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Garret Graves’ words

A GOP congressman said Gaetz got ‘schooled by AOC’ when he ousted McCarthy: ‘I can’t believe he’s that stupid’

“Matt Gaetz just got schooled by AOC and others,” Graves said. “He was totally manipulated into doing this. There were eight so-called Republicans that got together with 208 Democrats to oust the Republican Speaker.”

As Graves noted, only a very small minority of Republican representatives — eight in total, including Gaetz — elected to vacate the speakership. And while it takes many more than eight votes to oust the speaker, the entire Democratic caucus voted in lock-step with the small group of GOP rebels, ultimately bringing together the simple majority vote needed to complete the task at hand.

Graves’ comments to reporters on Wednesday were not the first he’s made in recent days disparaging Gaetz. He’s also called the Florida congressman a “clown” who he said “would be a great dictator on a small island nation or something.”

A GOP congressman said Gaetz got 'schooled by AOC' when he ousted McCarthy: 'I can't believe he's that stupid'

I guess “be careful what you wish for” can be applied to both sides…?
Anxious, no, curious how this plays out.


Gaetz should never have tried to out McCarthy if he only had 7 other Republicans on his side, now his party is turning on him, and for the other side they might get a hard-nosed speaker who won’t back down. , I’m also curious on how this turns out.

A group of eight House Republicans joined with Democrats Tuesday in a historic vote to remove Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

Here are the House Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy

  • Andy Biggs of Arizona
  • Ken Buck of Colorado
  • Tim Burchett of Tennessee
  • Eli Crane of Arizona
  • Matt Gaetz of Florida
  • Bob Good of Virginia
  • Nancy Mace of South Carolina
  • Matt Rosendale of Montana

GOP members are in a state of turmoil and need to get their act together

Bill Clinton as president also took a hard line on illegal border crossing, even addressing it during a State of the Union and got applauds from both the R’s and D’s

But in this upside down world where one side must oppose everything the other side says, If the Republicans supported something as American as Motherhood and Apple pie, the dems would be opposed to it, wait, I think they already oppose Motherhood, can Apple pie be far behind

God help us

I think most of us in the US see the long wait to enter the country legally needs to change, but it is like the dems want to keep it as it is so they keep the illegals coming, it is crazy

I can play that game too, at least the Reps had the balls to see it through


Like I said before , chaos is good , let them fight

Don’t worry about the CHAOS that’s happening in the rearview mirror… Responsible and intelligent United States citizens will be looking further down the roadway…

This will be a good thing for the Republicans and the United States… @SmallPaul and his worshiped leafiest lunatics in the Democrats should have been careful what they wished for

McCarthy was soft… Now they’ll have to deal with Jim Jordan or even the outside chance of Trump…

The vengeful and vindictive bast@rds won’t know what hit them if either of these two take the chair…

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Always been a fan…


Biden to build more Mexico wall, says hands were tied…

US President Joe Biden on Thursday defended plans to extend the border wall with Mexico, saying he didn’t think such barriers worked but that he was bound by laws introduced under Donald Trump.

Democrat Biden pledged during his White House race with Trump in 2020 that he would abandon the Republican’s signature policy and would not build any more of the wall.


(Click on the pic for the full article News.com.au)

He said the cash was earmarked for the border wall by the US Congress under Trump in 2019, and that lawmakers had since rejected his appeals to reassign the funds.

Asked if he thought the border wall was effective, Biden replied simply: “No.”

What a Sh!tshow…. This Administration will go down as the most incompetent and economically damaging US Governments in History… You must be so proud to have voted them in…

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Dennis, you’re so funny.

No he’s not! He promised!


There is no doubt that Jim Jordan is the right person for the job.

Rep. Jim Jordan wants to be US House speaker. What to know about the native Ohioan

Native Ohioan and longtime politician Jim Jordan is running for one of the top jobs in Congress.

Donald Trump endorses Jim Jordan to succeed Kevin McCarthy as House speaker

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump is officially backing Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the pugnacious House Judiciary Committee chairman and longtime Trump defender, to succeed Kevin McCarthy as House speaker.

“Congressman Jim Jordan has been a STAR long before making his very successful journey to Washington, D.C., representing Ohio’s 4th Congressional District,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social site shortly after midnight Friday. “He will be a GREAT Speaker of the House, & has my Complete & Total Endorsement!”

If I may let’s switch gears for a minute to the US tax code, The IRS will tell you US tax rates start at 10% and max out at 37%, That is not true, the max tax rate is actually 40.7% paid by Social Security recipients in what is called the Social Security Tax Torpedo. This tax torpedo ( blue line on chart) kicks in at an income of just 16K and reaches the 40.7% tax rate at just 34K for a single filer, This is very much a tax on middle-income retirees that did the right thing in saving for their retirement

A simple explanation of how this works

You reach 34K of taxable income ( S.S.+income from IRA distributions)
You have an unexpected expense like a car repair,
You take an extra $1000 out of your IRA, which then triggers $850 of your S.S. to be taxed
This results in an extra tax of $407 dollars in taxes or 40.70%

And you wonder why I call our government “Enemy of the People” and " Destroyer of the middle class"

Here is the link if you want a better explanation

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Why am I second-guessing myself now…:wink:

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lol, I’m just saying he’s the best man for the job

Who is this and what happened to SmallPaul?

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Be careful, he is trying to bait you into going down the rabbit hole

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No, not true at all, just saying he’s the right man for the job based on my independent analysis of the situation

I saw him on an interview last night. He said they will NOT go through all the votes like they did last time. The Conference is going to meet and hash it all out and only go to a floor vote when they can do it in one vote. Further, he said, in conference, they will change the “one vote” to take down the speaker, like it is now. He said they will do that IN CONFERENCE because he doesn’t want the D’s to all vote NO, which they will, since it pertains to the R’s this time.

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