Poll: Where are you at in your trading career?

This one is all about where you are at right now. Here, “live cash account” means anything over $1000 in size. Please be as honest as possible, your anonymous replies help paint an accurate picture of what our group is like and might be some indicator of what the trading community out there at large is like, as well. The more participants, the better!

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Interesting interrogation. I only start to study :slight_smile:

I am still new in Forex and start trading with demo account to learn the basics of Forex. I think Demo trading is very necessary for every new comer in Forex to get knowledge and experience and also test our own strategy how it works.

I am a newbie at forex.
I am reading up on the school, and still do not know how to use MT4.
I hope to trade demo soon.

Try FxPro MT4 [B][U][I]DEMO[/I][/U][/B] platform,
i find their myfxbook trade log quite useful too.
Set leverage as 1:50 .