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Influence peddling

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He deserves all that is coming to him.

Thereā€™s a new normal. None of the polling data matters. Bidenā€™s likelihood of dropping out are as good as Trumpā€™s. Moving onā€¦

This was a clear cut case in my opinion. What is there to appeal?

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There was a post in this thread that made that saying famous

2016 election calling for Hillary to win with 99% confidence. That didnā€™t age well.

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@dudebro My bad, I forgotā€¦ Confirmation is required from the truly delusional for the terminally unhinged to understand just how bad things are really going for theā€¦ 38% of the moronic ā€¦

Heyā€¦ But ā€œNone of the polling data mattersā€ā€¦ Until it confirms your own delusional narrative,

it just gets worseā€¦ CNN poll finds just 32% of Americans say Biden deserves to be re-electedā€¦

And this week in the messed up States of Americaā€¦ Ricky Gervais Has a Perfect Response to Celebs Telling You How to Vote in Novemberā€¦

Gervais is a legendā€¦ He turned a mirror upon Hollywood and showed itā€™s ugliness, debauchery, pomposity and hypocrisy for what it wasā€¦ Donā€™t forget, Hollywood rolled out the ā€œCelebritiesā€ to sing ā€œImagineā€ during the COVID lockdownsā€¦ Lennon would have rolled in his graveā€¦

Ah yesā€¦ I look to celebrities for voting advice, my accountant for motorcycling advice, and my doctor for residential plumbing adviceā€¦ Itā€™s a well known fact that everybodyā€™s better at stuff that falls well outside the purview of their main professionā€¦

By telling the citizens of America how to voteā€¦ Arenā€™t these celebrities attempting to influence a presidential electionā€¦? Quickā€¦ Call Alvin Braggā€¦!!!

President Biden ā€˜freezesā€™ mid-dance in bizarre glitch at White House concertā€¦

During the event ahead of the national holiday next week, the Commander-in-Chief seemed to short-circuit as the rest of the crowd, including Vice President Kamala Harris moved to the musicā€¦

This is mortifying to watch on many levelsā€¦ Just imagine being an idiot who voted for himā€¦!

This is the Gaffe riddled leader of the free worldā€¦That has his a hand on the Buttonā€¦ Handed $175 Billion to the Ukraine to continue the bloodshedā€¦ A President that is openly destroying the US Economy from within by open borders and unchecked spendingā€¦

Gaffes are not very interestingā€¦ Because everyone makes themā€¦!!

I stand by this!

I donā€™t care whether Biden can dance or not. The destroying the country part is what bothers me!

But sure, Trump would totally win a dance off! :smiley:

@Xanaphlaxes Ahhhā€¦ Yesā€¦ Another poster in this thread that resorts to comical distraction when confronted with the rubbish he has postedā€¦ That post has nothing to do with dancingā€¦

And everything to do with this dementia weakened Presidentā€™s cogitative ability to keep the United States and the free world safeā€¦ What has a two bit YouTube channel with 400 subscribers got to do with real world politicsā€¦

The level of intellect from a select few in this forum is declining faster than Joe Biden himselfā€¦

The point is that the Presidentā€™s persona only matters so much. If we had a lineup of candidates with great policy, we would then have the luxury of picking the one that could carry himself the best.
Thatā€™s not the situation. We generally get two choices. And many people, along with our media, end up nitpicking Trumpā€™s personality to invalidate him.
What you are doing is the same thing. Even though you are attacking the other side, you are still attacking the person instead of the substance of his administration. This will lead to more of the same from the other side.
I am completely serious when I say that even a dementia President with a solid team behind him with policy that is helpful to the American people would be fine. We would get through it and policy would be the same. Yeah, Biden is not with us anymore. Attack the shell all you want, but the power behind the throne is the real problem.
Picture Newsome as President. Then, you would have very polished destruction of our country, much like in Canada. Your attacks are well meaning, but missing the point. I donā€™t think you will be very effective at convincing anyone on the other side of the aisle with your conversation.

@Xanaphlaxes You obviously havenā€™t read a great deal of my postsā€¦ I have been targeting this Administration as a whole for over 18 monthsā€¦ Itā€™s only from early 2024 where Bidenā€™s cognitive ability has declined so badly he is oblivious to what is happening around himā€¦

The United States could declare war on China, Iran or Russia and no one would take responsibility for the callā€¦ You only have to watch the border crisis in action to see complete unaccountability for this administrations failuresā€¦ One day Biden doesnā€™t have the executive power to order the Border closedā€¦ Then a few months later miraculously he doesā€¦

@Xanaphlaxes Solid team behind himā€¦ What like Harris, Blinken and Mayorkasā€¦ You have to be fā€™n jokingā€¦ This is a very dangerous situationā€¦ This is what drives the Deep State theories that circulate on social mediaā€¦ A shadow Government with a Puppet for a President where no one is accountableā€¦ No one is responsibleā€¦ No one knows whoā€™s really running the Republicā€¦

If you bothered to read back through this threadā€¦ There were those that have praised Biden for his policies and sharpness of mindā€¦ Who have only recently realised that at the White House there is nobody homeā€¦

The world is a very dangerous place at the momentā€¦ China/Taiwanā€¦ Israel/Iranā€¦ Russia/Ukraine and now possibly the US/Russia with weaponry recently deployed to Cubaā€¦

Primarily because of the weakness of the Oval Office and a lights on but nobody home Commander in Chiefā€¦ A few simpletons in this forum have no idea the consequences of an incapacitated US Government or real world eventsā€¦

Iā€™ll say it againā€¦ The level of intellect from a select few in this forum is declining faster than Joe Biden himselfā€¦

Clearly I was not praising Bidenā€™s team. I am saying that IF there were a competent team with good intentions behind the President, things could still run smoothly. The Republic can withstand an ill President. In the Biden Adminā€™s case, the teamā€™s interests are not aligned with the American peopleā€™s interests.

You are correct that Biden is impaired. Thatā€™s certainly bad! However, thatā€™s not the root cause of Biden policy. The Administration is enacting policy regardless of Bidenā€™s mental state. If the Democrats replace him with someone like Newsome, there will then be a young and articulate person driving our country into the ground. Thatā€™s not an improvement! And everyone will then be pointing to Trumpā€™s age.

I think it wiser to discuss the merits of policy. The country did better, American families did better under Trump than Biden. People of all walks of life flourish better under DeSantisā€™ leadership than under Newsomeā€™s. I might end up convincing a few more people on the center-left to vote for a better choice.

Or, everyone can continue to insult each other and fight in the streets while the country burns.


There shouldnā€™t be an issue, people are going to vote for a variety of reasons, be it for policy, mental decline, or whatever else they decide.

Policy is just one aspect, but there are a number of other factors voters consider before voting.

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Too little too lateā€¦ The Wolf is now at the doorā€¦ Watch this Administration squeal like Pigsā€¦


Ships that the Russian defense ministry describes as a ā€œstrike group,ā€ including a nuclear-powered submarine armed with modern ā€œCaliberā€ cruise missiles, that is headed to Cubaā€¦

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Biden has raked in Chinese money, not even counting business interests in Ukraine.


Biden quoted Mao several times on the campaign trail. This is not an accident.

And its not just Biden. Chinese money and ties run deep in the Democratic Party.

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You are right that itā€™s bad. Its not over yet!

Letā€™s all hope that voting is still enough.

As a 100% supporter of opening up investigations into both parties and their leaders and families

China Paid Trump Millions In Rent. Then He Left The White House

During the four years that Donald Trump occupied the White House, the state-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China paid him an estimated $7 million to rent space in Trump Tower. Despite the extraordinary circumstances of the dealā€”involving the government of China, the president of the United States, and millions of dollarsā€”the Trump family portrayed the agreement as a standard business transaction. Previously unreported documents call that characterization into question.

Lending records show that that the Chinese bank abandoned Trump Tower around the time Trump left the White House. The bankā€™s departure seemed to come suddenly, in the first half of 2021 and less than two years after the bank exercised what Eric Trump, the former presidentā€™s son, described as a five-year extension. Itā€™s hard to consider either of those developmentsā€”the lease extension or the sudden departureā€”without wondering whether China was trying to curry favor.

China Paid Trump Millions In Rent. Then He Left The White House

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Also good to know that Wuhan gain of research was funded by US tax dollars. Why are the USA and China working together to enhance pathogens?