Question for Admin/Mods

I am sure there is some way I can Email or somthing but I dont see anywhere to PM anyone who can answer this. Please note, I am not posting names of the individual(s) who do this, as it was deleted last time with no explanation. (rather poor on your part but, I digress)

In the Forum rules stickied at the top of the page you claim there is no Advertising allowed in posts, also that no fail proof systems are allowed. If this is, or is not the case please elaborate in this thread since this is a public issue.

If it is indeed against the rules please tell me where/how to report them, its horrible, regardless of the rules but only punishable if it violates them.

Feel free to comment on this if your not a Mod+ but your posts wont answer the question with certainty, even if you are right I need to see it from a Babypips authority figure. Also no, this is not in regards to the forexmillionaire posts, obviously hes a moron, even my cat knows that! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure those posts deleted by Forex Ninja were deleted because they was off topic and the posters asked for the posts to be deleted. Do you have what you requested Muck? Any more questions, feel free to ask.

-Forex Forum Admin

Thanks for the reply, that covers part of it, thank you. The other question is as far as linking other sites that sell information on forex, such as a system they garentee to be “100% Win Rate!!” and those types of scams, also general links to places that sell informational packets for money. I know of a couple people here who link their sites in signatures that do the above.

To put it clearer, can members advertise on your site, if so what are the stipulations for doing so? If not, why are some doing so with no consequences and others get banned? As I said I wont call anyone out in public, the only reason I did in someones post was because the poster above mine encouraged the person to buy his item with nothing more then babypips school inside, if thats acceptable well I will save that for another post for I cant imagine this being accepted in this community, no matter how much oral the guy gives :slight_smile:

-Just reread your post, the only person asking for the posts to be deleted was the person advertising his website lol. The original poster was asking if he should spend 2 grand on a mentoring system and the majority said no, this guy referenced somthing in the post that he had a link to in his signature, went there and its a 100% system, also known as a scam, for a short time he will offer it for 97 dollars!


There is more to it. Read the rules of the forum further, it says, “2. No advertising. Duh! We make you pay for that However, if you have over 50 posts we will allow you to put your personal/business links up provided that it is relevant to the topic that is being discussed. All links deemed as advertising/spamming will be deleted.”

The member you were referring to above has a lot more than 50 posts. In contrast, I had a link that I posted to try and help a fellow trader. I was not advertising the site at all. I don’t work for any of these companies. It was deleted later because I have not made 50 posts. No hard feelings toward the moderators. I understand (after the fact) why they deleted it. Why should they give free advertising? They own the website. They need to make their money to keep the school free for the public. But, they kept the reference.

I love the internet and I love the country we live in. Free Speech and Capitalism. What a combination. If you don’t want the product that is being “advertised,” then don’t buy it. If you feel that what is being posted by everyone on is a scam, then don’t visit the website anymore. That’s the beauty of the internet. There are many other websites that offer the same items out there, you just need to put the time in to find it.

There is my two cents, spend it wisely.:slight_smile:



So let me break this down, I invest 20 minutes posting responses to crap and then its okay for me to try and scam this forums members? Thats basically what you’ve just said. Not to worry someone else will clear it up later, possibly tomarrow. I don’t mean to discredit your opinion but thats just backwards, the persons got alot of posts so he can link his website selling “Related” as in Forex, related crap he charges for. If you like, go look at his site and see exactly what hes trying to sell people on, and the manner in which hes doing it. You will see my complaint in less then 60 seconds of reading.

People go through the free school, head to the forums seeking more info, one asks a question then this guy comments hey my ********* is great, in his signature is a link to antoher website. Apon visiting this website he makes false claims of 100% sucess using his system. That person thinks well wow hes convincing, I’m in! Sign me up!

This is bull**** and shouldnt be permitted to disgrace such a great community.

“Just my 2 cents, spend it wisely” Hopefully not at Johns site :slight_smile:

Need to Chill and Relax, Man…

Your onslaught of John, is really uncalled for man, your really going overboard with it.

Look up the financial term “Hedging” if you don’t understand after that point, sure people will be glad to clue you in. Wikipedia = In finance, a hedge is an investment that is taken out specifically to reduce [U]or cancel out [/U]the risk in another investment. Its possible to hedge against a stop loss with another instrument, that has a guaranteed return like a lowsy bank C D for example. Which bust you back to even steven, if your trade went wrong. Might not be able to trade until the next week until the other one kicks in a % to get you back into a gain to work with. Not that your pulling the money from the C D but just saying the overall portfolio balance remains intact. Laymen’s terms that means your [U]“Portfolio”[/U] never took a single loss, EVER!!! Remember reading about being diversified, all eggs not being in one basket… ;o)

Your new man, what your trying to do is spread negativity about someone which in all honesty, his claims are true. [U]He even told you he wasn’t talking about huge %'s[/U] but you are on such a rampage against him right now, your brain isnt letting you reason with anything.

