Q5 XAUUSD Trading System

Hi All,

I have been running my trading strategy on XAUUSD for over six months which utilizes my own custom algorithms to determine market movement. I have been writing automated systems for over 10 years and now trade live with real money. I will post my weekly pip count for anyone who is interested and would like to get any information on best practice, money management strategies from traders who have traded XAUUSD to improve my trading education and profitability.

Short 2:30 17 May - Exited position 10:54 19 May pip gain 58.61
Long 2:35 21 May - Still in position current gain 17.74

I have added the screen dump for the above trades.

Long order closed
Short Order entered 10:31 22 May, see screen dump below.

Still on the same short order see below

BACKGOUND INFO: I have been running my new algorithms for the last 6 months on several instruments, but the focus for me is on gold, I love the high-volume movement. Although not 100% accurate my signal arrows are so far producing very good opportunities on a regular basis.

SHORT Order Close 160pip gain.

LONG Order entered 8:54 23 May Price 1963.42
Scaled out half lotsize Price 1970

Screen shot for above order

Still long from yesterday see screen shot below

Again still long see screen shot below

Nice gain still going on the Long from yesterday see screen shot below

Exit Long
Short Entered 10:18 24 May Price 1970. See screen shot below

Still Short 12:03 nice win see below

Still Short as at 8:09 see screen shot below



Interesting to see your results! :blush: I don’t really trade XAU but I’m sure I’ve seen a lot of traders here who have been interested. :blush: Good luuuck!

Hi Ria_Rose,

Thanks for following, I will try to keep the post updated as close to my trade times as possible.


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Good luuuuck! :blush: I hope you don’t feel pressured to update, though it would definitely be nice. :smiley:

I also run a fulltime business, so sometimes I am busy, but all good.

Not sure why I cannot edit my post so I will attempt to do it here

Still Short 1:00 26 May 30.87 gain from 8:00 on the 24th May

Long 1:54am 26 May Price 1949.52
Long closed 8:34 26 May Resistance level 3 Price

Still can’t upload latest screen dumps, will try again Monday morning.


Monday 28 May, unfortunately I still cannot upload my screen dumps so I will revert to text only for now until I can work out whats going on.

Last week 22nd May-26May Pip gain on XAUUSD = 70.93 which is $70.93 gain, so for each dollar gain we multiply by 100 to get the pip count. So, in this case we have a 793 pip gain.


Week Two Start 29 may 2023:
Still Short from last Friday evening, its now Tuesday and movement is finally back.
Currently 90 pip gain. closed 2:55 120 pip gain.

Entered Long 30 May 4:48 currently 170 pips up…

I am going on Holidays for 5 days so I will update this post when I return.

Happy trading.


Back early from holidays, too much rain.

This is the missing screen shot which shows the end on last week and the carry over to this week.

Still long from yesterday nice profit

Riding out the choppy market - staying long for now

Closed out the Long 150pips profit
Straight in with Short another 150 pips profit, see screen shot below