Poll: How did you develop your trading strategy?

In our continuing series of polls, lets see how you all developed your trading strategy…

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Theres polls are great Tony!

I voted “I took one of the publicly available systems and use it with little modification”

It was one of the best ways for me learning what strategies worked and suited my style whilst learning the market/trading.

Oh gosh, I have to say that I’m still building and rebuilding. I’ve been trading live since February but my system now bears almost no resemblance to the one I was using then.

I think its just as much a creative process as it is a mechanical and scientific one. For me, my process is always the same: keep learning about the market (books, chart-reading, forums) until I get some sort of epiphany. Work backwards on that epiphany to see if it can help me better time my entry, exit, or trailing effectiveness. If it works, then the actual hard part is translating it into a rule that’s not too strict or loaded with variability. Oddly enough, the chase of that elusive new rule is what makes me excited about the market and not $$. It’s almost similar to finding an epic item in an mmo :stuck_out_tongue:

I took some ideas from forums but eventually I developed my own ideas, so far it’s working but I do try out systems from around here with another account that I don’t live from.

I am still working on it. :smiley:

I only started with forex a couple months ago. I am still in demo right now. I set my account to the same amount my real account is. Using too many methods I have lost a few hundred from my demo. So, until I can return it to its original balance, I will not trade live.

As for what I am using, right now I am using a combo of R Carter’s LWMA tunnel and bollinger bands using the knowledge I gained from Tymen’s thread. And I think this method suits my trading style and has resulted in some decent wins.

In the meantime, I continue to examine other methods for things which will help.

Bump… More stats needed :slight_smile: