Price Action Course - Nial Fuller

Anybody know if this guy’s stuff is any good. The more time I spend here, the more and more I hear about successful traders using PA trading or analysis. But nobody can point to a place to go to learn it, other than time and experience. I’m impatient. :grinning:

How about Nial Fuller? Thanks!

Hey @Thebeezneez

Heres the link to his trustpilot

Try this thread; Any one here buy Nial Fuller trading course?

Try his website:
His articles and strategy section is free and full of information.

Check out my beginner thread. I’ve mentioned price action books and threads.

Best of luck.

Learning trading strategies from his podcasts would do you no harm as he is quite an authority on them. He’s especially considered an expert on price action strategy.

Good ratings, but only 23 reviews. A bit low but thanks for showing me that!

Ton of videos with even more comments. I’ll be checking those out.

That’s good. That’s what I want to learn.