Premji 30 pip scalper

Hello fellow traders, I have been trading the 4X markets for a few years and have blown many accounts, something im sure many of you can relate to. I Have found a very good method by combining a few indicators I have found along with some common Forex knowledge. I personally use this setup on all 5 minute charts and Sometimes 1 minute EUR/USD chart and I have done rather well lately ( actually banking some pips finally). The system is very simple and as i said its a combo of a few indicators I have found here and I have just combined them in a way that suits my trading style. Anyways thanks for looking, and I hope some of you can make some money using this simple method.

Step 1, Only take trades in the direction of Mega trend

Step 2 When ZZI14 is below100 indicated with the GREEN color, look for a strong bullish candle formation ( A candle that CLOSES above the OPEN price of the previous candle on a BUY trade. Of course The reverse is true for a Sell trade)

**ALSO, Please make sure the bullish candle formation closes above MEGA TREND for a stronger signal.

Step 3: Place a stop loss a few pips below the swing_zz dot.

I have indicated these entries in the chart below with vertical red lines

Note: Also take into strong consideration the current price in relation to the daily pivot. If the price is below the daily pivot, i prefer taking only sell trades. If the price is above the daily pivot, I prefer taking only buy trades.

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You don’t need to put this in more than one category…why did you do that?..and who is premji?.. :confused:

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I have an EA in Development, here is the file:

thanks. (17.3 KB)

I have been trading this system on a demo account manually and it works. I just tend to get in a little trouble at my other job when I’m trying to watch all the M1 and M5 charts to make it work. The EA shows some promise and I have recently put it on my demo account as well. First few trades have been positive. EA needs some miles put on it to make sure it is trading to the strategy and reliably.

Seemed like a sudden departure at TSD morimpre? Any idea why you were banned and the thread closed. Glad to see you opened it up here. Anyway, my note to the other moderator goes like this:

“Not sure why you banned morimpre and closed the thread. I was following it, not only for the EA, but for the development of the strategy too, and there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in it from others who were participating as well. Did you consider any of that before banning the guy???”

To be honest forex tsd is a really negative community as a whole, I stopped posting because I got sick of the same self proclaimed forex gurus constantly bashing people, and those who got bashed were usually the ones who contributed positively to the site by sharing their trading methods for free.

There’s one guy there, Igor I think his name is, goes on about how he’s a forex superstar and totally slates everyone, yet the moderators seem to allow this tool free run of the forum. People who have been sharing their EA’s and trading systems have actually left because of him.

I’ve only been on baby pips a few days but I really like what I see, there appears to be no trolling at all on this forum. It’s really great to see traders sharing ideas in a positive environment.

I really hope its different here, i have had great success with the trading system and look forward to developing a proper EA, and ill say this upfront, the EA will have security features enabled which means it will be difficult to copy (DLL) so I will need to generate keys for all those who are interested on this forum FREE OF CHARGE and those who help develop it and contribute.


Here is the latest EA, I will need to generate keys for all those who are interested FREE OF CHARGE, please send me you MT4 ACCOUNTS:

please put the indicators files in the experts>Indicators folder in MT4

please put the .dll file in the libraries folder.

thanks (143 KB)

I would appreciate all optimization results shared with forum members here as I think if we work together, we can all bank pips constantly. I will atach some profitable setups that i had over the past few months


TSD has really frustrated me lately. Several very good threads have gotten hijacked by a few individual self proclaimed guru’s or super exhaulted ruler moderators. Once some of these individuals got onto the thread I knew it was only a matter of time before the thread spun out of control the wrong direction or got shut down. Almost makes me think they are the ones scamming or skimming systems and ideas only to shut the orginal creators out. I really didn’t see justification for Mori’s thread being shut down but I’m done over there.

So just for fun, here are some set (txt files, rename them set) files to look at for Mori’s system. What I’m finding is that the bot takes good trades but seems to hold on to them through too many ups and downs for my liking for safety. I find myself closing out a trade manually at the next fractal opposit the trade or on a breach of the Mega Trend line.

Anyway, lets polish this hot little system up.



Can you tell me what the changes are in this verison compared to the last one that was posted/


Can’t send email to you for the key, don’t have the required 20 posts to be able to send an email. How can I get the key otherwise?


All, as Mori said in his post, since we can’t email back and forth inside or outside the forum, just post your MT4 demo account (no passwords) and he will generate a key for you. He can post it back to the forum because the key will only work on your account number. This way the system won’t end up for sale on Ebay.

Okay, thanks ejohnston5. Better yet, why is there an arbitrary requirement to have 20 posts before we can freely communicate via email with one another. I could unintelligibly blather on in 20 posts I suppose to arrive at that point. :slight_smile:

Hey… here’s one more post toward my 20! And I unintelligibly blathered on!

Yes, your can post you account numbers and I can generate keys for you no problem.


Great to see this EA continue from here. Way to go guys… Was sad to see the thread was closed by mod at tsd. :slight_smile:

Here is a profitable 5 minute set going back to Jan. 2008. Anybody have any good optimization results?

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I’m currently working on a 1 Minute strategy (set) for EUR/USD, looks good so far going back to June on the 1 min chart, i post the set file and graph as soon as it finishes the optimization.