Providing trading signals for free

Hello everyone.
I’d like to first introduce myself.
My name is parsa yousefi.I haven’t been trading for a long time.I have started to learn forex since 6 month ago.but I did have an advantage.I started learning forex with my friends and we all helped each other thorugh this proccess.
Now after 6 month of struggling and working hard we reached to a consistent,profitable trading system with 95 % accuracy.We are so sure about our trading system that we don’t even place An SL for our positions.
and by creating this topic I wanted to share it with you.Iam not going to reveal our trading system but Iam gonna provide you signals daily.
Iam glad to hear your comments and Ideas.
stay tuned.

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Nice to know about you Parsa. We are very like minded. Can I see your signals? Do you have any website?

some trading signals are really good but difficult to found , any kinds of free signal , the result all about temporary, no way to get permanent solution from this.

Any proof?

R.I.P trading account.


ofcourse the people who provide you free and good signals,after a while they will charge you sth,because they are spending a lot of energy and putting a lot of knowledge.You can’t have your cake and eat it

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its a fine reply , right now there is nothing which is good as well free , so , we should keep mature thinking for all time.

I dont place an SL because most of the times our signals hit TP,but like any other trader out there we might sometimes make mistakes and the odds are not in our favor.
for such cases,we order close the position manually.

no trading signal there is which works for permanently, its a real fact.

you haven’t found the right one yet


You doing a great job of laying the groundwork and covering all the bases!!

Looking forward to the ride! Everybody Buckle up and cya!


Yea , Lets go… <3 :smiley:

the review about trading signal is average , some paid trading signal really good,

How do you measure the 95% accuracy figure you quote? 95% of what? How accurate is accurate?

I agree with you.
Because I myself have tested so many of them like thousand times and never worked until I reached to my own trading system.

Actually lets skip the part that how I measured the accuracy and got to that figure.
Let me give u an example.
for example 2 signals out of our 10 signals are incorrect and the rest hit the TP.
does it explain that figure ?

Well, that sounds good - but the 8 winners couldn’t very well hit the stop-loss as you don’t use one. But go ahead and post the signals…

Ye I dont place an SL because Iam sure about the signals.
but In case something goes wrong I announce to close the trade.
Btw check your message

How do we contact you ?

How do we contact you bro ?

Make that two (see posts above).


I gotta step away from this sh*t. Gullibility is now an epidemic as opposed to it being a mere disease some years ago.