If you ever actually read any of John’s post, you will be able to tell he is very much into investing and not just into forex. Check out some of mine and his debates on Forex vs Equities. Most spammers will not go into depth of their knowledge of a subject, just quick hype and quick buck. There is nothing wrong with if you like someone’s point of view on alot of post. To possibly buy a book that has their life’s idea on the subject. Heck man he wasn’t even pushing the book, you was.

The more cash you have the more lucrative guaranteed %'s is available to you. which means you could possibly trade harder with a leveraged instrument to possibly cash out more to add to your other position that is guaranteed. Slow snowball but shows that it is possible man.

Comparing him to ForexMillionaire is kinda shallow. ForexMillionaire stepped into a beginners forum and straight up said there is no need to look at fundamental or technical indicators, basically saying he has the holy grail touch, and here is my results to back it up and here is my course for you to buy. And contradicting himself in a couple of post by saying he was nervous about losing his money doing this, but he didn’t care about that when he is pushing the book. Real lame in my eyes. that is what got him banned. John isn’t going to get banned cause it is possible to hedge, so it isnt a scam site, plus he wasn’t ever pushing the book.

I’ll use a quote from the Technology Industry… [U]give a man a little knowledge and watch the amount of damage he can wield.[/U] ;o)

Why not focus some of that negativity in every post that you have done lately towards John, and enjoy this place and try new concepts that other people have, that have already been where you are at. Babypips can be a cool place if you allow it to be.

If you finally can wrap your head around the concept of Hedging, I’ll ask you to go back and look at some of John’s responses to you as [U]you was basically saying he gives head to the admin[/U]. Maybe look and see months and months back before she asked about a trading course, he had that signature link already there, wasn’t like he added it trying to make a quick buck off her. I think he was rather professional in his responses to you, which I’m not. I’ll dish it back. But that is what makes the Internet great don’t you think, everyone from all walks in one place with like interest… To make money…

First off, I am not “Out to get” anyone. The post that brought me to his site was directly referencing his book which, is in his signature. Yes, the oral thing was low, I am not getting any responses from the mods aside from “Your post was deleted because it was off topic.” which is great, if only you regulated every off topic post. Perhaps you should spend some time viewing the only website linked in a signature on this site. I did and as you can see I am having some issues with its content.

Open up google, search for “Guide Rich Forex System” on the right side theres links, open one, then open John’s, compare. See the similiarities? Incase you don’t here take another look at this section, this is a direct link to his site.

A 100% Trading System

Read the entire Ad, then go back to and look at the top of the page, you will notice two cute lil monkies, read the text, click the link.

I am not out to “get” anyone, I am however trying to protect people. If you can indeed win 100% of your trades and this is common knowledge (available for $97.00, for a limited time!) why hasnt a similiar version been posted in the “Systems” section of this site? This should be all over the forums if its as easy as claimed in the link above. I must be missing somthing, or its false advertisement.

Sorry, but if you feel that you are responding to crap, then maybe you shouldn’t respond. No offense, but to me it sounds like you feel like you are wasting your time. I’m sure you have heard that time is money.

And mine to you…

I actually have looked at his site. I see what you are saying. Like I said earlier; if I don’t believe it, I don’t spend my hard earned money on it. Actually, I would spend the $60 on John’s book before I would spend the $2K on the snake oil get rich quick forex infomercials on TV. NOW THAT’S CRAP! (John, not that I am putting your book on the same level as the crapomercials, just making a point. :D)

I respect John’s opinions very highly. I see the contributions he has made to this community and feel that he has actually earned his keep 20 times over. He should be able to post a link for his book. It’s an accomplishment that should be noted. Unlike these people who just come onto the forum to sell their product and don’t contribute one thing.

There you go, I just gave you another two cents. Hope you invest it wisely this time.:slight_smile:



Not a very well invested 2 cents, read the post above your most recent, then follow the very simple, drawn out, easy to follow instructions. I don’t see why your last post was even submitted to be honest with you.


One last time, no sense in beating a dead horse… I’ve learned my lesson here.

Short and Sweet read up on what [U]Hedging[/U] means in the financial world.

Your not protecting anyone, man. I won’t allow you to blind me from the fact that Hedging has been around longer than you’ve had an interest in financial investing.

