Money is going through a weird progression at the moment. - Interest Rates +/- 0% - So there is really no downside to debt !

@Trendswithbenefits and others forecast Interest Rates -ve shortly and I do not disagree - So if people are paying YOU money to borrow off them - Why would you try to maintain a credit balance ?

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) says that so long as you can borrow in your OWN currency - (hence the massive problems the"Southern Euro Countries" face) then debt can be ignored since you are in Sovereign control of it’s effect !

I don’t know mate - as I said - in fact I have some disturbance as to whether we can EVER get back to “Normalcy”


I can’t see either any advantage - or any need to try to get out of this by “Austerity” - in fact all I see from that route is decades of Depression and massive civil unrest - Massive Inflation ? - possible - but then we would need to raise Interest Rates which would render the Country Insolvent !

As I said mate - I don’t know

At the moment the only hope I can see is to chuck all teh Regulation we have been lumbered with over the last half cetury and reduce barriers to entry to such an extent that the Privete Sector, driven by the Profit Motive tows uskicking and screaming - into success by the sheer energy of Private Enterprise !

“Singapore on Thames” if you iike :smiley:

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What like these few that the youngsters nowadays refuse to wear a simple poppy for you mean ?

Listen to this if you feel you are going through “Hard tmes”

And then of course between 50 and 100 Million died at the same time of the American Flu !

On Thursday, April 16, on the Sean Hannity radio show, Sean asked Cuomo straight-out whether he would run for president. Cuomo answered that he is not interested in being president, or vice president, or holding any other office in the federal government. He said he will continue as Governor of New York.

Hannity then put together a mash-up of quotes from William Tecumseh Sherman and Lyndon Johnson, asking Cuomo whether he would make “the Sherman pledge” not to run, if nominated, and not to serve, if elected – and Cuomo said he would make that pledge.

So, (1) Cuomo is off the list of possible replacements for Biden, or (2) Cuomo is lying through his teeth.

Oh wait, those two possibilities are not mutually-exclusive.

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“Money is cheap” asserts the loan salesman (bank manager of the noughties)

I have heard that sales pitch from time to time over this past 40 years and indeed that pitch helped encourage many business owners and homeowners to avail of cheap loans.

There is one label that must be applied to all debt - This loan has to be repaid.

This guy gets an awful lot into 7 minutes - Love teh answer to Bill Gates tweet at the end !

The Word ENFORCEMENT - means FORCING submission "At the point of a gun " !

Here’s how it is being applied in the UK - Even though there is No Law to “Enforce” - Too much discretion is being taken by the Police in certain (Not All I emphasise) Areas

There is “no law to enforce”? So you say the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 are not a law?

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Not according to the Cambridge Dictionary. They describe it as;
"The process of making people obey a law or rule, or making a particular situation happen or be accepted. "

No mention of forcing submission or guns.

This isnt behaviour that is limited to Left or Right, the extremes of both sides are as bad as one another


The difference being - Precisely what ?

In the USA - where Police routinely carry guns - it will be at the point of a gun - If any dissent is encountered. Here in teh UK - that could happen - or you may just get “Tazered”! !

Police enforce the law, I’d say that 99% of the time the weapon used is an officer’s words.

I remember a retired officer saying he only drew his firearm once in his career - and he was shaking when he did so.

With the current emergency individual officers may not understand the intricacies of the law - the detail is vague to say the least, then again time is of the essence, a set of restrictions that would usually take months were drawn up in days.

As for the left and right, Markaria has it right, extremes are evil regardless of their label.

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That is something we hear “They’re both as bad as each other” - Usually it is untrue !
Furthermore it is lazy and shows a lack of thought

We can easily see that the neo-marxist left simply wish to have POWER - and because they by default do not really have a valid argung position - use every endeavour to shut up the reasonable utterances of anyone wishing to discuss or debate on the issues.

Show me what EXACTLY where and iin what way the “Behaviour of the extreme right” makes “Them” equally af fault ?