Recent experiences with Coinexx?

Are they legit? They look OK on paper but I’m just worried about them taking my balance and running (or refusing to payout under a bogus reason which is basically the same thing!)

Be careful with Coinexx, their feed was always not good…

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you mean they screw with price feed?

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before long investment its more appropriate to use demo account which is really supportive to see the broker performance.

have you checked the review from FPA?
its a good source to conform which is best to avoid.

yes. mixed reviews.

Yep, as many others, even Licensed and “Trusted” ones. Better you look for some A-book brokerage made by for traders who is interested in your profiting, not loosing all your many.,

they say they square off trades with their liquidity providers.

i had my issues but one thing for sure they paid my withdrawals some late but i got it and many other traders who have over 500k have got their withdrawals

what issues did you have?

one of my withdrawals took 7 days

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anyone else?

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They are working fine with me. No issues faced.


I have been in demo for about 5 months and have seen no issues other than larger spreads at times when I would expect larger spreads. I am curious about the people you know with very large accounts. Have they had any issues, such as broker manipulation, once their accounts get above like $10,000? Is the $500,000 you mentioned, the account balances, or the amount of their withdrawals. I want to go live with about $15,000 and grow this account to a very large nest egg, if possible, and I am curious what the experiences are with people who have these very large accounts.

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yes everything is smooth with my coinexx account, they had a little hiccup with my account but everything is OK now

a little info for you Bit4x Coinexx PAMM System by Bit4x | Myfxbook

Thank you! I appreciate the info. I feel a lot better now knowing that others with larger accounts are having good success with Coinexx.

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what was the hiccup if i may ask @SmallPaul

coinexx had a passowrd problem before and order clients to change their password, i had a withdrawal problem before but they have gotten better at that, no longer trade with them

Well, their withdrawal process has improved a lot with time I guess. I never had any withdrawal issue earlier and even now. Just that I am getting my withdrawals a lot more faster than before. Overall, everything is going very smooth with them.