Rate my broker

I currently have a demo trading account which is about to expire with etoro
but this name does not appear in the list of brokers. Am ready to trade live
does anyone out there know about etoro, are they genuine?

Yes they are genuine, i have been using their plataform for more than 2 months, and i m very happy with them.

How well are they capitalized and regulated by who? See Iforex post.

I have been trading forex for 5 years and i can tell you that etoro is one of the bests platform i have used.They are communicative and professional and i have never had any problems with them.

Realise it’s an old thread but in my limited experience trading forex (also a newbie) I would recommend Naga Markets. I tried a few like FXPro and easymarkets but they didnt take the time to explain things to me. Naga Markets is a german broker and offers free seminars and their team are very helpful. Plus I have an app with everything I need so it’s more practical.
A few to avoid are IronFX, FXGlobe, AAATrade.

Please be more specific why to avoid fxglobe.

I am a newbie and i start with fxglobe 2 months ago as my first tried broker. What is good and what is bad about this one because i am not experienced. What should i check first time?