Real test with real account of 3 robots - MD - MDP - WSFR

I trade forex for more than a year and now I decided to give a try to a few robots after reading a lot about them (good and bad stuff).
Most of the tests I see are with demo accounts and most of the robots work fine in that environment so I feel no need to test them further under those conditions.
I decided to jump straight to the real thing running 3 robots in the same account live and, for a start, near the minimum risk of each robot.
I’m running MT4 over the XTB broker (variable spread and 5 digits precision) in a rather fast VPS.

The test was started this monday and the robots are:

  • MegaDroid v 1.38 running EURUSD H1 with 0,4 risk (default values)
  • Million Dollar Pips v 1.2.0 running EURUSD M1 with 2% risk (default risk but force close on fridays)
  • Wall Street Forex Robot v 3.9 running 7 pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY with 5% risk and USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD with 2% risk (since these last 4 are those that the author claim to be more risky).
  • planning to give a try later to both Smart Fx robots (not decided yet)

Everything running at the same account, at the same time.
Call me crazy but I hope it can be fun.

I’ll let you know how things are going.
Fingers crossed for now.

In the first day only WSFR made 2 small positions for a 4 pip total profit in USDCHF.
No other positions.
Are those robots working or are they afraid of the market?
At the same time I have also WSFR working in a demo account and it made the same two positions but with a profit of 40 pips.
Same conditions, same broker but all the difference for a start between a demo and the real thing.
Just the first day…

One more note that makes all the difference between the demo and the real account:
The demo account is working with 4 digits precision and the spread is fixed - 2 or 3 pips depending on the pairs.
In the real account I have a 5 digit precision and the spread is variable and varies in real time from 0 pip to 10 (!) pips. That makes all the difference. Fortunately all the robots have the ability to block trades when spread goes above the defined number of pips (3 was my choice).

To make things completely messy, just added Master Scalper v.7.1.8 from Smart Fx to the list of EAs running simultaneously in my real account.
The actual list of EAs is:

  • MegaDroid v 1.38 running EURUSD H1 with 0,4 risk (default values)
  • Million Dollar Pips v 1.2.0 running EURUSD with 2% risk (default risk but force close on fridays)
  • Wall Street Forex Robot v 3.9 running 7 pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY with 5% risk and USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD with 2% risk (since these last 4 are those that the author claim to be more risky).
  • Master Scalper v.7.1.8 running 5 pairs - EURCHF, EURGBP, EURCAD, EURAUD and USDJPY.

MegaDroid and Million Dollar Pips look like they are in coma because they simply don’t trade (but they are running properly).
WSFR is showing some activity and some profit - 3 trades today all with profit.

Well, things look like this today…
Lots of small profit trades from Master Scalper and NO losses. Raised the risk for all pairs during the afternoon.
Two flash appearances from MDP with a 3.2% profit and with 32 seconds duration (!!)
MegaDroid still in coma… no trades.
WallStreet Forex with 3 moves, all with profit.
Not bad.
The graph looks like this: (test started in the blue dot).

Hi Mendonca,

Megadroid is probably the most reliable bot you have in your pack…I have been running it since end of September. It has no losses for me. That’s over 26 or so trades during that time period. I increased the risk on it a bit so its made back for me my money already.

So why isn’t 1.38 trading? MD is an adaptive bot. During the months of December and January with all end of year and new year data coming in and out, it will not trade much if at all. That’s the way it is designed…so if you don’t see anything from it…there’s nothing wrong with it…that’s just the way it is.

As to MDP…I ran it for 2 months as well…the results were up and down. Everytime it did well, there came up some issue with the broker…I even went as far as to rent a VPS in Europe next to where the broker was and I was getting 1MS ping times…so I knew that the trading conditions when it came to execution times were excellent. I worked with the vendor and we tried reducing the streams etc… in any case…the results were that I was in profit, but it was almost up and down for me…wins one week, losses the next, more losses, then wins, followed by losses then wins…overall however, I believe I came out with a slight win for MDP…but it remained stagnant most of the time AFTER I believe the broker knew I was running a scalper.

Scalper’s put a strain on the broker’s platform if they are not setup to run them.

As far as Smart FX Scalper, I just got mine Friday…I have it on Demo at the moment on VPS…so we’ll see how well it does. It did not trade Friday. All default settings.

I will be following your progress with great interest. Thanks.

awesome, very interesting thread

i agree too ^^^ keep us updated my moneys on megadroid!

Hi Oden,
Thanks for your opinion. Very good and interesting.

Glad to know that you think the Droid isn´t dead. I also hope so! It has 100% winning trades (6) in 15 days and 10,28% profit. This is the first robot I bought in mid november.

MDP is very active and I decided to GroupOrders=True, Risk=2, Max_Lots=2 and this way it make less trades but bigger with an average duration time of about a minute. It is a bit moody because if it enters a winning chain it goes straight forward but if it enters a losing chain it trys to recover and things might no go as well. The overall for this bot is a 3,26% profit in 4 days.

WallStreeForex does a lot of trading (23 trades in 4 days) and wins most of the trades (18/23) but when it looses it looses in style!. Huge s/l but it manages properly the recovery because if the order has been loosing ant it recovers it closes the order when it reaches even a small profit. I believe that if the s/l was shorter the loss would be bigger because instead of recovering it would had closed the order with loss. Anyhow a loss of 0,36% in 4 days. I’m not prepared to say in which pair is works best because it gains in all and it looses in all but the only 2 bigger losses were in AUDUSD and USDJPY. Planning to remove USDJPY from the equation but I’ll give it some air to breathe before doing it.

MasterScalper is also very busy with 30 trades in 4 days and a profit of 2,99%. 26 wins and 3 very small losses. I recently raised the risk of this bot to 5% in all pairs with a good result.

Must tell that I’ve had contact with the support of all the bots for some minor issues (installation or not understanding one or other parameter) and I had no problem. All of them fast (from minutes to a few hours response time) and absolutely correct.

Planning to add the 5th robot and Forex Shocker 3.0 is the first in my choice list.
Any opinions ?

I also like MegaDroid but it’s a bit too calm for me (no problem… it does what it must do…).
I like to see some action and the other bots operate out of the typical timetable of MegaDroid.
It’s teamwork at is best.

You´re right. MasterScalper was absolutely quiet during Friday.
Since this is a news dependent bot I believe it was completely astonished with the torrent of different things happening here in Europe so he decided to take a break for a day.

hi mendonca!

i wonder how the peeps of Smart FX can react so fast… are developers answering or some other people? think about it, maybe thousand customers and two peeps answering? :wink:
btw, great test! keep it going, i will check it every day multiple times.

br alex

for what i’ve seen they have the best customer service compared to other EA’s products. but yea they are everywhere. hehe

After a deserved weekend where the robots had a nice break this is how things are doing:

  • Megadroid waked from more than a week of coma and ready to party! It went crazy yesterday and placed two orders (yes, 2) at the same time each with a profit of 1.18% and 0.84% in about one hour. Surprise rave! Love to have the Droid back. Improved today the risk of the Droid from 40% to 60%. Go Droid, go!!
    MegaDroid has a global gain of 12.31% with 8 trades (8 winners - 0 loosers).

  • MillionDollarPips had a rough weekend and did nothing during Monday.
    MDP has a global gain of 2.97% with 21 trades (15 winners - 6 loosers)

  • MasterScalper is a non stop scalper and it scalps whatever it gets. I decided to change the settings and make this bot a bit more risky. Starting today EURCHF and EURGBP are now at 10% risk in 1M and 5M charts, and the 3 other pairs are at 5% risk in each chart.
    MS has a global gain of 7.16% with 53 trades (47 winners - 6 loosers)

  • WallStreetForex is the less profitable of the 4 robots and the one that gets bigger losses (when it looses, of course) but nevertheless still positive. I think this robot has good potential so I leave it as is for now.
    WSF has a global gain of 0.94% with 28 trades (22 winners - 6 loosers)

The combination of the 4 robots working together generated an absolute gain of 27,23% since the beginning of december. Not bad…

This range of robots covers now all 24 hours of the day trading around the clock. It´s very rare to have no open orders but still giving a peek at EA Shark 6.0 and Forex Shocker 3.0 to make the whole thing absolutely confuse but, preferably, profitable.

Hi Mendonca,

thats awesome! :smiley: I am also living in Europe and would like to give it a try. Please be so kind and tell me which VPS and Broker you use. Thanks a lot.


Hi Alex,
My broker is XTB which has offices all around Europe - XTB - Innovation driven approach to online trading - and my VPS is a local provider that supplies professional cloud services with a very good support and a very good connection to an infrastructure backbone.

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Hi Mendonca,

thanks again, your help is awesome! I am also interested in your VPS supplier. please tell me who it is. I want to go “live” - urgent. :wink:

I’m using InterHost - Your Hosting Partner as a VPS supplier

would be awesome if you can link us to a ( no need to know amount of money or something, just to see how each robot is performing and which pairs are better/worse than the others.

thanks for your valuable information!