Quiting high school as a freshman to trade

Okay, if your OP for guidance was your honest intention then I truly apologize. We are very sensitive to new members coming along trying to take advantage of new traders who are desperately looking for easy money, and your post has obviously thrown up some red flags.

I think you’ve had some excellent advice from some of the members here that I fully agree with. Nobody can make the decision for you, but it certainly gives you different perspectives and a lot to think about.

Your current situation is something most people can only dream of being in.

Please stick around, and good luck in your journey.


What if your expert advisors retire? Your passive income is mostly gone. Stay in school.

Perhaps, focus less on money and more on trying to survive teenage angst. Just my opinion. Good luck.

Education and knowledge are very important in fields such as trading, so one should complete his or her education before diving into this professional world. This might be risky in the long run because basic education is always required in any field.

This had me laughing!

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Check the PM’s was my guess.

But good for you enderwardenlol. Stick it out, finish school, and then keep doing what you’re doing if you’re actually doing it.

Great to see you around!

Your clearly inexperienced. An expert advisor is an auto trading trading robot.

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Of course, I’m inexperienced. That was the purpose of the question. I thought that was clear.

What’s not clear is how a 10-year-old child convinces his parents to open an account in THEIR name with $500. So, you started at 10?

And you were coding at 10 years old? Or did you start that before trading?

You may want to write a book. This is an impressive story!

Good luck and welcome!


When i said i traded 3 and a half years that was actually quite an exaggeration, I have actually started making profits just 2 years ago, however in total I have spent around 3 years in research time. I used my birthday money and Christmas money to invest into trading and I convinced my parents by telling that it was an “Online Game”.

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Cool. Good luck!

I believe you probably got decent advice and done ok I don’t believe all this nonsense about been aged 10 why do you have to highlight this anyhow


You said it!! University is a rip off unless your field requires higher education. If you can skip school, do it.

@enderwardenlol the purpose of school is to get an education so you can get a job. You get a job to get an income.

If you can just skip all that and go straight to the income, then why not do it? If I were you, I’d leave school and trade full time. Immediately. I revoke my previous statement of staying in school, after reading @Mondeoman 's post. Definitely leave school. If they make you go, ditch school and go trade at a coffeeshop.

If anyone tells you otherwise, ask them if they have a more profitable option for you.

Hi Dushimes,

My parents (perhaps foolishly) allowed me and my best friend to buy chemicals at age of 11. I had a mentor at church - an industrial chemist - who at 23 took us to a small chemical supplier and introduced us to the owner, saying “you can trust these lads. They know what they are doing”. Fortunately, our attempts to make nitroglycerin failed spectacularly. At the age of 14 I realized had we been successful we would have had a six foot hole at the back of our garden. Didn’t stop me blowing the roof of my Dad’s shed though, with a hydrogen balloon gone awry.

I let my son at 14 spend almost all his further education fund on a high spec desktop and high speed recording system (predecessor to streaming technology) because he said he could make a business out of it. He did not get to the business level, but appreciated the support from Dad. One of my mentees won a competition in the UK with his Dad (an accountant) because his father let him trade stocks on the FTSE, under his mentorship.

Some of us are very lucky. We have Mums and Dads who let us loose and find out the hard way. Most are “sensible” and don’t want their offspring to experience any sort of risk in the real world. I am so glad my parents were who they were. I consider that I and my siblings were in the lucky 1%.

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No idea if this is fake, but I’ll comment any way.

There are just a few things in life that you need to do that greatly improve your changes of being successful in life, and one of them is completing high school.

Let’s just assume for one second that something happens and your trading career must end. What will you do with your life? Will you have saved up enough money to live off it? Would you be okay with getting a job working in fast food because you never completed high school? Things to think about.

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I think you’re doing well but quitting school doesn’t seem like a good idea. You can trade part time until you’re older and maybe then switch to full time trading. I can see the passion but it shouldn’t affect your education. I think you should take some time and reevaluate your decision.

It sounds like things are going well for you so far, but I wouldn’t suggest quitting school. I know that isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but there’s more to learn. Also, you may decide to do something else one day, and not having a diploma will hold you back from that.

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Like what? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. But for everyone except engineers and scientists, no one uses what they learned in school out in the real world.

If this kid’s story is true, however unlikely it is, going to school and attending gym class would be a waste of time. If he wants to change careers, he’ll have enough money to study something else along the way. Besides, he’ll probably get hired by a firm.

He’ll be making money on his own, and he’ll have time to study anything he actually wants in his free time. Most people who go to college can’t even find a job in their field anyway. Better to learn how to fix cars.

Completing schooling is the most important thing to do at that age. If you can manage to do trading during high school without compromising your education then go for it, otherwise focus on your studies and side by side keep on learning theoretical aspects of trading only practice it when the right age and time will come.

Sounds your doing well but for most people I would recommend finishing high school or secondary school as we call it here in Europe.
If nothing else gives you a solid grounding if you want to go to College

Curious - which country are you from? :slight_smile: