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Hello all,

I decided to get involved here more, as I retired from the prop desk in the bank and have more time to get involved with the trading society and help new traders to succeed! I sor version of my story follows, please feel free to pm me or ask me anything here! I also have a twitter acc, I dont know if its ok to share, pls admins remove or advice if not! Thank you all in advance

I have been trading markets since 1998. From 2005 up today I was trading professional for big banks and institutions, managing bank’s books portfolios up to 5billion in bonds. I have also been market maker in the Greek government bond market and chief FX trader during my various trading positions throughout the years.

My first experience with stocks was in the Greek stockmarket, where I managed to tenfold my initial capital, as I was in the big ’99 rally. Where the Greek general index raised from 1200 to more than 6000! That experience had an tremendous effect to my career, cause I never got involved in the engineering business, eventhough I managed to graduate from one of the top engineering universities. But that first experience in stock trading changed my life! Of course, as inexperience I was invested when the selloff began I lost almost all of my profits, but managed to book a relative adequate portion to use it as investment capital in my trading career that had just started!


Hello to everyone. My name is Jesenia, but you can call me Jessie. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m 22 years old. I currently live in Florida which I moved to around 7 years ago… it’s nice but it hasn’t been going very well for me these past few years and it is not the life I want to continue. Soon I’ll be moving to Georgia as a “new beginning” sort of thing. To be completely honest I am new to this and feel like I have no idea what I am doing. Despite that feeling, I believe this is something I could learn a lot from. This is something that has changed a lot of people’s lives and I want to find that out for myself if its possible to change mine for the better. I want to challenge myself, and seeing how people can grow from this really intrigued me. If anyone has any tips or ideas that could help me better understand all of this please share because I am ready to learn. Constructive criticism welcomed (: Nice to meet you all.


Hello how are you doing.

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all.

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Adam, I’m 23 from the South of England (Hampshire) I see from reading this introduction page that there is huge diversity when it comes to geographical locations and ages. It is always great to see in a forum as this allows for a wide knowledge and experience base.

I have been demo trading now for around two months, specifically focusing on Forex as this suits my style of day trading. I work full time as a Contracts/Commercial Manager so being able to monitor the markets first thing in the morning at 6am UK time then deciding and opening my 3/4 trades by 7am, I then closely monitor these until I will look to close midday/early afternoon.

Anyway, happy to discuss more via this forum. Learning Forex is a lot about listening to the advice and guidance of more experienced traders so that is exactly what I aim to do.

Take care for now.

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Hey I am necasa,

A buddy of mine made a lot of money off of forex and I’ve always been intrigued in investing whether it’s the stock market or real estate. I want to learn about forex because with the right tools and strategies I can do this from home and not worry about my next dollar. I am brand new and know absolutely nothing. If you guys have any books, videos, podcasts, etc. that are good resources to get a good foundation of how to forex day trade, I and I am sure others would greatly appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Hi there, my name is Jhera and I live in Miami Beach, FL. Been dibbling and dabbling in the market trading individual stocks and EFT’s for a few years now. I find myself each year more and more in love with investing and craving knowledge. I am completely new to Forex but I would love to learn this avenue of investing. Hoping to read, get educated and connect with this community as much as I can! Any future feedback, tips and constructive criticism would greatly be appreciated! Thanks y’all!

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Hello people, i am a colombian guy who really wants to learn about a forex and trading; i try some of these things a time ago but it was a totally waste cause i was just a kid, i want things to be different and get what is here for me. i will give everything i want to this and i know it will work out.

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Hi guys am Lulu from South Africa am the new baby in the makert so yha guys i dont know what happed but since 2016 i startend folling in love whith trading but this year i dicede that am going to learn more about forex so yha thats my story


Hi Guys am Lulu from S.A

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Hey hey people, a fellow human here

I heard about FOREX over a year ago but din’t pay much attention to it until 2 days ago. Finally someone I personally know recommended Babypips so here I am. It appears FOREX is all about numbers and patterns which is what drove me to it, and I like to employ my money to work for me rather than hire people. Working hard died, working smart is what gets you where you want to be in this century, hence why 9 to 5’s suck if you ask me.


I am new to this also, but I keep hearing to start with a demo account to get familiar with it.

Hi all!!
I am Oliver from Zambia in Africa. This is my first time trading forex and I am hoping to interact with the great minds in this forum to guide me.

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Hello I’m rottie86 and I came to BabyPips to learn to trade Forex. I used to have a buy and hold stock trading mentality but the brokers (and trading software) tended to be useless when I wanted to use them the most. Now I currently scalp a few days a week (I know, I know, but the coronavirus volatility is making some quick profits for me) and I want to learn to trade the correct way.

I really like the Forex ‘school’ here. I’m writing my master’s thesis and learning Forex through the School of Pipsology is a wonderful break from the academic writing grind (that and video games, lots and lots of videos games). Is there any chance of BabyPips selling a sprial-bound book with the Pipsology content? I could use me a Pipsology Bible.


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Welcome! Looking forward to hear more of your trading experiences here. See you around!

Hello Oliver! Have you been through the School here or are you trading demo already?

Welcome to the community and good luck on your trading journey!

Hello Lulu and welcome! Good thing you’ve started what you love. Hope you’re enjoying your stay!

Hello Necasa! If you’re brand new in this, best to start with the School of Pipsology. You can also browse this forums for good resources like books and videos. Good luck!

hi peeps, I’m here to learn and to share, and i have come to enroll in babypips school :grin: its recommended by my sifu. may profit be with us.

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Hey, good day all, im glad to be here