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Greetings traders,
Ive been studying babypips the past few mnths, soon will be on a demo for as long as I need to be. Can anyone recommend a reputable broker for whenever I do feel comfortable trading live? I am based in trinidad if it makes a difference. Also, any further reading material you can recommend to help a newbie trader learn how to navigate the forex world would be greatly appreciated.

Choose the broker which have good regulation, review and rating. You can always test their service in demo before investing any money.

I use IC markets both for live and demo accounts. They provide a daily trade account for your record, and their customer service is now really quick and supportive. Also they are a ‘safe’ broker.

Others to consider are FP markets, Pepperstone, and Admiral Markets. All of which I use.

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Helloooo! :blush: A good resource for traders I think is the school here. :blush: It’s pretty easy to understand (although there are really some concepts which I found confusing :eyes: :sweat_smile:). You might wanna check it out! :smiley:

Hmmm for brokers, IC Markets, FP markets and XTB seem to be viable choices. :open_mouth: Maybe you can demo trade with them first to see which interface you like best. :blush:

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I would suggest checking out Forexchief. As someone new to forex you would find that it has easy registration, fast deposit/withdrawal, speedy execution, and good customer support. You can start with a demo account.

It is pretty easy to use this broker. Several traders I have recommended it to said it is cheaper in terms of spreads and trading fees. When the spread is low, you can take more profit.

I recommend trading with FP Markets because of their robust trading condition. I currently trade with some of their lowest spreads starting from 0.0 pips with faster execution speed than other ECN brokers.

I’m trading with Pacific Union. All is well with the trading environment with low spread and fast execution.

Since you’re just starting out and haven’t made a decision yet, you can easily go through different broker platforms and make your decision. Make sure you look for low spreads, reachability, latency, low cost, withdrawal time, etc. These are some of the things you can inquire into. Try to go with a broker that has more than one platform to trade. Some of them even have more than 2. The one I’m using (Fxview) offers MT4, MT5, Acttrader which leaves me with different options. I’m also using Roboforex and Ic markets. You can begin with demos as well. They give a fairly good idea of the broker and the platform it offers.

I recommend FP Markets because of its tighter spreads starting from 0.0 pips in major currencies and faster execution.

They are regulated by ASIC and Cysec so traders can be immune to leverage changes later on.

I think theres a review section on baby pips, have a look for that

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I advise trading with FP Markets, I currently trade with their Raw ECN pricing account, and the spreads have been lower, starting from 0.0 pips in EURUSD.

When compared to other similar brokers like ICM and pepperstone, FP Markets commission cost and slippage are lower.

I recommend trading with FP Markets, an ASIC regulated broker. The spreads and commission cost are lower. The spreads are stable even during high volatile market movements.

I suggest trading with FP Markets, they offer some of the tightest spreads starting from 0 pips in EURUSD, and the commission cost per lot is $3.

The other main reason I trade with them is because of their reliability, It is regulated by ASIC, and it is one of the oldest brokers to still be active since 2005.

Can someone recommend a reliable broker with tight spreads and fast execution? Because I plan to move my account to another broker due to withdrawal issues with my previous broker ICM.

What happened?

I’ve been trading in a demo account for six months and will be moving to live trades soon. Anyone currently trading with a reliable broker that has been present in the forex business for ten or more years with ASIC or FCA regulation?

ASIC - either IC Markets or Pepperstone.
FCA - Pepperstone UK, Tickmill UK or (formerly XM UK & owned by Trading Point of Financial Instruments)

IC Market, Pepperstone, Xm are some good options to try out.