All honesty man, you’ve been negative the minute the gate was open, you first started bashing babypips for having get richs schemes ads on the website. I corrected you on that. Then few days later you jumped on the same theme but on John.

[U][B]There is nothing get rich about a claim to hold what you got[/B][/U], your misreading it and jumping to conclusions. Hedging can hold what you got, banks, fund managers of multibillion dollar funds do it all the time man. Hedging to hold what you got will never make your rich man. It only does one thing, offset the risk taking in one instrument with another

Muck in 12 post on Babypips how much content have you debated or discussed beyond making assumptions about a person and their life’s work?
John has contributed vast amount of information, as I scroll back through his previous post. Do you have too much pride to think you might have made a wrong assumption?

and hedging is well known muck… I haven’t went through all the systems of this site personally, but from the few I have seen. They don’t talk about hedging or even diversifying. Most already know or do that before Stepping up to the plate in Forex. Which maybe it should have its own thread. Its an important topic. But anyways, most are concern with finding systems to reduce losses on a trade on a pair while capturing the most gains on the pair. Not protecting themselves from a loss with another instrument.

The main focus is money management while in the position is the main discussions, hopefully that doesnt mean all eggs in one basket.

It’s alright to be in disagreement with someone, this is a hard game to be in. If you think the situation is bad in this and the other thread, you should read some of the crap me and tymen went at it on, in forex vs equities. Some real cheap shots that your oral comment doesn’t even compare with. ;o) Which only boiled down to not really hearing what the other person was saying and sticking to his points which was valid points but off topic. We have since agreed on other threads, it isn’t the end of the world. ;o)

Best wishes to you.

Sorry Muck, don’t think you are going to gain any friends here. I’m sure if you have a question about trading or forex, the forum members will be more than happy to answer you with a smile (including John, I’m sure.) :slight_smile: But, when you go on the attack or talk down, like you did in your recent post telling me to go look at the link, you are alienating yourself.

So, that’s it. As Kanji stated, “…no sense in beating a dead horse… I’ve learned my lesson here.”

Good Luck, Happy Trading, and best wishes.



Stop reading now if you dont plan on reading the post in its entirety. I am not bashing anyone, I am stating what becomes aparent after 20 minutes of research into a site. babypips is nothing less then great, by far the best resource available to new traders. I am not bashing babypips. I am however pointing out a flaw in its system, allowing some to advertise and other not is perfectly legal, cant make any arguement there, nor would I bother, the purpose of this thread has been to show what kind of site is being advertised. I am not trying to convince Johns Fanboi’s to come to realization, rather I am showing new members they need to be aware of the site in question, and others like it.

So please, don’t “beat the dead horse”. Either I am wrong and people will see that, or your wrong and they will see that as well. You’ve made it clear that through a system not available on this or other similiar sites (would name them but would be deleted) it is possible to obtain 100% fail proof trading. Why everyone, including you, doesnt own this priceless system baffles me, that is, if its true.

I havent seen much countering my views aside from hedging, which is great…however it doesnt make this guys site any more worthy of being advertised. If he is a good friend of the admin I get it, I saw someone asking for a good mentoring site, someone linked one they liked informing them it is not free, it got deleted as spam/advertising. Whats the difference…if its just bias, fine. Say no more.


If the points your making is finally down to why someone gets to advertise over another person. It boils down to the owner of Babypips and the Admins have put tremendous effort into the site. It has benefited alot of people. If you been around the block on the internet any length of time, you will notice most forums get off track rather quickly and soon you can’t find decent information on it. If it is there it is buried in garbage. i.e. go try to find something decent on an unregulated forum like yaho o ;o)

I’m all for whatever they deem as something they don’t want on their site. If it is something I posted, then maybe I was off base. If I advertise something that I think can help someone else, but they look at it and don’t think it personally is something they want their members leaning towards if they chose to go there, that is fine… Boils down to ultimately we are on someone elses site that has put massive time into. Only right, they got the right to keep it they way they see fit. Doesn’t really have anything to do with being friends with an admin or not.

One thing in life I’ve learned thus far, is life isn’t fair at times. Would conclude that maybe afterlife won’t be fair either. Just have to make the best of the situation. There are only three forex forums that I think are worth a crap, this would be one of them. but the other two don’t manage the forum as well as this one does. There is a need for legit information beyond what Babypips offers they don’t give you everything, just the basics. What one person might get out of someones book or course might be garbage to another it clicks the lightbulb. Even though 100’s of books have the same material, sometimes it being worded a different way finally clicks with the reader.

