Quiting high school as a freshman to trade

Hi community,
I am a 14 year old and I am currently in my freshman year of school. I managed to grow my forex account from 500usd to around 50k in about 3 and a half years using expert advisors. I now trade both manual and using expert advisors, but expert advisors mainly because I have way to much school homework. I’m thinking of quitting school to trade full-time now as I already have a winning trade strategy and an EA that makes passive income for me. What do you guys think? Please let me know if you can.
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Really well done, great performance so far.

Right now, get as much free education as you can. It hasn’t held you back so far and education in the early years is far more constructive than just the obvious task of taking on board multiple facts regarding disparate subjects.

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Personally, I think you should think very carefully before quitting school. Life is not just about money!! Trading might provide you with an income and capital but does it provide you with challenge, job satisfaction or achievement in the many years to come?

Trading is very much a “today” business. It is only as successful as your last trade and can end very quickly. You may become bored with it, health issues may restrict it, regulatory authorities may inhibit it or ban it totally for retail traders (e.g. banning leverage).

Life is to be lived and education offers so many opportunites to make the most of it. One’s student years can often be such a rewarding and fulfilling stage in one’s life and not worth missing out on.

If you are building capital and earning well then use this to obtain the best and most useful educational achievements that you can at this stage. It will pay off so much in the decades to come when you find that your ambitions become something entirely different to what they are today…


I thought 18 was the legal age to open a trading account
maybe not where you are from
As to quitting high-school I do not think it is a good idea
I know you are getting bored, and maybe you are addicted to trading
at least do home schooling if you can


That great,it’s difficult to give people advice everyone needs are so different of course, try and just keep grounded and be greatful you had success.


You started trading at 10.5 years old? And already had a mentor right away?

This sounds fake.

Besides, depending on your country, you have to be in school by law.

Please explain how a 10 year old opened a trading account and found a mentor.


No, I learn everything by myself. I watched youtube ALOT. Additionally, i blew thousands of dollars before finding the perfect strategy. Trading was a journey for me that was very hard, but eventually I found people who trusted me and gave me their money which opened many doors that brought me to where I am now.

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My parents allowed me to use their ID’s to create a trading account under their name

If you are wondering how I got a live trading account: My parents allowed me to use their ID’s to create a trading account under their name

When you was 10 was nt you interested in playing with Meccano or possibly dolls

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Hi there! I admire your ambition and you clearly have a bright future ahead of you. But you have so much time ahead of you to achieve your goals and school is about so much more than just getting an education! It’s there to broaden you as a person in ways that trading can’t. My advice is to stick on at school till you’re 18.

That is the very first thing that came to me too when I read this…fake. I had to jump through hoops to open an account and do verifications. And where does he pick up $500 to trade? Trading since he was 10?
He did not mention any mentors. He said he used expert advisors which I think is a name for software that allows for automated trading. That makes it even harder to believe. Plus how often do you come across a 14 yr old that writes good English like this?
I really think the motive is to get clients from this website.


This thread like Saturday night at the movies full of suspence


Yeah, right. And where did those thousands come from. Is your last name Bezos by chance? lol

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Lol, sounds like jealosy here. Just want to know the answer to my question, don’t need haters. If you were smart, you wouldn’t need to do much verifications but to just go to a unregulated broker like FBS and then get verified cause u don’t need kyc there!. I was funded by my friends and families who supported. Additionally, maybe my English is good because I’m smart unlike some people who hate on others on the internet? Who the ■■■■ uses mentors I’m self taught through youtube

Click bait.

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. How much are you charging?




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Wow, surprise surprise. Guess what, I’m not selling any sort of EA nor am I trying to get someone to buy it. I simply posted this thread as I legitimately wanted someone to answer my question for me, but at this point every is accusing me of acts such as lying and scamming


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Hi, and welcome to Babypips, by far the best forum for Forex trading. But I was shocked at the negative responses and irrelevant comments. I have been away for a few months (I run 3 businesses and have been a lot more busy than normal, so don’t come on here as often as in the past).

I have had a full working life, and still enjoy work. I could rant on about crabs in a bucket, or who moved my cheese but I won’t. I spent two years as the Chair of Governors of a private school that was in financial trouble. Over a decade ago, but for many weeks I chose to have lunch with the young adults at the school (11 to 16 years old) along with the Headmaster.

If you listen to 95% of people older than you they will tell you to be safe, don’t be disruptive, don’t take risks. Exactly what everyone told me when I was 8 to 18. I did get degree but it was just an insurance policy. What I really wanted to do when I were 17 was to work with my cousin who started work at 16. We wanted to buy houses in the UK that were available for £2K each, with a government grant of £2K to put bathrooms in them (they were all nearly 100 years old and had outside bathrooms) then sell some, and keep some to rent out. Wind forward 50 years those houses are now over £100K to buy and rent out for £500+ per month. So I am not going to give you advice on a public forum. In the country in which I live, you can only give “advice” about finances if you have a piece of paper to say you are allowed to! Whether you are 10 to 100 years old, decide what YOU want to do, and go with it. Making decisions, right or wrong, is what is important. The more decisions you make, the better you become at knowing what is success and what is failure. The DOING is important. I always say to younger people that whatever you decide to do in life, you had better enjoy it. About 95% of everyone I have met either tolerate their job or absolutely hate it. And most people are going to work for 40 to 50 years. Why would any sane person plan to hate the next 40 to 50 years. Do what you think you will really enjoy doing, know what it is and why you want to do it. Do discuss it with your parents and ask their support. And remember many of the richest and / or happiest people in the world did not get a degree. Richard Branson was dyslexic and when he left school his teachers told him he would not achieve anything in life. If you stay at school just make sure you get a good insurance certificate. People judge you by pieces of paper. My younger son has a £50,000 educational debt, graduated in Accounting, and absolutely hates the subject matter. I am sure he would have been far happier not to have that debt. he still doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up, and neither do I. But I am happy in my career, and never had a educational debt. Best of luck with it. You can do education later - especially if you do another 100X ($500 to $50K, $50L to $5M) that would give you a nice amount to get a great education. Who knows - perhaps a university will give you an “honourary degree”. They do that to people who excel in life. 4 years of slog and grind - or just turn up to get a piece of paper? I know what i would choose. :slight_smile: