Quiting high school as a freshman to trade

I would say this to anyone considering quitting school/college for full-time trading.

Going to school is about so much more than getting an edication! I am 49 years old and my school and uni days hold some of my best memories. Looking back I would not swap a single year of that for a life in trading even if I could have made £100K per year doing it! Trading is a solitary, purely money-driven activity. School is all about education, meeting people, challenging authority/ learnimg how to conform, meeting first boy/girl-friend. There is nothing in trading to compare to this that can’t be put off by a few years.

Also, I have never been a full-time trader - I’ve always had a day job and still manage to turn a decent profit. I hate to think what kind of physical and emotional state I’d be in if I traded full time. Prob 100lb overweight, heavy drinker and unable to hold a normal conversation with anyone! I’m half-way there already!!


Good to hear that you are serious about forex trading at such a young age. But please don’t give up on your education. You are already profitable using the EA and it is better to let that run until you are done with graduation if you ask me. You can learn more about manual trading during this time. You will have enough funds to trade freely until then and you will have other options to go for in case trading does not provide you enough income. You should go to school and college even if you are not a studious kid. It will give you some good memories and most importantly, education does build our character.

The most crucial thing to do at this age is to finish your education. Though you can learn about trading strategies and the forex market side by side.

My humble advice would be to just keep trading with EAs as of now and focus more on your education. You can take up full time trading once you are done with school and university education. Until then just try to learn manual trading whenever you get time.

Huh 500 o 50k? what were the ROI on those EAs?
Send links or names, I need those ASAP

Every decision we make affects our life positively or negatively. Sometimes we see the outcome of our decisions rather quickly and other times it takes years to see it. Life (to me) is about learning, growing, enjoying others and doing what we can to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations. There are plenty of examples throughout the world of successful people who did not have much of an education whether public or formal. Personally, I did not like school when I was a teenager and did the minimal amount that I to in order to get that piece of paper called a “High School Diploma” It wasn’t a bad thing to do, it opened some doors for me. Later on (like 18 years later) I had an opportunity to go to college through an employer I was working for. I did. I got a degree and have not used that degree. However, most importantly I discovered for me that knowledge creates opportunity and in this day in age it is extremely easy to gain knowledge. As you grow and age your interests and items of importance will change. At any time throughout your life you can learn about the things that interest you. I have always encouraged my children and my grandchildren to take risks but try and have a backup plan, talk to others about the risk and gain insight so that you may make a more informed decision about the risk you want to take. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone for that is when you will learn and grow the most.

Probably, it could be the right decision in the long run. But have you spoken with your parents before doing so? Are you making any profits already? If yes, then it is a good decision.

Dude’s not coming back to this thread…

I guess he’s doing well.

I make no apology…he was lying about everything from day one. I cant believe people here are so gullible and actually believed he was not only trading but using EAs from he was supposed to be 10. Grown ass adults who have 2 and 3 degrees cant even get the hang of forex trading much less a ten year old who has not even reached anywhere with basic math. He grew an account from $500 to 50k. How would a 10 year old acquire those funds and which parent would trust him so much at that age to give it to him? I still believe he was seeking some of our gullible individuals on here to fleece.
Additionally, i blew thousands of dollars before finding the perfect strategy. :rofl:
Anybody who believes all this please check me. I have a reasonably priced unicorn for sale.

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Anybody who believes all this please check me. I have a reasonably priced unicorn for sale.

If it is blue or red, I might be interested

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Does it come with Neil Patrick Harris?

Not every kid in the world grows up as trailer trash. I’m not one of the rich kids, but I had a roommate when I was 17 years old and he was from a fairly Rich family. They sent him $20,000 just so that he would have some pocket money to walk around with and his father bought him a brand spanking new trans am with a really badass stereo system in it and nice custom chrome wheels and tires.

I saw his savings account Passbook from his bank and it said $20,000 so it was legit. That boy wouldn’t spend two cents for anything. He was so shrewd with his money. He wouldn’t even buy a bed. He found a mattress by the dumpster at our apartment complex and he brought it to our apartment carrying it on the roof of his brand new trans am.

It’s not so difficult to understand that a child would have access to $500.

When I was a kid, my younger brother was a card Hustler. He learned to do card tricks and he would hustle all of the kids at school out of all of their lunch money.

Which brings up another question… the goat says on his profile that he lost $50,000 to a scammer and he lives in Jamaica… where did you get the $50,000 from Mr goat?

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That is probably one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Finish high School, get at least a bachelor’s degree.

Trading can be done part-time, but if you pass up the opportunity to receive an education you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Making the decision to quit high school as a freshman to pursue trading is a significant and complex choice that requires careful consideration. The decision to quit high school to pursue trading is a deeply personal one, and it’s essential to weigh the potential risks and benefits carefully. It’s highly recommended to seek advice from trusted individuals, including family members, teachers, financial professionals, and mentors who can provide objective perspectives and help you make an informed decision.

interestingly, ive heard a lot of people exiting their schools or universities and started a career and became very successful, Jobs, being the most famous one. now, your future can show if trading can be good alternative for education as well, or not.

I presume trading doesn’t worth such sacrifices. Education is a very important thing even if you make millions due to trading.
Once the market enters the new stage of recession, or another new black thursday, you will lose everything =)
For sure, if you diversify risks correctly, keep money in those assets famous for their “durability” from the point of price fluctuations like some of the commodities, then it may work out, but anyway.
Don’t quit high school as once it may become a mistake of the whole life which you will regret about.

Get a bachelor´s at least, so that you will better spend your easily earned money.

Yeah, get a Bachelors like Bill Gates…but wait, does Bill have one?

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I say go for it do what you want to do

How does a degree help with personal finances? School never teaches you anything about paying taxes or budgeting. Get a personal finance book from the library.


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