Restart trading after a break

Hi, guys, I’m new in trading, after completing school of pipsology, I practiced one month
,but then I have to take a break due to some reasons.

It’s been more than a month, now I want to restart trading, but I don’t know how to start.

It’s a silly question,
but I’m asking experienced traders, (that they sure, had taken a break from trading), but when they start again, how would they start,
I mean what is the initial preparation or steps.


Hellooo! :blush: I can definitely relate! :smiley: Haha. I’ve taken so many breaks in the past. And what I usually do is just start browsing through my charts again, and checking out the pairs I’m fond of trading. :smiley: I put my indicators in place, and wait to spot a good entry. Before you know it, it’ll almost be like you didn’t really take a break. :sweat_smile:


Hi friend, Thanks you,

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if you don’t mind, how long were you trading before you took a break? :blush:

Around 3 months before babypips and 1 month after completing baby pips school

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Oooh. :blush: So in that span of time, were you able to demo trade already? :smiley: I’m thinkint it might be a better idea to get back into demo trading before going live again. :blush:

Actually, I also take break after some days of trading. Yes, it’s really a matter how long he trades before taking a break.

Were you trading a system or strategy before you left? I think you need to figure out what kind of trader you are and how much time you have in the day and week and pick something what works for you.

I picked up with this thread and started trading the strategy along with the other members. I’ve learned so much from it.

What are some of your concerns now that you’re planning on trading again?

Yes I demo traderd before break and now I’m again started demo trading

Mostly time, I wasted a lot of time in my life and trading takes so much time, so I don’t want to waste more time in realizing the correct steps to start and then start all over with right methods which are gonna take more time

If you’ve taken a break from trading and are looking to restart, then you should re-educate yourself. Depending on how long your break was, the market and the trading landscape may have changed. Spend some time researching and reading up on the latest trends, strategies, and news to familiarize yourself with the current market conditions.

Yes, thanks bro, good luck with your trading

ria is right, thats the way to go, and not sure if you trading live, but i suggest doing demo trading for uncertain trades, just to see how well you gauged the situation before committing, always keep in mind, in forex/crypto trading, NO LOSES is always a WIN, so dont be disappointed if u missed a winning trade

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Yup, thanks

How long did you take to complete the course? I’m still in the stage of studying.

Learning in trading never ends but in case of studying in school of pipsology I completed it in around 2 months, with regular revisions and making written notes.

Believe me… if you just finished school of pips and practiced for a month, you have done nothing.

You Will need at least 2 years of practice, so just start. Things you need to do:

  • find a nice broker
  • learn to use the platform
  • define the strategies you are going to follow
  • test if your strategies are profitable
  • once you find a profitable strategy, stick to it’s rules and grow your account. Avoid all psicological issues traders have like greed, revenge trading, chasing price, FOMO trades, moving your stops, etc
  • use solid money and risk management, dont blow your account in 10 trades.

Dude just START

Yeah bro, I learned it in this course, actually I lose some money because I started on my own directly without any education but then I heard about babypips and I thought to give it a try to learn and it’s a very great experience, I’m going to start demo trading for some months and then I’ll start with small deposits first.

I just post this question because I would have to take a break and when I come back I’m seeing everything different and very confusing, so I just thought that there could be some steps (we) traders have to follow before getting restarted, but I guess there is nothing.

Yeah unfortunately. It’s really just picking up where you left off. It’s good you posted here hopefully that kind of gets you in the headspace to go back to trading. :slight_smile: