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Hey Guys I’m Gabriel from Durban South Africa.Any like minded individuals in my region don’t feel shy to message me.

Hi I’m here to learn how to Trade Forex and hopefully make it my primary means of income within a year.

Hi im Maxxwayne! a friend of mine showed me this site because i wanted to expend my knowledge on FX. i am a Canadian who live presently in the Bahamas and i hope i could start trading this years with sucessful outcome! im open to make some friends i speak french and english, see ya around!!

Hello Everyone
My name is Thami and I am from South Africa. I have been trading for about a year now however I have been unsuccessful so far. I decided to join the baby pips community in the hope that I will learn something and be able to improve on my trading. I hope to be able to learn from everyone who contributes to these forums.
My best wishes to all


Hello my name is Mthobisi Ziqubu from Newcastle, South Africa. I’m currently an Bachelor of Accounting student in varsity. I just graduated from school of pipsology yesterday and now I’m about to practice what I have learned, experiencing a real forex world.

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Hello peoples! my name is Sebas, I’m 17 years old, I play soccer and I’m also a newbie.

The reason I am on here learning about forex is because I want my future secure and NEVER want to work for anybody I want to be my own boss and i’ve already made that decision and there is no going back.

I want to be able to help my family out and get them out of debt and be able to spoil them as they deserve everything. I want to be able to have major free time with my future kids instead of having to work all day and only having minimum time to spend with them.

My dad is working everyday driving a truck around the whole U.S. and only being able to see me once every 3 months and I am not gonna let that happen to me.

I want to travel the world, but I know it will take a lot of hours of hard work and I am willing to sacrifice everything for my future!

Open to making friends with people chasing the same goals and helping each other out!
IG: sebasg03


Hi everyone, i’m stephen and i live in the UK. Hoping to learn and meet amazing people.

i am quinistar atami from republic of the philippines, 63 years old. married with 4, 13,and 17 years old children. i want to learn forex as source of income for the future of my children. thank you

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Welcome here

Nice one sir, endeavor to go through the education section thoroughly

Hello there. I am Collins Efe Ejumudo, I am 27 years old new to Forex and need to understand more about what it is and how to go about it.

I believe by paying a little more attention and consistency I would meet up with the forest market, there are hardly any Forex traders around where I’m from so I see this as an opportunity that I must take hold of and change my situation with it .

I hope to learn from you all and achieve my aim, thank you.

Hello Fellow Forex Traders,

My name is Brian Cox and I’m from Arizona in the USA. I have been trading options and stocks actively for about a year, but have always had an interest in equity, futures and forex markets for the past several years. I’ve recently taken interest in learning to trade forex as a means of producing another income stream and building a new skill which I hope to utilize often.

I am currently working through the education portion of BP and am finding it quite interesting. I hope to add constructive thoughts, opinions and trade ideas in the future. I don’t have many friends/coworkers that watch markets as often and attentively as I do, so I am glad to have found a community like this to become a part of.

Take care and Happy Trading,


Hi everyone, the name is Nigel and I am Zimbabwean. Reason I signed up and joined today is because someone recommended baby pips to me and I like most of the stuff I read. In the past I have been scammed a lot in these investment programmes and I thought to myself, where is the harm in starting on my own.

HI All, I am also new here. I am AJ.

I am from the UK and have been demo trading for some months perfecting my trading strategy. Things are looking good so I hope to take this live soon.

I look for long term swing trading with heikin ashi candles. I find the charts are much easier to read! I like simple things

Greetings everyone. I am Acacia. I am very new to.all of this. I have never traded before but have always been interested and scared at the same time. I am excited to he here and learn.

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Hello BabyPips people,

I am Muamer from Bosnia and Herzegovina (29, construction worker). I have been visiting BabyPips from last year and reading all kinds of stuff, but never was so decited to do traiding till now. I hope this will be turning point in my life for better.



Hey guys …I’m a newbiee!

Hello and welcome! Take your time learning! Good luck!

Hello Nigel and welcome! Be careful also with those scammy forex education and forex services everywhere. Good luck!

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Hi you all I’m from Toronto Canada