And [U]just cause a system doesn’t have a loss doesn’t mean it is a priceless system[/U]. ;o) What if the system [U]only produces .25% every decade [/U]but hedged to not withstand a loss. Well that [U]must mean it is the holy grail ninja proof 100% get rich scheme[/U], then end all be all of trading. we can hang our hats up bro and kicks back on the beach next week. ;o)

Even if it was a gravy system, different account balances can’t all be trading exactly the same, stuff that a multibillion dollar fund does is something I can’t do, but I can do something they can’t do. I can get out of a trade faster than they can. Which puts everyone into trading for different reasons with different ideas. ;o


Reword the 1st half and it makes the same point my last post made, of course they can allow whoever they wish to post links to whatever they want. They could have tubgirl as their background with no remorse, its their site, they pay for it. I understand that, thats not remotely complicated. But regardless, thanks anyways.

1100% over 6 years is as advertised, just to clarify the .25% over a decade comment. I wish people who felt the need to comment also felt the need to atleast read the information that the arguements being based on. A link has been given on page 1. Just click it, read it, respond accordingly. Sorry if that makes me sound like an ass but its justified due to the endless comments from people who arent even reading what theyre responding to. If you cant contribute an educated response, why make a response at all?

I could see replying to this if you had some angle to argue/debate. Please, the next person to post, include somthing worthy of reading. This is a public forum, you dont need to tell me anyone can post, obviously I am aware of this. It’s merely a request to hear from someone with a larger thought process then my cat.

-Originally I asked a MOD to educate me in what makes someone eligable to post links to their advertised site. Promoting books, courses, mentoring, hell the sales of dildos for all I care. Then someone brought up me being on a “Rampage” and that I am just out to get someone, then someone says you wont make “friends” like this. Untill someone posted the name of who this was oriented around I had not mentioned the guy, another poster did.


Give me a break man, you have tried to change your argument in midstream then try to spin it on me like I’m not following you. I understand where your going very clearly bro.

Your trying to say now that you wasn’t bashing anyone, which you was. Saying someone gives oral to the admin to get special treatment is bashing someone. The minute that tread was deleted your angle spun and you started this thread going straight to the admin for action. Trying to get John banned since Forex Millionaire was banned for posting a get rich scheme.

When I said it is possible to hedge you have changed up and now saying your not even trying to bash anyone but only trying to see what is up with Admins allowing John to have a signature to his website, so I followed along the pretty golden brick road that your trying to travel down. And said the obvious. It is their choice. You can spin it again and again to make it seem like this isn’t your intentions, you can try to cloud it and make claims like he said it would make you ultra rich when he told you it was small %'s the minute you question it.

[U][I]Untill someone posted the name of who this was oriented around I had not mentioned the guy, another poster did. - Muck[/I][/U]

Man Can’t even keep the lies straight bro post number 5 was the first time John’s name was mentioned here it is and it is your quote. And that is when [U]I finally got on the thread was post 6[/U] after I seen you used his name.

[U][I]“Just my 2 cents, spend it wisely” Hopefully not at Johns site" - Muck (post 5 first occurence of John’s name)[/I][/U]

[I]“Sorry if that makes me sound like an ass - Muck”[/I]
Honestly bro it does make you sound like one, because the more angles you change and the more lies you get caught in digs the hole deeper, alot of people tried to explain to you, and you refuse to hear it and change gears and try a new angle.

Bottom line here is why I got in on post 6, is you were in violations of the rules you are NOT allowed to personally attack indiviuals here, rules say your allowed disagreements this is not the angle you chose. and yes we can let all the people read this including the admins and let them decide.

Not trying to spin off, your right on the me commenting 1st I didnt realize I added in the not at Johns site :stuck_out_tongue: which I still stand by but admit I am mistaken I did indeed add his name before the poster saying rampage ect ect ect… Have you visited the link? It predicts its outcome based on backtesting, believe it was you who said the .25% a decade crap which makes me think you didnt even look at the link before commenting, again your right I am wrong, I did say his name prior to the post beneath mine. As to spinning off, maybe, but not intentially. I havent had a single issue answered as of yet and if you read back things have been added by both me and other posters. Some of it being common sense crap like they can do what they want to hedge funds making this an ok advertisement.

Again, mistaken on the not adding his name. Thats about all ive mistaken though. Unless of course you can speak for a MOD as to the stipulations restricting some from posting links and others not, which is the main issue and has been all along unlrss I missed somthing else :slight_smile:

–Also I am not trying to get anyone Banned, especially not someone who contributes to these forums. Just where is the line drawn on whats a fair advertisement thats not considered spam, if I get 50 posts, link a site in my signature is it going to be deleted to spam assuming I am following what guide lines… clarification is ultimately what I am seeking for the rules are not very clear.

“Sorry if that makes me sound like an ass - Muck”

“Honestly bro it does make you sound like one, because the more angles you change and the more lies you get caught in digs the hole deeper, alot of people tried to explain to you, and you refuse to hear it and change gears and try a new angle.” - Kangi

I have not changed an angle, went back and reread everything. The link to the site in question, the text on the site in question, what have I changed my angle on? The start of the post was this is garbage, the final post remains, this is still garbage. A couple posts have statements in them replying to other peoples crap they add in like its their website they can do what they want, or if you dont like it leave. Responding to posts made in a topic I started isnt changing angles, everything ive mentioned has been tied in with the original post.

You referred to me as a dead horse, why are you still kicking me if thats really what you think, obviously it isnt or you wouldnt be here still.


it was .25% period, it was my example I was giving you. I have looked at the site, also. ;o)

No one hates you muck. If you reread my post 6, I only jumped in because I saw that you had misread what was on that site, and was trying my best to stop what was going down. ;o)

We all knew you had good intentions, we all want this to be a fun place and learn to make and keep money at same time. Was having a hard time getting across the hedging thing, which I will admit I haven’t bought his book. But pretty sure that is how he was accomplishing it.

No you can have a signature also, most spammers won’t waste time with the fifty post or ok maybe some will waste the time, but least attempting to control it. Will never be a perfect system. My understanding is they will allow it as long as it is something that has to do with the topic at hand. Which ForexMillionaires was on topic but he contradicted what he was trying to sell in his post. hence the ban. Which is what pipdiddy said, forexmillionaire contradicted himself… ;o)


just adding this, I added the make you sound like an ass comment when you was talking about someone else said John’s name not you, i consider changing angles as, saying you wasn’t insulting anyone, when you did, and pretty much you question why john wasnt getting banned with his get rich scheme as you called it repeatdly since forexmillionaire did, then came back and so you wasnt hitting that angle if you wasnt then what was you trying to do get forexmillionaire reinstated? I hit go, refresh then saw you posted saying that you wasn’t trying to get anyone banned, so i typed this one hit go and saw you asked why I’m beating a dead horse so had to add this part. ;o) Not beating anything man. Just missed each others post is all

I didn’t call you a dead horse, I was calling the circle of me explaining hedge isnt a get rich scheme and you not reading what i said and just told me to google get rich and look at his site. I only stuck around cause you changed up and said your main point wasn’t even any of that it was why rules for one way and not for another way when they appear to be the same thing to you. Which both cases are different worlds being those two sites.

The reason for the hostility towards his site is it looks almost identical to the “Limited Time offer, CALL NOW!” type. The cheesy testimonials of how great this system is and how they all want to bare his children (Exageration). I’ve made the mistake in the past of purchasing this kind of crap, ending in a call to a credit card company and a bunch of wasted time. The issue I have is when I see someone linking somthing then someone else linking somthing similiar but one gets banned and one is encouraged, with no explanation in the rules, it is aggrivating to put it lightly.

In all honesty John could be a great guy, I don’t know him. I know he has a book, a cheesy website and promotes it every time he posts on these forums. All I would like to know is what makes it okay for him to post links to his site but others are spammers, I may not demonstrate it in the best of ways but I am not an idiot, nor am I brilliant :slight_smile: one thing I have learned is that no one is out for your benefit, they are only trying to financially benefit themselves. Some at any expense to anyone but themselves. I am sure I have come across as many things, most of them negative. I am not really here for fake friends, I am here for information. I am trying to learn everything I can about the Forex market. However I ask a simple question about something such as this and I can’t get a straight answer which leads to where I am now.


You said yourself when you first arrived that babypips was doing the same thing until you realized it wasn’t doing that at all. It is a ploy to get you to click on it. you said something to the effect of that is cool least i know they arent trying to promote get rich on newbies.

at same time, can’t someone use the same ploy to get you to buy a book?
which the two are different i forget the babypips ad but i think it says something to the effect of so much % gain, which johns didnt say that it said no losses. and hyped up alittle for marketing. ;o)

But doesnt mean the content is cheezy. Babypips content isn’t cheezy in my eyes.

The difference between forexmillionaire being banned is he straight up was telling newbies to forget indicators tech and fund by his system like i think it said golden Atm from the sky.

John has posted megabytes of solid content to new people seeking information on the forum, that is the difference.

and the simple answer has been given to you several times. ;o)