RSI Indicator

Appreciate if anyone can advice on setting RSI indicator for Divergence.
Not sure if i can use 30 m, 60 m, weekly or longer. Which would be better ?
Also the setting of RSI, 7 or 14 ?

Appreciate help.

Hi Tom, I like rsi alot…after trying so many indicators over the years, its one of the few that is part of my permanent template. I am also including divergence recently to my trading, and its great…so interesting concept you have.

Take a look at my own, custom made RSI. I post my charts in my thread. It’s set to 8 with 35 and 65 as s/r…check it out, I really like it, and maybe divergences will show well.

Hi petefeder

Appreciate, but - cannot see your chart in your post ?

Your settings: RSI 8 and time frame 35m and 65m ?

35 and 65 are levels on the rsi. There are a few charts in my thread showing my rsi…

Great stuff mate :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciate - Thank U :slight_smile:

it can be good trace trend line too on the rsi :wink:
also if i don’t like indicators

What does RSI tell you that price doesn’t?

You can have divergence and still see the price continue in the “wrong” direction.

It can actually tell you a lot, it can confirm trend direction and entry/exit points :slight_smile: